Five Years Later - Her Secret Baby


Five years later.

I can’t believe we’re doing this.  Ryan and I are married now, and yet sometimes we still act like horny teenagers.  We’ve just spent Thanksgiving at my parents’ house, and now he wants to fuck me in my childhood bed.

“We shouldn’t,” I breathe.  “It’s so wrong.  I grew up here!  I was probably conceived in this house!”

He growls against my mouth.

“Even better, sweetheart, because I want to give you a seventh child, and the location is already proven.  Clearly, the fertility gods favor this house.”

I gasp.

Seventh?  No, Ryan, that’s too much.”

He merely shakes his head, his blue eyes gleaming.

“Never say never, Reg.  You’ve handled six just fine.  I think you can do seven.”

I melt into him and neither my body nor my mind knows how to handle the roller coaster ride that is this man.  He drugs my senses and can make me do anything, I swear.  The house is empty because my parents have taken the kids on a neighborhood stroll after the huge Thanksgiving dinner, but I’m sure they’ll be back soon.

“Okay, well then make it fast,” I whisper, winding my arms around his bronzed neck.  “We don’t have much time.”

He captures my mouth in a passionate kiss.

“I can do fast,” he growls.  “So long as you get a pussy full of cum, I’m happy.”

My handsome husband lifts me up and carries me a few feet before he realizes he doesn’t know where my bedroom is in this house. If I weren’t so completely scandalized, I might laugh. Instead, I hold him tightly and bury my face in his neck.

He turns left the hallway.

“Wait!” I shriek. Too late. My leg has knocked over one of my mother’s vases, spilling its contents onto the carpet.

“Dammit,” he says, then laughs. I laugh with him for a moment then I kiss him again. The feel of his tongue sliding over mine sends my body into a frenzy of desire. My hands travel up and down his chest, before running through his hair. He begins walking again, still cradling me in his arms.  This time, he turns right, into my bedroom. We make it about nine feet before I hear a loud crack. His shin has made contact with one of the nightstands.

“Ow!” he says, just before my shoulder hits the wall. I reply with my own, “Ooof!” although it doesn’t really hurt.

“Sorry,” he says, before overcompensating and bumping me into the opposite wall, knocking down a framed picture of my yearbook photo. The hilarity of the situation is too much and despite my need for him, I begin laughing. He joins me and we finally, we tumble down onto my old bed.

He stops kissing me for a moment.  “You’re sure this isn’t your parents’ room is it?”

I laugh and shake my head. “Nope, it’s mine.  But they did take down some of the unicorn décor and put up these framed prints, which is why it doesn’t look like a little girl’s room anymore.”

“Good,” he says. “I doubt your parents would appreciate it if I fucked their daughter on their bed.”

The vulgarity reminds me of my need, and although I’m still laughing, I sit up. I take his hand and pull him close to me. Then, I bite his earlobe softly before whispering, “I don’t care where you fuck me, just fuck me hard, Ryan.”

There is no more laughter.

He reaches down and takes my chin, pulling my face to his and pressing his lips against mine. His weight drives me back onto the mattress until he’s above me, that massive form powerful and dominant.

It’s like the first time all over.

He claims me again. He claims me with his kiss and his hands and all of my insecurity and worry disappears. How did I ever live without this man?

He’s masterful, as he always is, and my clothes are in a pile on the floor before I even realize it.  Cool air brushes over my body before a hot mouth seizes my nipple.  I cry out and arch my back, spreading my thighs to welcome him.

“Yes, Ryan,” I pant.  “Oh god, yes.”

His fingers slick over my hole, pushing into my soaked pussy.

“Fuck, such a dirty little whore,” he rasps.  “I married a slut.”

“You did,” I moan in return, twisting and arching as he fingers my vag.  It feels so good.  “Oh god!”

Ryan grins, his eyes watching my every expression.  Then he pulls his fingers out and spreads that wetness downwards, over my back pucker.  The wrinkles tighten, and I moan again when he pulls away.

“Why’d you stop?” I beg.  “Don’t stop!”

He smiles again.

“I knew you were my dirty little butt slut,” he rasps, before moving down my body.  “Shit, how did I get so lucky?”

