Blackmailing My Dad's Best Friend

Blackmailing My Dad's Best Friend

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My dad's best friend has something that I want, and I'm not above a little blackmail to get it!


I’ve never been a good girl.

Let’s just say that trouble always seems to find me no matter where I am.

So when my dad’s gorgeous best friend walks in the door, the choice is easy.

Kane’s got something I want.

It makes me toss in bed at night just *thinking* about it.

And I’m not above blackmailing him to get it.


The last time I saw Renee, she was just a tiny thing with cute little pigtails and knee socks.

But now, all I can imagine is Renee in a *compromised* position.

It’s so wrong to be thinking of my best friend’s daughter like this.

But when the curvy girl decides to blackmail me, it all goes downhill fast.

Because Renee doesn’t realize that I’m an OTT alpha male who doesn't play games.

And like it or not, I'm putting my baby in the curvy girl’s belly!

This naughty story will have you turning the pages for more! Follow the sassy, feisty Renee as she meets her match in the form of her dad’s gorgeous older friend Kane. Taboo? Yes. A ton of fun? You betcha! No cheating, no cliffhangers, and always a HEA for my readers.