Bonus Scene - Secrets and Lies



A few months later.

My woman’s heavily pregnant now, but that only makes things better.  After all, we’re at Club Z tonight for a good time, and as I escort Lindy into the lounge area, I press a kiss to her cheek before helping her off with her cape.  Yes, my woman’s in a cape because that’s all that will cover her belly, and when I whoosh the velvet fabric away, quite a few people turn to look.

After all, Lindy’s in her third trimester and she’s huge.  Her stomach is so big that she’s long since lost the ability to see her toes and lately, she complains that she resembles a waddling whale.

“How can that be?” I asked, licking at a nipple.  “Whales don’t walk, so how can they waddle?”

My girlfriend merely swatted my shoulder before tilting her head back in a melodious moan.

“You know what I mean, Julian!” she sighed.  “I’m so big that if whales could waddle, then they would.”

But I cut her off with another hard orgasm or two, and my girl came apart the way she always does for me.  After all, we’re exhibitionists and if anything, her pregnancy opens up new vistas for us.  As a result, we’re at Club Z tonight for a good time.

I guide my girlfriend over to a couch, and help her sit.  She looks gorgeous in nothing but a lacy bra and a g-string, her big belly gleaming a bit in the light.

“Are you okay, sweetheart?”

Lindy nods with a coy smile on her face.

“Of course, Julian.  I know you’ll take good care of me.”

That I will.  We stare at each other for only a second before I lean forwards.

“I’m going to kiss you now,” I growl

She nods only slightly before I close the distance between us. Her lips are soft and meld with mine as I deepen our connection.  Then I help her lie down on the sofa and hover over her big belly, tasting her lips and neck. I nibble the skin just above her shoulder blades and she lets out a breathy sigh.

“I think people are watching, Julian,” she whispers, her eyes darting to the side for a moment.  I don’t turn to look, but I can feel the gaze of a few hungry voyeurs on us.

“Good, let them watch,” I growl.  “Because this pregnant body is mine to fuck.”

With that, my hand travels up Lindy’s thigh until I find the promised land and with a quick motion of my wrist, her g-string is torn off.

“Oooh!” she squeals.  “Goodness!”

“You came ready for me,” I say as my hand massages her upper thigh, the soft flesh already damp.

She squirms and tries to shift my hand to her wet center, but I stay strong.

“I’m ready now,” she moans.  “Please Julian.”

With an evil grin, I slip a finger into her soft folds and she lets out another melodious groan, her head lolling back as hot shivers travel through her cunt. I kiss her once more as I explore her pussy with my hand.  Damn, my woman’s fucking drenched.  It’s only been a few seconds but her juices are already coating my palm and beginning to drip down my elbow.

But I want her to enjoy it because there are few things in the world better than pregnant sex.  My thumb rubs her sensitive clit as we kiss, and Lindy’s hips bounce on the couch with delight.  I add a third finger to really get her stretched, and she moans at the strain.

“Ooooh,” my woman gasps.  “Oh yes!”

But Lindy gives as good as she gets, and with a naughty grin, she reaches behind her back to remove her bra and tosses it down to the carpeted floor before lifting a huge tit to her mouth and licking the nipple.

“You like that?” she coos.  “You ready to drink my milk when the time comes?”

I growl, staring at the turgid flesh between her lips.

“Hell yeah.  I’m going to drink whatever the baby doesn’t take.”

With that, I suckle a nipple between my lips and to my surprise, a small splash of milk spurts on my tongue.

“Are you already producing?” I gasp, pulling back.

Lindy grins.

“A little,” she coos.  “I hope you don’t mind.”

I shake my head.

“Fuck no.  This just turns me on even more.”  With that, I go crazy at her breast while fucking her pussy with my fingers, and soon, I’ve driven my girlfriend over the edge.  Her eyes go wide for a moment as her mouth opens into a perfect “O” and then she soars over the cliff, screaming and crying my name.

“Oh fuck Julian!” she shrieks.  “SHIT SHIT SHIT!”

Hot milk floods my mouth as her essence gushes onto my hand but I love it.  There’s nothing better than making my woman climax hard, and I watch as her big belly bounces as a particularly hard spasm shudders through her pussy.

Finally, Lindy’s finished and I lift my head while pulling my fingers from her folds with an obscene wet sucking sound. 

“I hope you know that won’t be your only climax tonight.”

She breathes heavily, sweat beading on her brow. “I’m counting on it, big boy. But it’s your turn now.”

My woman pushes me so I’m the one on my back as she makes quick work removing my pants and boxers. I’m already hard and ready for her, and pre-cum seeps from my shaft, leaking all the way to my balls. 

