Bonus Scene - The Prince and His Bodyguards



“I’m not sure if I can,” I whisper.  “This might be too difficult.”

My handsome lovers merely gesture for me to come closer.

“It’s not too difficult,” Mizhir rasps, his obsidian eyes glinting in the low light.  “You’ve heard of “Taking a Star” before, haven’t you?”

I nod, even as my pussy and ass clench with excitement on themselves.

“Yes, of course,” I whisper.  “But I wasn’t expecting to get three dicks in my asshole while I ride a cock with my pussy at the same time.  I mean … that’s insane!”

Rizza merely chuckles, his black eyes glinting in the low lights.

“It’s not impossible, and you’ve always been up for a challenge, baby girl.  What’s stopping you now?”

That’s a good question.  My men and I are constantly having depraved sex, and it only got dirtier once we were married.  We stopped using contraceptives too, which added to the heat level, but so far I’m not pregnant yet.  Well, not as far as I know.

But the men are currently lying on their backs in a star-shape of sorts.  Their heads are pointed outwards, and their asses are in the center with their thighs draped over one another.  But it’s not the bronzed skin and acres of muscle that have me shuddering with nervousness and excitement.  It’s the way all four cocks are pressed together at the moment, pointing straight at the sky as they wait for me to sit down.

“Come on, baby,” Ragnar whispers, his blue eyes gleaming.  “Look how my cocks are dripping for you.  Seriously, it’ll only take a little bit of riding, and you’ll be full of baby batter.”

Baby batter?” I squeal with amusement.  “What kind of phrase is that?”

Mizhir grins as he shifts slightly, his cock jostling along the others.

“It’s a dirty phrase, but very apt at the moment because you know we want you pregnant, Ali.  And the only thing that’s going to make that happen is more sex.  Now come over, and sit.”

On quivering knees, I obey.  My breasts feel heavy and my nipples painfully tight, and yet I want it too.  My pussy’s already leaking fluids, and as I stand over them, I reach down and swipe one palm through my nectar before reaching around to moisten my asshole.

“That’s it,” Rizza rasps, watching me complete the dirty act.  “Get yourself all lubed up for the quad-fucking to come.”

With that, I lower myself, knees apart and begin to impale myself on those humongous cocks.  It’s insanely tight because of course, all three men are trying to get into my asshole at once.  But I hold my butt cheeks wide while pushing out with that dirty pucker, and soon, they’ve slid in an inch.

“Mmmph!” I squeal.  “Oh god!”

“Now notch my cock at your pussy,” Ragnar whispers from below me.  “Yessss,” he hisses as I obey.  “Sit down on our fuckpoles and make like you love it, baby.”

I throw my head back, eyes closed, while focusing on where we’re joined.  It’s insane because my butthole feels like it might rip apart at any moment, and I let out a low, throaty groan.  But the men are also groaning beneath me, their hips bucking as they try to restrain themselves.

“Faster,” Rizza begs, his eyes desperate.  “I need to feel that asshole squeezing my cock, baby.”

I let out another wail while pushing myself down further, and finally, I’m fully seated on all four cocks.  Rizza, Mizhir, and Ragnar’s bottom cock are buried in my anal canal, while the prince’s top cock is balls deep in my pussy.  I cry out again, loving the stuffed feeling, and start playing with my nipples while bucking up and down.

“That’s it,” Mizhir rasps, his eyes staring worshipfully up at me.  “Fuck, you’re beautiful, Ali.”

“You’re doing great, sweetheart,” Ragnar adds, his cocks already beginning to jerk inside my two holes.  “We’re going to put our baby in you in no time.”

As if by magic, all three cocks burst then, spurred by the word “baby.”  I come too, loving the feel of four jets of semen spraying me simultaneously, my pussy and ass convulsing as I pull the streams of fluid even deeper within myself.

“Ooooh!” I cry.  “Mmm, yes!”

The three men groan and shout as well, repeating my name as if it’s a sacred chant.

“Ali,” they breathe worshipfully.  “Ali, Ali, Ali.  Our special girl.”

Finally, our orgasms cease and I sit on the men, panting hard with their cocks still buried inside.  I make to get off, but Mizhir shakes his head, refusing to let me leave.

“No, baby.  We’re trying to put a baby in you, remember?  Just sit tight and let our semen seep in.”

It’s such a dirty thing to say, and yet I know his words are true.  As a result, I merely giggle while squeezing my holes on their hard shafts.

“How long should I stay like this?” I mewl saucily.  “Or maybe, how long should we stay like this?”

My three lovers merely grin, their white smiles flashing in the darkness.

“As long as it takes, honey.  What else?”

With that, we all break into laughter because I know that even if the impregnation doesn’t work this time, we’ll give it another thousand tries if that’s what it takes.




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