Ten Years Later - My Best Friend's Dad



Ten years later.

“Rick, no!” I squeal playfully, slapping his hand away.  “Are you nuts?  Some of the kids are still up!”

My gorgeous husband merely grins.  He’s still so handsome, even though we’ve been married fifteen years now.  Silver dots his temples, and the lines around his eyes and mouth are a bit deeper.  Nonetheless, it makes him look distinguished, and he’s still the same man:  not an ounce of extra fat on his body, and as virile as ever.

We have the family to prove it, in fact.  We now have five children together:  Rosie, Laila, Edmond, Sawyer, and Tuck.  Little Tuckie’s still a baby and not yet weaned, but I know my husband.  He wants more children.

“Rick,” I hiss playfully, shooting daggers with my eyes.  “Rosie and Laila are still upstairs, and I know they’re not sleeping.  They’re supposed to be doing homework, but god knows what they’re really doing.”

His brows waggle.

“They’re probably videochatting with their boyfriends.  They’ll never know what their parents are up to.”

I sigh.  Kids grow up so fast these days, and both Rosie and Laila look like Rick, with their rich chestnut hair and gorgeous chocolate eyes.  No wonder the boys at school have been throwing themselves at my daughters.  If anything, the pandemic has only made their boyfriends even more bold.  The forced separation means that they’re on their phones all the time, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re talking dirty on occasion.

But Rick’s not bothered by it at all.

“What’s there to worry about?” he asks.  “It’s not like they’re actually seeing each other in person.”

That’s true, and I frown for a moment, before his arms come around me again. 

“Come on, sweetheart,” he whispers in my ear while pulling me to the kitchen pantry.  “No one’s watching.  No one’s listening, and I really need you.”

I giggle as he pulls the door shut behind us. 

“Really, Rick?  The pantry?  That’s what’s become of us?”

He growls in my ear as his hands run up and down over my lush curves.

“I’ll take you anywhere I can, sweetheart.  Seriously, anywhere.”

I sigh blissfully, leaning into his passionate kiss.  It’s extraordinary that the heat between us is still so high.  Yet, it’s not surprising either.  Rick and I have always enjoyed an intense physical chemistry, and now is no different.  With deft hands, he rids me of my clothes until I’m standing nude before him, my curves heavy and lush.

“Sweetheart, you’re so beautiful,” he breathes reverently.  I let out a startled gasp as his mouth attaches to a nipple, the tingles making my pussy quiver with pleasure.

“That feels so good,” I moan.  “But do you have a condom, Rick?  I’m still breastfeeding, so I’m probably not that fertile, but Rick, we can’t have a sixth child.  You already have six children, if you include Bailey.”

He chuckles deeply against my skin before switching to my other nipple and laving it with his tongue. 

“Not only do I have six children, but I have three grandchildren too,” he breathes against my skin.  “But that’s what I love about my family.  It’s enormous, and I never thought this would happen.  For the longest time, I thought it was going to be just me and Bails.  That is, until you came along, Kara.”

I sigh as he licks my nipple again, one hand slowly caressing my pussy lips.  It feels so good, and Rick chuckles as he slowly eases a finger into my depths.

“So taut and wet, like always,” he moans, suddenly desperate to be in me.

“But you can’t come inside,” I whisper again.  “We can’t get pregnant!”

My husband merely smiles in the dark before straightening. 

“It’s okay sweetheart.  We’ll do it the other way then.  I won’t come in your pussy.”

I know exactly what he wants, and sure enough, he hitches one of my legs over his elbow so that my sex is exposed.  Slowly, he eases his huge length in and I bite my cheek in an effort to stifle my moan.

“Fuck!” I scream.  “Oh shit!”

“That’s it,” Rick groans as he moves in and out of my wet depths.  There’s a squelching sound as my husband pumps.  “Fuck, you feel good.”

But the pace never quickens.  Instead, Rick uses my pussy fluids as lube, and then pulls out again, hitching my leg even higher onto his arm.  I’m bare, exposed, and my bottom is drawn forward so that he has access to my back hole.

“Are you ready, sweetheart?” he rasps in my ear. 

I can barely answer, being so delirious with pleasure.

“Yes,” I pant.  “Do it.”

Rick growls low in his chest and slowly guides his tip to my pink wrinkle.  I contract at first, but he merely increases the pressure against my anus.

“Slowly, slowly,” he soothes in my ear.  “Relax, baby girl.”

I sigh, moan, and pant as my husband eases his huge length into my rectum.  It feels amazing as I’m stretched by that enormous cock.

“Fuck,” I breathe.  “Oh shit.”

He grins, his smile white in the darkness.

“I know my slutty girl likes getting it in the ass.  Now jerk me off with your asshole, sweetheart.  Make me feel good,” he commands.

I squeeze my sphincter around him as he begins to move, and he lets out a low, throaty groan.

“Shit, your butt is so tight.  What a little butt slut I have on my hands,” he growls into my ear as his strokes get more desperate.  I tilt my pelvis towards him, bringing him in even deeper and his movements become more frantic.

“Shit,” he groans into my ear again.  “Oh fuck.”

After a few more pumps, it happens.  My anus clamps down hard on his cock, squeezing it tight, which sets him off.  He roars into my ear, his dick twitching and spasming as enormous streams of semen shoot into my bowels.

“Oh fuck!” I scream.  “SHIT!”

My anal contractions are wild, and Rick’s no better.  He clutches my curvy form close, heaving and moaning while shooting seed into my back end.

“Fuuuuuck!” he roars.

After it’s done, my husband pulls out and a huge glob of semen runs out of my ass and down one thigh.  But Rick’s never been squeamish.  He immediately kneels down and licks my asshole, getting me all cleaned up.  Then with a smirk, he pulls my panties back on before pressing one last kiss to my clit.

“I don’t think the kids missed us at all,” he grins.  “What do you think?”

I just smile because although we were careful, I have a feeling that this encounter was enough.  Rick’s so virile, and when you have six children already, what’s one more?  I merely smile at him, before pressing my plush pout to his bronzed chest in a hungry, open-mouthed kiss.

“I definitely don’t think they noticed,” is my coy whisper.  “And in fact, I don’t think they’ll notice if we stay in here even longer.”

With that, Rick’s eyes flare in the darkness, and we begin round two.




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