Bonus Scene - Mr. January



A few months later.

I pad softly over to my wife.  Sam looks gorgeous still sleeping beneath the down comforter, and I’m careful not to wake her.  But that doesn’t stop my approach because we’ve fully embraced the “free use” lifestyle and it’s fucking amazing.

What free use means it that Sam’s mine to fuck any time I want, whenever the mood strikes.  It doesn’t matter if she’s horny or not, but to be honest, that doesn’t factor into our sex life because my wife is a pregnant little slut, which works well for both of us.  If anything, it makes us especially suited to the free use lifestyle because she wants it just as much as I do, and we’ve been going at it morning, noon and night lately.

I stalk up to my sweet girl and smile.  I got up early this morning to brew some coffee, and decided to let my pregnant wife sleep in.  But now it’s 8 a.m. and I want some, and I’m going to get some.  Pulling my stiff shaft out of my shorts, I gently nudge her lips with the slick tip.

“Sweetheart,” I rasp.  “I need it.”

She moans a bit, but then her lips part even though her eyes are still closed.

“That’s it, baby girl,” I croon.  “Suck it, honey.  Give me a good workout.”

Sam moans again, the comforter coming down a bit to reveal her huge breasts, and I reach forward to stroke over a nipple.  Her boobs have gotten bigger since her pregnancy, and they must be at least F’s now.  Plus, I like it when my wife sleeps nude.  In fact, I insist that she sleep nude as much as possible, and as she reaches one hand up to guide my cock deeper into her mouth, the comforter slides even lower, revealing her bulging belly and sweet slit.

“Mmm,” I moan, throwing my head back as Sam increases the suction, her cheeks hollowing.  “Fuck yeah.”

Now, my wife is awake and she blinks sleepily up at me while sucking like a good girl.  I run my hands through those brown curls fondly, staring into her sweet face.

“You’re doing great,” I croon again.  “Now harder.”

She obeys, bobbing her mouth up and down my cock now while slipping one hand down to touch herself.  Then ever the slut, Sam kicks the blanket off and raises one leg high in the air so that her snatch is on full view.  She sees me staring at the pretty pink and giggles a bit before reaching down to pull her folds open for me to see.  Fuck, the insides of her pussy are already grapefruit red and glistening, begging to be penetrated.

I want to hold on more, but I can’t. I need this woman so badly and with a resounding pop, I pull my cock out from her mouth.

“Hey,” she whines playfully.  “I wasn’t done yet!”

“Yeah, but I was,” I growl before pushing her back.  Then I part those sweet thighs and take a long lap of her honey.  My wife shrieks and arches her back, twisting her nips as I circle her clit with my tongue.

“Oh mmmm!” Sam cries out.  “Oh oh oh!”

“Fuck yeah,” I rasp before lapping at her clit and then going down all the way to sample her asshole, kissing the tight drum.  “Oh shit,” I moan.  “Your butt tastes amazing, baby.”

She squirms beneath me, those pleats contracting reflexively, and I can sense she’s too near the edge, so I begin playing with Sam’s pussy again.  I push two fingers inside of her, crooking them a few times until she jolts.

“Please Randy,” she begs brokenly.  “Oh god, I need it.”

Her words are my command because who am I to deprive a pregnant woman?  I rear up between her spread thighs and then position my cock at her small hole.

“You ready baby?”

“I was born ready, big boy,” she pants in reply.  “Now!”

With that, I thrust into her sweet cavern and we both cry out in ecstasy.  I’m still for a moment, enjoying the tight clench of her walls, before beginning a hard rhythm in her wet depths.  Fuck fuck fuck.  Sam feels so good and my eyes begin to cross as the ecstasy mounts.

“More,” she pants.  “Oh please!”

With that, I rest her legs on my shoulders and then use my other hand to rub her clit again.  Sam whines ecstatically before throwing her head back as she continues playing with her nipples. It only takes another minute before she’s coming hard, her moans nearly pornographic as she babbles incoherently.

“Yeah baby,” I grunt.  “Fuck you’re tight.”

I manage to hold myself together long enough to fuck Sam through her orgasm, but as her body clenches and clamps, I can feel my balls rising almost painfully.

“You feel too good, baby,” I gasp.  “I’m coming!  Fuuuuuck!”

Come begins shooting out, coating her insides in my thick seed.  I roar again and again, conquering this woman and she loves every moment of it, milking me with her sweetness.  But instead of finishing completely, I pull my cock out in the middle of ejaculation and stroke myself quickly, shooting all over her breasts, belly, and then her pussy.  But Sam does me one better.  She lifts her knees, exposing her asshole, and smiles wickedly.

“Spray me here, big boy,” she coos.  “You know I want it.”

I do as asked, hot spurts of jism shooting out over her ass and she reaches down to spread her buttocks even further so that I have better access.  Fuck fuck fuck.  How did we get so dirty?  When I finish, I see my wife drenched in my warm jism, and loving it too.  She’s moaning with ecstasy, but again, Sam knows what I like.  Opening her eyes, she smiles coyly and then reaches down and begins pushing the sperm into her asshole, fingering herself in that wicked place.

“You like, big boy?” she coos while thrusting in and out.  “Does this turn you on?”

Of course it does, and I let another blast go, this time spraying her face.  But Sam adores it all, and merely opens her mouth to catch every last drop on her tongue.  After all, it can rain in January, but with me, my wife doesn’t need an umbrella.




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