Bonus Scene - My Boyfriend's Dad



Five years later.


Well, damn, I think, staring at Lucy with an undoubtedly wolfish grin. Even after five years, I’m amazed at how dirty my wife can be.  She’s currently lying in bed before me, clad in nothing but her birthday suit.  But it’s not just that.  She has an enormous dildo crammed into her cunt, and as I watch, she pulls the slick black member out with a deep sucking sound.

“Ooooh,” she moans, throwing her head back with delight.  But then her eyes open and she smiles coyly at me.  “But it’s not as good as the real thing.  Put it in, Daddy?”

I rip off my pants and briefs in one motion, watching Lucy devour my form with her eyes. My member is rock-hard, ready and waiting, and my wife’s hungrily staring at it.

“It’s so big,” she murmurs flirtatiously. Then, she meets my gaze. “Put it inside me. Please, Daddy.  Now.”

I kiss her hard, tangling my fingers in her gorgeous hair. She moans ecstatically, already completely soaked.  Her hand circles my cock and gives it a firm tug before playing with the tip, and a groan erupts from my chest.

“Alright,” I growl.  “That’s it for bad girls.  No more playtime.”

Then, I line up with her entrance, and slowly ease myself inside of her.  Lucy sighs with delight, arching her back as she’s filled to the brim.  My curvy girl is so wet as to be absolutely soaked, and my cock slides in without any resistance. I hiss in pleasure as the buxom brunette moans, her huge eyes dazed with pleasure. I seize her mouth in a kiss, our tongues dancing together, as I begin to slowly pump in and out of her. She feels incredible. Indescribable. Hot, tight, and wet, squeezing my member even more tightly than a hand would. If I weren’t so experienced, I would come right on the spot, but instead, I intend to draw this out for as long as possible.

Lucy wraps her arms around my neck and pulls me down to kiss her. I continue to move as slowly as possible, delighting simply in the heat of her, the pressure of her inner walls, and the delicious slickness. Her kiss tastes even sweeter, now; I suck on her tongue like a lollipop, and she whines in desperate pleasure. She wraps her legs around my waist, pulling me closer and even further inside.

“That feels amazing,” she gasps as I kiss her neck, suck her earlobe, and lick at the sweat on her collarbone.

“It does,” I agree, and increase my pace.

I could make love to Lucy Walsh all night long, and all of tomorrow too.  Her touch is electric as her hands move on my back, run through my hair, and cup my face. Her hips move with mine as I thrust in and out of her, faster and faster, until she’s lost her words in a long, unintelligible moan. To deepen the sensation, I place one of her legs over my shoulders, my fingers digging into her hips. She babbles something under her breath until I realize she’s just saying “Fuck me, please” over and over again. I happily oblige.

Harder and faster, faster and harder, until both her ankles are on my shoulders and she’s moaning my name to the Heavens. I know I’m close to coming and that I can’t hold out much longer, but I refuse to do so until I’ve used her other hole too.

“Get on your knees,” I growl into her ear as I slide out of her. She whimpers and acquiesces, her face down and ass up as I position myself at that taboo back door.  My tip bumps her anus and she lets out another low whine.

“Yes baby, you’re getting it in your ass this time.”

Then, I increase the pressure and slide deliciously into that dark hole.  Lucy gasps and jerks at first, but then she relaxes and her rectum takes me all.

“Yes Daddy,” she moans.  “Oh god, yes.”

I begin a deep, thorough pound into her anus while reaching around to rub her clit with my fingers.

“You like this, sweetheart?” I rasp.  “You like getting your butt fucked like a whore?”

She merely cries out, her bottom already beginning to tighten around my rod.

“I do,” she pants.  “Use my butt, Daddy.  Use my asshole to make yourself come.”

But not so fast.  I don’t like to come until my woman does, and I increase the pressure on her clit while pounding deep into her anal canal.

“Come for me, Lucy,” I rasp as her moans and whines reach a fevered pitch. “Come for me, sweetheart.  I know you want to. Come with Daddy’s dick in your bottom.”

With a cry, she does. Her entire body spasms, and her asshole jerks around me, squeezing me tight in rhythmic contractions.  My fingers plunge into her cunt at the same time, and sure enough, her pussy is convulsing as well.  Excellent, my girl is fully releasing, and that’s how I like it.  Meanwhile, my own orgasm is mere seconds away. As Lucy twitches and shudders around my cock, I explode in a fury, throwing my head back as I release a virile, thick load into the curvy woman. It feels better, hotter, and more earth-shattering than any orgasm in recent memory. My whole body feels like it’s on fire.

Afterwards, I pull out and watch with satisfaction as a trail of cum leaks from her anus down her thigh.

“You like that?” I murmur, leaning in to kiss her asshole, licking up the escaped seed.  “Does it feel good?”

She merely smiles at me over one narrow shoulder.

“You know it feels good, Daddy.  But I want baby number three, and your sperm wasn’t deposited in the right spot just now.  Do you think you can go for another round, to put your semen where it belongs?”

I smile wolfishly because this is my woman; my life; and my eternity.  Lucy Walsh and I are a perfect fit, and I’m more than happy to give her another child.  With that, I take my cock in hand, getting it hard again with a few firm strokes.

“Yes honey,” I rasp.  “I’ll fill whatever hole you need filled.  Just lie back and spread your legs like a good girl.”

With a giggle, Lucy does as told, and suddenly, the world’s at my fingertips.  This is the right woman for me, and now, I can’t wait to feast.




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