Bonus Scene - Pregnant By My Dad's Best Friend



I can’t believe we’re doing this.  Or rather, I can.  It’s so sick and depraved, but Ed, Kimber, and my new husband Dane are raunchy newlyweds.  Okay, who am I kidding?  I am too, and even though Ed’s my dad, it’s still going down.

After all, we just had a double wedding at City Hall.  But instead of going for a celebratory lunch or grabbing drinks afterwards, instead the four of us checked in immediately at the Millennium Hotel.  The men have rented the Honeymoon Suite, and it’s a lavish set-up with double-height ceilings in the living room, a full kitchen, as well as bedrooms off to the side with adjoining en suites.  But none of that matters right now because Ed and Dane want to enjoy their new brides, and Kimber and I are only too happy to oblige.

Slowly, my friend pulls off her mini-dress, revealing lush, golden curves barely held in by her bra and panties.

“This is for you, Daddy,” she coos at Ed.  “Come and get it.”

Of course, Kimber’s big belly only emphasizes how voluptuous and ripe she is.  After all, my buddy and I are both expecting – it’ll be Kimber’s second child and my first.  My friend is a little further along than me, so her tummy’s actually quite large, but my father seems totally into it.  Ed’s eyes gleam as he takes in his bride’s luscious form, but instead of approaching her, he holds back.

“Thank you, sweetheart, but before we get started, Dane and I have a special surprise for you.”

By now, I’ve slithered out of my babydoll wedding dress too, and am clad only in a white thong with matching white stilettos.  My breasts swing free, creamy and pendulous, and my new husband licks his lips, watching with avid eyes as I gently stroke a turgid nipple.

“Oh really?” I coo.  “What is it?  You know I love surprises.”

My husband growls then, his blue eyes bright as he stares at the patch of wetness at the crotch of my thong.  Then, Dane jerks to life and grabs a bottle of bubbly from a silver cooler stationed by the couch.

“We want to celebrate our wedding,” he rasps.  “Let’s get this party started.”

I giggle.

“But Dane, don’t you want a piece of this?” I ask seductively, reaching down to hook a finger into the crotch of my panties.  Then, I pull the gusset to the side, baring my pink slit to him, and he literally shakes a bit, seeing the swollen folds.

“Fuck baby, you’re beautiful,” he rasps.  “But hold on a sec.  We want to get this party started off in style, and that means some cream for you ladies to drink.”

I giggle.

“You know I love cream in my coffee, Dane.  You’ve taught me how to enjoy it after a lot of practice.  But we have no coffee beans at the moment!  Besides, it’s 3 p.m., and it’s getting late.  I don’t want to overdose on caffeine.”

But Ed merely shakes his head as he pours two flutes of champagne.  The bubbly is a clear golden color that resembles precious ambrosia, yet my father only fills each glass halfway.

“No, not coffee,” he rumbles.  “Something else for you girls.”

“But Ed, you know we can’t drink,” Kimber admonishes as she sheds her bra.  Her tits come bouncing out, big and soft, and she too starts circling the nipples with her fingers.  “We’re pregnant!  So I guess that champagne is for you and Dane, right?  Jamie and I will be enjoying apple juice?”

My dad shakes his dark head again, taking in his lush, pregnant bride.

“No, sweetheart.  This is special non-alcoholic champagne that we picked up for the two of you, knowing that you have our children in your bellies.  Not only that, but we have a special something to add to it.  Come on, Dane,” he says to my husband.  “Let’s add the secret ingredient.”

My husband chuckles as he undoes his trousers, pulling his massive shaft out.  His cock is pulsing, rigid, and already dripping with need, making my mouth water.  The nine-inch monster jerks in his fist as he aims the tip at one of the champagne flutes, and begins to tug.

“This is for you, baby,” Dane rasps, making electric eye contact with me.  “You’re going to love how the bubbly tastes with some of my special fluid inside.”

Meanwhile, my dad’s doing the same with the other flute of amber liquid.  He’s pulling and tugging at his cock as Kimber kneels before him, squeezing his balls with one small hand.

“Yes, Ed,” she hisses, her eyes fixed hungrily on my dad’s shaft.  “Give it to me.  I want it.”

Holy shit, this scene is so sordid!  My dad and his best friend are currently in the process of jerking off into two glasses, with the intent on feeding us their cum!  Yet I want it, and I, too, drop to my knees in supplication.

“Yes, Dane,” I whisper to my handsome husband, looking up at him as he pulls and tugs at his member.  “Give me everything.”

Within a minute or two, it happens.  Our men begin to move and grunt, their hips rocking urgently as their hands become a blur.  Dane looks gorgeous jacking off.  His massive shoulders are tense, his abs flexing as those tree-trunk thighs strain.  Then, a roar rips from his throat as he throws his black head back, streams of cum spurting out from his dicktip to splash wildly into the glass flute.

“Yes,” I moan headily, watching as the milky fluid mixes with the amber liquid.  “Ooooh, mmm.”

Meanwhile, my dad’s doing the same with Kimber.  Ed, too, reaches climax, and he shouts something unintelligible as he ejaculates hard into Kimber’s cup, my friend watching greedily as her flute is filled.

“Mmm,” she moans.  “Yummy.  I can’t wait.”

Finally, the two men finish coming, their tips still dripping as they fully empty their balls.  But Kimber and I aren’t waiting until the end.  Instead, we lick our lips and tip the champagne flutes up for our first sips of this magical elixir.

“Oh yes,” I hum, my lashes fluttering shut as I sample the warm, frothy liquid.

“It’s salty, yet sweet too,” Kimber adds naughtily, licking her plush pout so that it glistens with a mix of sparkling cider, saliva, and cum.  “I love it.”

But what we didn’t expect is that this liquid actually is magical, because as Kimber and I kneel, sipping from these cups of love, something incredible happens.  Our breasts grow heavy and swollen, our pussies tingle, and then suddenly, orgasm hits and I scream as I come like a madwoman.

“MMM!” I shriek as my pussy convulses violently, hot drips of cream leaking from my cunt.  “Oh oh oh!”

Kimber’s even crazier.  She takes another sip and then throws her head back and lets out a blood-curling scream.  Meanwhile, her cunt explodes.  Her pussy squirts a clear arc of liquid in the air as she cries and moans with orgasm, rocking a bit with how good she feels.

“Ummm!” my buddy squeals.  “Unh!!!!”

The cacophony is enough to wake the dead, and yet we don’t care. Our men watch with appreciation as us two pregnant ladies climax like banshees, just from drinking their cum.  Even better, Dane and Ed approach afterwards, those blue eyes gleaming with their shafts hard and ready at the mast.

“Do you want more, sweet girl?” my dad hums at his blushing bride.

“Because there’s plenty more if you want it,” Dane adds, his hungry gaze fixed on my lush curves.

I merely smile at my new husband even as my pussy continues to pulse.  But then, ever the dirty girl, I open my mouth and stick out my tongue, ready for another load.

“Yes, Daddy,” I murmur.  “Give it to me on our wedding night because you know I love my cream straight from the source.”

After all, nothing has changed.  Dane seduced me months ago by squirting his cream into my coffee …but now, I’ve learned that I love cream in my champagne just as much.




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