Bonus Scene - Trapped By The CEO



A year later.

Our daughter, Taylor, is now old enough to sleep through the night, and Logan trails one big hand up my thigh.

“Are you ready to get nasty, baby?” he whispers throatily in my ear.  “I want to try something new tonight.”

I sigh blissfully, spreading my legs.

“Of course,” I murmur.  “You know my body’s yours for you to use like a fucktoy.  Always, Logan.”

My husband’s blue eyes gleam and his fingers move up to slide through my slit, savoring the stickiness there.

“Good because I want to take you on the doghouse tonight.  I still have visions of you stuck in that doggie door, but let’s go one step further, hmm?  Let’s use that new igloo we got for Newton.”

I stop and stare at him, blinking with shock.

“Are you serious?  The blue one that’s shaped like a half-dome?”

My handsome husband smirks. 

“Yeah, the one and the same.  Newton, that rat bastard, isn’t sleeping in it because he’s so fucking stubborn.  But there are some things we can do with his doghouse that will be fun, don’t you think?”

In fact, I don’t think because it never occurred to me when we purchased the new doghouse that we’d be using it for sex games.  It’s a doghouse, for crying out loud!  But before I can open my mouth, my husband’s helping me out of bed and we’re stealing downstairs before entering the yard.  It’s a balmy moonlit night, and sure enough, the doghouse waits by a maple tree in the corner.  Newton’s slumbering away in his old home, which is a wooden structure that looks like a box, but the new one is a plastic igloo that’s about four feet tall with a smooth, circular half-dome.  Even crazier, I see that my husband’s driven stakes all around the perimeter of the structure, and there are ropes with cuffs connected to those stakes.

“You must be kidding,” I say in a slow voice.

“No, I’m not,” Logan murmurs into my ear while slipping my silky robe off my shoulders.  “Now, bend over,” he says, pushing on my lower back.  I do as told, crouching over the doghouse until I’m lying prostrate over the half-dome.  Oooh, the plastic’s a little cold, but the feel of my husband trailing his fingers through my pussy once more makes me heat up immediately.

“Unnh,” I moan, my lashes fluttering shut.  “That feels good.”

Then, cuffs are snapped to my wrists and ankles, and suddenly, I’m chained over the top of the doghouse, both of my holes open and available for Logan to use.

“Be gentle, okay?” I whisper, staring at the handsome man in the darkness.  His blue eyes gleam as that enormous cock drips, the pre-come drooling from his tip wetly.

“I will,” he assures me in a deep rumble.  “But like I said, we’re getting nasty tonight.”

Then, he holds up one of Newton’s bones, gleaming a preternatural white in the darkness.  Again, my mouth drops open.

“Noooo,” is my silent whisper.

But Logan merely shakes his head.

“Yes, baby.  I’ve already cleaned it so it’s good to go.  It’ll feel good, I promise,” he soothes.

But inside, I tremble because that bone must be at least ten inches long, and as thick as a soda can.  I can’t take it in my pussy.  I just can’t.

But Logan merely hocks and then spits on my pussy, working the saliva in with his fingers. 

“Fuck yeah, you’re drenched,” he hisses.  “This is going to be amazing.”

Then, the bone’s positioned at my sweetest spot, and my husband begins easing it into me.  It’s insane.  My pussy lips stretch around the huge head as he pushes it in, watching avidly as my snatch takes inch after inch of this makeshift dildo.

“Unnnnh,” I groan, my cheek pressed against the igloo.  “Oooh!”

“You’re doing so well,” my husband soothes while squeezing an ass cheek with one hand.  “You look so fucking slutty taking a dog bone in your dirty cunt, but I know you want it.”

With one last push, the bone’s embedded all the way in, and we pause for a moment, breathing heavily.  OMG, is this really happening?  Am I strapped down to a doghouse outdoors, with a giant bone buried in my snatch?

It’s true though, and Logan spits again, this time working his saliva into my asshole.

“I know you like double penetration,” he hisses.  “And fuck baby, but you’re getting it tonight.”

With that, he notches his dicktip at my anal opening and I squeal in surprise as he begins to push.

“Yes sweetheart,” Logan whispers in my ear hotly.  “You’re getting assfucked by my cock.  Push out with your bottom like you’re going to the bathroom and it’ll go in easier.”

I want to scream and yell that there are too many things going on at once.  I mean, I’m fucking chained to a doghouse with a bone deep in my pussy while my husband DP’s me in the ass.  But what can I do?  I exist for this man’s pleasure and obediently, I strain outwards.  Sure enough, that huge cock slides right in, and I’m double stuffed both ways.

“Unnnh,” I groan headily.  “Oh shit, I’m crammed so full.”

“And it feels good, doesn’t it?” my husband rasps from behind before drawing out almost to his dicktip and then pressing back in.  I jolt forwards, unable to help it, because he’s so huge and it’s always a surprise taking that enormous rod into my behind.  But it feels amazing, and soon, I’m moaning like a whore as he fucks my bottom.

“Hell yeah,” he grunts, reaching one hand forward to tweak a hard nipple.  “Goddamn you’re so horny that I can feel you creaming onto my balls.”

The dirty talk does it and suddenly, I let out a loud scream as my frame goes stiff.  Then my pussy and asshole contract violently as stars burst before my eyes.

“Aieeee!” I screech, tidal waves of pleasure surging through my cunt.  “Unnnnh!”

The rippling of my asshole does it, and Logan follows immediately after.  His massive cock jerks in my behind, and then spurts gallons of cum deep into my bowels, those big hands grabbing my hips as he reams me deep.

“SHIT!” he screams himself.  “Oh fuck your butt’s tight!”

We convulse and spasm more as pleasure sunbursts through our frames, our bodies joined together in the dirtiest of acts.  But once it ends, it hasn’t really ended because my man is a filthy bastard.  He pulls out, and sure enough, a deep flow of semen splats from my butt onto the grass, but Logan isn’t deterred at all.  Instead, he crouches behind me and begins to lap at my asshole, drinking his cum straight from my back door.

“Logan!” I gasp.  “OMG!”

“It’s fine, baby,” he rumbles behind me before probing my anus with his tongue.  “You know I love the way your butt tastes after it’s been fucked.”

With that, I collapse onto the doghouse, my eyes fluttering shut as I enjoy the anal tongue bath.  After all, Logan and I started our relationship dirty … and we’ll never stop enjoying our sex filthy, nasty, and with a tinge of the taboo.




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