Bonus Scene - Punished By My Boyfriend's Dad



“You’re in for some nasty punishment,” my fiancé growls, his blue eyes glinting.  “Fuck yeah.”

I lie back on the bed, my belly a ginormous mound between us. 

“What do you mean?” I coo.  “And why?  What did I do?”

Roman grins as he strips out of his gym shorts, revealing that enormous cock.  My mouth waters because as a pregnant woman, I’m even hornier than usual and I need it so bad these days that I swear, I’m wearing my man out.  But Roman’s been more than accommodating, even if it means dropping whatever he’s doing to give me dick whenever I need it.

“You know what you did,” he growls.

I giggle while playing with my nipples, tossing my head back coyly.

“No, I really don’t.”

He smiles wolfishly then, baring bright white teeth.

“Your crime is acting like such a slut when you’re pregnant.  Who does that?  What good girl does that?”

I put on an expression of mock-penitence, and twirl a lock of hair.

“I’m sorry, Daddy,” is my soft murmur.  “I didn’t mean it, it’s just the hormones, I swear.  But tell me what I have to do to make it up to you.”

Roman was waiting for that opening, and he pulls an item out from behind his back.

“This,” he states.

I squint because in my fiancé’s hand is a plastic funnel, maybe about five inches long.  It’s totally unremarkable and looks like something you’d use transferring dry cereal from a big bag into a smaller container.

“Wait, what’s that for?” I ask, genuinely curious as my brow scrunches.

Roman grins.

“Well, you know how last time you had me in your mouth, you spilled a lot?”

I giggle.

“Daddy, I always spill a lot,” I say in a throaty tone.  “You have so much cum that it basically overflows and drips down my chin.  I’m sorry for wasting it.”

Roman smirks.

“Well, this way you’re going to drink every drop.  You’re getting the cum funnel treatment, sweetheart.”

“The what?” I gasp.

The crime lord isn’t perturbed at all. 

“You heard me,” he says in a smooth tone.  “You’re going to take this funnel between your lips and then I’m going to come into it.  Hard.  And you’re going to swallow every drop.”

It’s so fetid and obscene, and yet I can feel my clit bulging with need, dying to try this dirty act.  Most girls would squeal and pretend to be disgusted, but then again, I’m not most girls.  I stuck two candlesticks into my pussy and ass while trying to steal them, so I’d say this is par for the course, actually.

“Yes, Daddy,” I coo as a result, lifting big eyes to my handsome fiancé.  “Give it to me.  I want it.”

Roman grunts with approval, moving to stand next to me in the bed.  Then he positions the funnel at my lips.

“Suck,” he commands harshly as two harsh streaks alight on his cheekbones.  “Put your lips around the end and don’t move then.”

Like a slut, I obey.  The plastic’s nothing, but I don’t mind.  I know the real treat is coming in a matter of minutes.

Roman nods, and then begins to stroke himself with one hand.  It’s an incredible sight.  His head drops back, revealing that bronzed, muscular throat, and his chest is tight, pecs straining as the excitement builds.  Meanwhile, I reach down to touch myself with one hand, rubbing my clit first on its left side, and then on its right.

“Mmmm,” is my delighted sigh.  “Ooooh.”

Meanwhile, Roman’s quickly ascending to the peak.  His huge thighs are straining, those washboard abs tight and hard at the sight of his pregnant fiancée laid out, waiting expectantly with a funnel poised between her lips.

“Yeah, it’s coming,” he rasps, those blue eyes staring at my fertile form. “Fuck fuck FUCK!”

Suddenly, it happens.  Huge gushes of come rush into the funnel, and slide down the plastic neck into my mouth.  A hot stream of jism squirts right into my throat, and at first, it’s okay.  I moan with pleasure, squeezing my clit as the fluid enters my body.

But the thing about using a funnel is that the semen goes straight into your throat and it doesn’t stop.  An unrelenting stream of squirt hits the roof of my mouth and then trails down my throat and into my body as I swallow, desperate to not waste a drop.

“Mmmph!” I squeal while rubbing my clit with vigor.  “Mpph, mmph!”

Suddenly, I burst as well.  My pussy seizes and a sunburst explodes before my eyes, and taking that as his cue, Roman quickly thrusts one big finger into my butt.

“That’s it,” he rasps.  “Swallow my cum with my finger in your asshole.  Keep coming baby girl, that’s it.  Make Daddy proud.”

I thrash while spasming hard on his digit, my anal walls clamping on the penetration. But like a good girl, my lips never release their suction on the funnel.  Instead, I take every single drop like the hungry slut that I am, even as I writhe and squirm with enjoyment.

Finally, the stream dribbles off a bit, and I release, panting with exertion.

“Goodness,” is my breathy gasp.  “That was intense.”

Roman grins, his cock still dripping with the remnants.

“But there’s more, sweetheart,” he growls.  “Flip over baby girl.  Head down, ass up.”

I do as told and then my fiancé inserts the tiny neck of the funnel into my asshole, watching with avid eyes as the rest of his cum drips into my anus.

“That’s it,” he rumbles, caressing his huge shaft once again.  “You’re getting every drop, just like I said, little girl.”

I giggle because this is what both Roman and I want – filth, in every nasty way possible, and as always, my man has delivered.




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