Bonus Scene - Six Months With My Uncle



I can’t believe this is happening.  Frank has me stretched out on the bed and there’s a devious gleam in his eye.  He winks at me and then whispers, “Do you remember what we agreed to?”

I nod.

“We’re roleplaying.”

“Exactly,” he hums, looking pleased.  “I want to try that sex doll concept, and sweetheart, you’re the hottest sex doll I’ve ever seen.”

I stare at him.

“Yes, but I don’t know how to do this,” I begin in halting voice.  “I mean, do I need to talk in an animatronic voice or put pigtails in my hair?”

My handsome boyfriend shakes his head.

“No sweetheart.  I just want you to be totally receptive to whatever I do.  Like a little fucktoy for me to play with however I choose.”

I stare at him.

“But I’m always that.”

“Exactly,” he says with a pleased grin.  “But this way, it’s even more exaggerated.  You know how I love using you as my cockholster, and this way, you don’t protest at anything I want to do.  As my little fucktoy, you do whatever I please.”

To my embarrassment, I’m starting to grow aroused.  A flush descends over my nude body and wetness begins seeping between my legs.

“Okay, I’ll try it,” I whisper.  “Just tell me what comes next.”

“Lie back,” Frank instructs, suddenly incredibly dominant.  “And just take the fucking like the little whore you are.”

The nasty words should be offensive, but instead, they turn me on. Obediently, I lay perfectly still on the mattress, my huge tits tipped to the sky and my pussy already wet.  Frank comes over, his cock seeping fluid from the tip and I reach one hand forward to touch it.  But he slaps my palm away.

“No, dolls don’t touch their masters,” he hisses.  “You’re nothing but plastic, remember?”

Oh shit, he’s really into this.  My hand drops limply by my side as my man groans, looking over my lush, female form.  Then he nestles himself between my legs, grabbing onto my knees before pushing them up so that they’re by my ears.  OMG, this is such a dirty position because I’m so exposed!  My pussy and ass are bared to my man’s eyes, and he leans forward, merely letting his hot breath pulse over my clit for a bit.

“Yeah, you like that?” Frank growls, watching as my folds become even more engorged.  “I think my little sex doll is very turned on.”

Then, the man latches onto my clit, suckling hard.  Ooooh, I had no idea sex dolls got treated like this!  I start squirming on his face, but Frank backs up then and flips me over.  One arm snakes around my waist, hauling me up so that my asshole faces him, and he pulls my cheeks apart, taking in the sight of my winking anus.

“Fuuuuck,” he hisses.  “God, do I love fucking you in the ass.”

Then, Frank spits on my back hole and rubs the lube into my pleats.  I try not to make a sound but it feels so good that a little mewl escapes, even as I press my face deeper in the coverlet.

“Unnnh!” I squeal.  “Oh god!”

“Fuck dolls don’t talk,” my boyfriend hisses from in back of me.  “So keep that trap shut.”

Then, he notches his glans at my opening and begins to press.  I let out a moan.  I can’t help it because it feels so good, even if it’s so dirty.  But it’s taking longer than usual for him to get into my backdoor, and suddenly, I realize what he’s done.  Frank’s wearing a cock sleeve.  It’s a holster that fits over his cock snugly, giving him extra size, both length and width-wise.

“In my ass?” I gasp, turning to stare at him over one slim shoulder.  “But I’ve never been fucked in the ass while you wore the cock sleeve.” 

After all, my pleasure is paramount to my boyfriend, and he sometimes wears it when he slams me in the pussy.  He’s already huge, but the sleeve makes him absolutely enormous and I swear, there were times when I thought his dicktip was going to pop right out of my throat.

“Oh hell yeah, in your ass,” my uncle hisses, those blue eyes glinting.  “Now turn around and put your head down.  Keep your mouth shut and push out.  I want your ass and I want it now.”

I have no choice but to obey and with a moan, I do as told.  Frank increases the pressure at my anal opening and with some insane stretching, he somehow manages to work that ginormous cock into my back door.  I grunt deliriously, tweaking my nipples as Frank starts up a heavy rhythm in my butt.

“Oh shit,” is my muffled cry.  “Oh god, oh god, oh god.”

“Yeah, your butt’s getting fucked good,” he grinds out in a hoarse voice.  “You have no idea how fucking depraved this looks with your asshole stretched wide around the cock sleeve.”

My hands scrabble at the coverlet as my eyes roll back in my head.  The pounding in my butt is so thorough and I can’t stop the surge of pleasure which suddenly seizes my frame, making my anus clench down on the shaft buried within before dissolving into a series of hot, sensuous ripples.

“Fuuuuck!” I scream.  “Oh shit!”

Frank slaps one big butt cheek with his hand, those blue eyes glued avidly to where my asshole’s contracting spasmodically around his dick.

“Fuck yeah,” he groans.  “Oh shit, I’m going to come!”

Then, my man seizes my hips and with a load roar, erupts into my bottom.  The cock sleeve he has on is open at the top so that his sperm pumps fully into my rear end, filing me with virile seed.

“Oh god!” I moan again.  “Mmmm, shit!”

Finally, after dumping a gallon of semen into my asshole, my boyfriend finally slows his movements, gently rubbing my back.

“You’re a good little sex doll, aren’t you?” he purrs.  “Very sexy, sweetheart.”

I turn to look at him, that huge shaft still buried in my butt.

“Yes, but you could have warned me that you were going to do anal with that girth expander on!”

Frank merely shrugs, not at all apologetic.  Instead, the infuriating man shoots me a grin and slaps my bottom again.

“Well, then you wouldn’t be a sex doll, right?  After all, a doll has no say in what happens to her.  No preparation either,” he hums before murmuring to press a kiss to my sweaty shoulder.  “By the way, did I tell you today that I love you, Hads?  I fall more in love with you every day.”

I let out an unladylike snort.

“It’s more that you love using my body however you see fit,” I say with a saucy smile.  “The better with which to conduct your filthy sex games.”

“But you love them,” my man purrs, reaching beneath me to stroke my clit.  I gasp because he’s still buried inside my ass, and his cock jerks within my anal chamber.  “And guess what?” Frank asks.  “We’re going in for another dirty sex game now.  You ready?”

Then, I’m swept away on a tide of passion because this man is my everything.  Yes, he just convinced me to be his sex doll, in addition to using a girth-expander during anal for the first time, but it felt good and now my cheeks squeeze around him, my arousal ramping up again.

“Let’s see what you can do, shall we?” I purr myself.  “Give it to me, Daddy.”

With that, we’re off to the races, and soon, Frank and I are engaging in utter filth again.




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