Soon, he’s licking my asshole and probing it with his tongue.  I arch on the coverlet, plucking at my nipples as my husband drinks deeply from my ass.  It’s so hot, and Ryan won’t let up.  I jerk hard, and then suddenly, the ecstasy breaks.  With his tongue in my ass, I come.  The universe breaks apart as tingles shoot from my asshole to my cunt, making me twist and scream.

“Fuuuuuck!” I shriek.  “Oh shit!”

But Ryan’s not done with me yet.  His mouth finds a nipple again, and I gasp, “Oh, God, Ryan!” Between my legs, he grows more aggressive, thrusting two fingers into my ass now, and sending my body into cartwheels of need. “Please,” I gasp. “Please, I need you inside of me. Please!  Give me that cock!”

I lift my hips against his hand, moaning and begging. I put my hands on him and try to pull him up but I’m too weak to move his massive bulk. His lips focus on one nipple after the other and his fingers move at a speed that seems designed to ensure I remain right at the point of desperation without ever falling over.

I’m desperate with need as he assfucks me with his hand, but finally, Ryan pulls away.  He tears his shirt from his body, sending buttons flying all over the room. The strength of the display makes me gasp but then he’s on me, thrusting forcefully into my back door.

I cry out and my legs are around him, crossing over each other. Where his hand and mouth had driven me to near paralysis before, the feel of the man inside of me has filled me with power and movement, and I lift myself up to meet his thrust, holding so tightly to his neck I must be choking him.

If so, he shows no sign of it at all but continues to claim me.

I am his.

I am his!

“I love you!” I cry against his neck as my orgasm crests and I explode again.  I move beneath him like a crazed animal as Ryan continues pumping.  He too, nears release, and then it happens.

“FUCK!” he howls.  “Shit shit shit!”

Lashes of semen spurt into my bowels as my ass ring clamps around him.  I scream and my sphincter pumps his dick even as he erupts again and again, each ejaculation stronger than the first.  When he finishes, I shudder beneath him and mewl delicately. I want to keep moving but my body refuses my direction and instead, I just shake as he slows and then stops.

But Ryan’s not done yet.  He pulls from my bottom with a deep sucking sound and looks with satisfaction at the semen spilling from my anus.  Then, with one finger he wipes it up, spreading it over my asshole before pushing the fluid up into my pussy.

“This is where it belongs,” he says, making intense eye contact with me.  “You could still get pregnant from this.”

I moan again, enjoying his fingers in my snatch.  My husband is a dirty alpha male, and always has the desire to reproduce.  Yes, it would be our seventh child, but it seems that Ryan’s already decided he wants more.

A half hour later, we step from the shower and dress in my room.

“Your parents and the kids will be home soon, but they’ll never guess what we just did,” Ryan chuckles.  “Unless you give it away with those bright eyes and glowing smile.”

My cheeks turn bright red and my husband chuckles again.  “You can’t hide it honey.  Whenever you’re freshly fucked, it’s obvious.  In fact, sometimes when you walk you have a funny gait after I’ve been with you.  I love it,” he adds before dropping to his knees and pressing another kiss to my pussy.  Then he circles his tongue around my clit a few times, making me gasp.  “By the way, do you think you got pregnant from our session?”

I stare at him.

“Ryan you weren’t serious about a seventh.”

He stands, his muscular physique always a wonder to behold.

“I am,” he growls.  “And baby, if I just gave you a baby on Thanksgiving Day, how wonderful would that be?  We’ll be thankful forever.”

I giggle then and bring his head down to mine for a passionate kiss.

“Well, let’s wait and see,” I tease against his lips.  “Maybe, maybe not.”

Because what Ryan doesn’t know is that I’m pregnant already.  I’m about six weeks along, and just got the news today.  It’ll make my husband happier than a pig in shit, but he can wait a few more hours because I want to tell him in the privacy of our own home.

“I love you,” I breathe against his lips.

His blue eyes darken, even as his hands encircle my waist.

“I love you too, Regina.  You are a perfect mommy, a perfect wife, and a perfect woman.  I couldn’t be luckier.”

With that, our lips seal in a passionate kiss, and I say thanks.  Our interlude on Thanksgiving Day was unexpected, but with Ryan Blythe, life has turned out absolutely wonderful.