“Is this for me?” she coos coyly, holding my large cock in her hand. “You’re dripping a lot, Daddy,” she adds while rubbing her small palm up and down my length.

I grunt.

“So that it goes in easier, baby girl.”

She giggles.

“We’ll find out.”

She leans forward and darts her tongue out to taste my tip. My cock twitches at her touch and with a devilish look in her eye, Lindy plays with the pre-come using her tongue, tapping that pink tip against my glans before swirling the fluid around my bell.  Then, she stretches her lips wide and takes as much of me down her throat as possible, gagging a little as my massive length chokes her.

“Fuck, that’s good. Keep doing that,” I groan, threading my fingers through those chestnut curls.

Lindy does as told, and my cock hits the back of her mouth as she bobs up and down on my hardness. She squeezes and tugs at my balls while sucking me off, making them churn with anticipation.

“Fuck, I’m close,” I warn her.

She looks up at me and smiles again, her lips smeared with semen. “Cum for me, Julian.”

Her purring sends me over the edge and I empty my load down her throat, holding her hair to keep her down on my cock the entire time. When I finally finish and let her pull away, she licks her lips like a satisfied cat.

“Mmm, that tasted good,” she murmurs. “But I hope you’re not done yet.”

My cock is already hard again.

“Don’t you worry, sweet girl. We’re not done by a long shot. Stand up.”

With that, I help her to her feet, and sure enough, there’s a small circle around us now, watching the show.  Quite a few of the guys have their cocks out, and their female partners are stroking the hardness as they gaze at us with avid eyes.

“Oooh, we better do something good,” Lindy coos as I maneuver her to a nearby table.  “We have quite the audience.”

I push down on the small of her back so she’s bent forward, her hands braced on the edge of the hard surface.

“Don’t worry, baby girl.  The best part’s coming still.  You ready for me?”

“Yes,” she moans, her eyes already closing in anticipation.

I tease her opening by dragging my tip along her wet slit until finally entering her, going balls deep on the first thrust.

The table shifts with the motion, but Lindy stays steady, moaning up a storm. I pound into her, holding tight to her hair as my cock disappears into her wet pussy with obscene squelching sounds, a ring of pink flesh hugging me as I enter and exit.

It’s incredible. I feel myself building and building to climax, but then I pull out and take a deep breath. I don’t want it to be over with Lindy so fast.

She looks back at me with a smile and waggles her ass.

“Put it in, big boy,” she coos.  “I can take it.”

With that, I obey.  Slowly, I part her cheeks with my hands so the crowd can see her gleaming slit and tight pink anus.  Then I spit on her anus before rubbing the fluid into her back hole, enjoying the way the rim contracts beneath my fingers.

“You ready, Linds?”

She nods, breathing hard through her nose.

“Yes,” she murmurs.  “Right now, Daddy.”

I enter Lindy the back way and she yelps in pleasure.  Oh shit, she’s small.

“Slower,” she gasps, fingering her nipples now.  “Mmmmh, fuck it’s tight.”

“That’s because there’s a baby in your belly,” I rasp.  “It makes your asshole even tighter.”

I have no idea if that’s true, but it definitely feels like it.  My hands move from her hair to her large, perky breasts and I fondle her hard nipples as I fuck her hard from behind.

“Unnnnh,” she moans as her butt gets reamed from the back.  “Oh shiiiiit.  That’s good… please don’t stop…”

This time, I don’t. I decide to let myself go all the way, and after just a few minutes, my body convulses and I cum harder than I ever have before, blasting her back end with seed.  Meanwhile, Lindy screams as her anus and pussy clench, orgasm overwhelming her form.  Hot bolts of lightning shoot through us both and I pause mid-squirt to pull out from her ass, lashing her back and thighs with milky, creamy come.

Finally, we’re done and Lindy moans again, trying to catch her breath. But I’m a nasty fuck, and turning to the audience, I smile.  Then I pull my woman’s ass cheeks apart and command her to push.

“Show us that cream pie, baby.  I want to see your asshole push my semen out.”

Her features squinch as she obeys and slowly, a pearl of white fluid rises in her anus before spilling out in a generous waterfall.  I pinch her clit in reward and she moans again.

“That’s my good girl,” I say with satisfaction.  “A slut through and through.”

She smiles at me over one slim shoulder.

“Yes, but I’m your slut, Julian.  Now and forever.”

I nod before kissing her.

“Yes.  My slut.  Forever.”

With that, our scene is finished.  After all, joining Club Z is the best decision I’ve ever made because it brought me this gorgeous woman and the life that I have now.




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