Bonus Scene - Inked With Love



Five years later.

Ever since Dane and I got married, our life has been nothing but rainbows.  I mean that literally because after I got my diploma through the Artists’ Guild, Dane hired me as an associate at his shop, Rose Tattoo.  Now we both work there, and my specialty is rainbows of all types: watercolor, fine brushline, or even in shades of gray, if that’s what the customer wants.

It’s so fulfilling to pursue a career as an artist, even if I never thought it would be through tattoo.  But my husband always wants what’s best for me, and now, after we put the kids to sleep, he comes over and sweeps me into his arms.

“Busy day at the shop today?” he whispers into my ear.

I giggle a bit, my arms slinking about his neck.

“Yes, but not too busy,” I sigh.  “I’m never too busy for shenanigans.”

He laughs hoarsely while nipping at my throat.

“You’re always so dirty, Zoe.  I fucking love it.  And by the way, I discovered those new sketches today.  I wanted to talk to you about those, young lady.”

I feign innocence.

“What sketches?” I ask, eyes wide.

He growls again, one hand snaking down to touch me through my shorts.

“The ones we always keep in a locked drawer in the bedside table.  You know, the ones meant for my eyes only.”

I giggle because those drawings are X-rated.  It would be hell if the kids found them, although of course, our children are still too young to understand what they’re seeing.  But I love expressing myself through my art, and engaging with my husband in this way is just one of the outlets my creative soul needs.

“Which drawing?” I coo into his ear.  “I’m happy to discuss any of them with you.”

Dane grins and takes out a piece of paper from his back pocket.

“This one,” he says, unfolding it.  “This particular sketch caught my eye.”

I gasp while looking at it because its blatant eroticism shocks even me.  I’ve drawn myself, lying on my back with my enormous breasts tipped to the sky, my head tossed back with ecstasy, and my legs wide.  Meanwhile, Dane’s huge cock is making its way inside, but it’s not snaking into my pussy.  Instead, it’s stretching my asshole obscenely, and guessing from the look of sheer bliss on my face, I’m loving it.

“Care to re-enact this one?” my husband growls in my ear.  “As you can tell, I’ve already masturbated to it once or twice.”

It’s true because the paper is now stained and smudged, and I know it’s not from sweat.  It’s from semen, because Dane’s been using it as his personal porn. 

I merely giggle, and gently undo the zip to my shorts, letting them fall to my feet.

“Why, I’d be happy to re-enact this one with you, Mr. Reston.  Let’s get right to it.”

Within seconds, both of us are completely nude, and Dane has me sprawled on my back on the mattress.  He leans forward, biting at my nipples before sliding his tongue down my belly.

“So beautiful, even after three babies,” he breathes.  “So fucking gorgeous.”

I laugh breathlessly because I’ve put on forty pounds since I was eighteen.  Still, my man appreciates my curves, and never seems to get enough.  But then, Dane reaches my pussy and pulls it open with his fingers, admiring the view.

“So fucking pink and swollen, just like I knew you’d be,” he rasps before diving in to suck on my clit.  I cry out, my back half-coming off of the bed, tingles running through my cunt.  Dane licks and sucks me, drinking my nectar like a man desperate for water.  But we’re having anal sex tonight, and he fumbles in the bedside drawer for a moment before coming out with a huge tube of lube.  Gently, he squirts some on his hand and then rubs it over my anal pleats.  The wrinkles contract in anticipation and I moan as he eases a finger in, testing my flexibility.

“Oh babe, you’re so tight,” he groans.  “It’s going to feel amazing inside.”

“Put another finger in,” I mewl.  “I need you to stretch me out.”

He obeys and slowly slips another finger into my back channel, scissoring them so that I get stretched.  Then he pulls them out, and squirts more lube onto his massive dick before pointing the head at my hole.

“Relax,” he growls.  “I’m going to have to work myself into you because you’re so tiny back there, babe, but it’ll feel good, I promise.”

I nod and inhale through my nose.  Then I pull my knees back so that they’re almost up by my ears, and wink my asshole at him a few times flirtatiously.

“Do it,” I say.  “Give it to me, big boy.”

With that, Dane pushes the head of his massive cock in and I wail, feeling like I’m being split in two.

“Relax, relax,” he croons.  “You’re a big girl.  You can do it.”

I moan again, willing my bottom to stop tensing.  After a few breathless moments, Dane tries again, and he slips in another few inches.  I feel like my butt’s being ripped apart, but I love it so much.  My hands slide from my knees to my breasts, and I begin plucking at my nipples.  Hot jolts shoot straight down to my cunt, and I swell down there, the glistening folds leaking a bit.

“That’s right,” Dane murmurs, watching as a trail of wetness slides down my pussy to my ass.  “Let your body coat us.  Girl grool is the best lube.”

The nasty words do it, and within a few seconds, Dane’s buried fully in my behind.  My anal ring clamps and clenches around him, the penetration so shocking.  But my husband merely groans again, looking down at where we’re joined.

“Your asshole’s getting fucked, honey.  Better hold on for the ride.”  With that, Dane pulls back and then fucks deeply back in.  I scream aloud, still fingering my nipples, and then he does it again.  And again.  And again.  It feels so good that I literally see stars, and tremors begin to shake my form.  I let out another wail, my legs spread as my ass gets a deep dicking, and then I can’t take it anymore.  On the next push, I explode on his cock as my bottom convulses violently.

“Shit!” I scream.  “Oh FUCK!”

My husband isn’t far behind.  Dane stiffens, his balls rising as he looks down at me with glowing eyes.  Then he too lets out a roar, and his dick twitches in my anus.  Hot splashes of seed jet into me and my anus soaks it all up, pulling his sperm in fully.

“Oh god,” I moan as we both come down from the high.  “Mmm.”

Dane pulls out and as expected, a huge gush of seed slips from my ass to stain the mattress.

“It’s okay,” he says, chuckling as he strokes his member a few last times.  It’s glistening and huge, and so tasty, even now.  My husband reads my eyes, and he can tell what I want.

“No, sweetheart.  It’s dirty.  It was just in your ass, so you can’t taste it.”

But I’m a fucking filthy girl.  I’m the one who started sketching my husband nude while masturbating when I wasn’t more than eighteen.  Now?  I’m even dirtier than before.

“Please,” I breathe, levering myself onto my elbows.  “Just a little sip.”

With a low growl, Dane comes to stand by my head, holding his dick out as an offering.  And like a bad girl, I lean forward and gently suck at his tip, savoring the scent and taste of my ass on his huge member.  It’s rancid and so disgusting, but I love it, and begin to lower my head, ready to suck the entire thing down.

But my husband pulls back, his eyes still glowing.

“No, baby girl.  I’ll wash it off first, and then you can swallow as much of my semen as you want.”

With that, Dane disappears into the bathroom, and I lie back, smiling to myself while fingering my pussy again.  After all, our relationship sprang from a series of filthy drawings, and obviously, my husband and I are utterly filthy still.




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