Bonus Scene - About Last Night



Six months later, Trevor and I are finally on our honeymoon.  After we got married at Club Elegance, we repeated the ceremony at City Hall before a justice of peace in order to make it legal.  It was the happiest day of my life, although both Jim and Nancy looked a little uncomfortable as our witnesses.

“It’s going to be fine,” I soothed my mom before the ceremony.  “It’ll only take fifteen minutes tops.”

“Oh it’s not that,” she hemmed and hawed.  “It’s just … well, what if Jim hates my guts?”

I smile gently.

“I don’t think he does, Mom.  If anything, I think it’ll be great time to reconnect with your former fiancé.”

And I was right.  After the ceremony, Jim and Nancy started talking, and they’re now exclusively dating.  Don’t ask me what happens if our parents actually get married because that would bring the whole step-sibling issue back into focus.  But I don’t think it matters anymore because Trevor and I are a happily married couple, and we’ve realized that as adults, our parents have their own lives.  It’s not our job to help them find contentment and satisfaction because they have to do it on their own.

But that’s for another day.  There’s no sense in worrying about what could happen because right now, I have the here and now.  After all, my husband and I are in Milan for a belated honeymoon, and it’s amazing because Trevor’s rented a luxurious penthouse suite for us to enjoy. 

I’ve been taking advantage of every amenity.  I went to the pool, the spa, got a massage, and had my hair done.  Not to mention, Trevor and I are spending a lazy afternoon in bed, just enjoying one another’s bodies.  He’s sleeping next to me right now, and my heart flutters while taking in his handsome form.  My husband has broad shoulders, a wide chest, and long, powerful legs. I know just the way to wake him up.

I slide down the crisp white sheets to reveal his swelling cock. Just looking at his wood is enough to give me a shiver of anticipation that goes right down to my clit, and I moisten hungrily.

Leisurely, I lower my mouth to the head of his shaft and begin enjoying the sensation of my tongue stroking its familiar textures.  He’s heavenly – thick and hard, with a tasty bulbous glans and veins I love to trail my tongue along.  Before soon, he stirs and looks down, sleepy eyed with pleasure and amazement. His long fingers lazily stroke my hair.

“Mmm,” he murmurs. “I love it when you wake me up like this, sweetheart. But if I recall from last night, I do believe it’s your turn.”

Trevor slides out from under me and rolls me over, lavishing kisses down my front as he palms my breasts. “Let’s see if you’re as wet as I’m hard,” he murmurs into my navel before his kisses dance down my belly. He laps at my clit, just once, to gauge my reaction.

Of course, I moan out loud, making him chuckle.

“Wow, somebody’s hungry for it,” he murmurs. The subtle vibrations of his voice on my cunt sends tiny shudders of pleasure up my spine. “Let’s hear you beg for it,” he growls.

I know what he wants, and don’t hesitate at all.

“Please eat my pussy,” I mewl, this time threading my fingers through his dark hair. I decide to get cute about the situation. “Oh, please, my big strong hunk of a husband,” I say in an overdramatic voice, “have thy way with me and ravish my precious maidenhood.”

Trevor just laughs.

“Someone’s been reading too many cheesy romance novels in search of love quotes for her husband,” he smirks as he kneads and massages the tender hood of my clit with one insistent finger. “And I’m pretty sure that maidenhood is long taken care of.”

“Are you sure?” I tease him. “Maybe you should check again, just for safety’s sake.”

“If milady insists,” he says as he lifts his mouth from my cunt to back up a little more.  Slowly he lifts my legs over his shoulders and manually parts my pussy lips with his thumbs, looking at the hot pink slit within. 

“Mmm, baby, no, I don’t see a hymen.  But maybe my eyes are failing me.  Let me try to find it with my tongue,” he murmurs, before bending forwards and licking up inside my cunt.  The sensation is overwhelming and I cry out, clutching his shoulders.

“Oh god,” I moan, as his tongue strokes up against my walls, alternately licking and biting my clit before teasing my hole.  Trevor always makes me so crazy, and in response, a hot gush of liquid drenches his chin. 

At that, my gorgeous husband climbs up, his face wet with my liquids.  “No, I didn’t find a hymen sweetheart.  But since we’re on the topic, if you’re researching slutty quotes, I’d love to hear something like, ‘Give me all ten inches, big boy.’”

I open my mouth to laugh but before any sound comes out he’s treating me to that ten inches as deep as it will go inside my pussy. My laugh turns into a squeal of delight as I grind my hips against his, begging for more.

“Yes,” I pant.  “I’m your slutty slut.”

He growls, those blue eyes seizing mine even as he pounds harder.

“That you are, my sweet wife.  You’re my slutty ho, and I love it.”

We know so much about each other’s bodies now that it barely takes any time to trigger my gushing climax.

“Oh!” I cry out, tossing on the sheets as my pussy spasms uncontrollably.  “Oh shit!”

“Naughty girl,” he rumbles in my ear even as fluids run all over his dick and thighs.  “Soaking the sheets like that.”

I used to get embarrassed about squirting but that’s before I realized how much Trevor adores it. He’s being calm, but I can tell my intense orgasm has turned him on. His cock swells to a titanic size inside me, and from the way he’s pounding into me, I know that he’s just about to come too.

But instead of erupting, my man pulls out and aims his dick lower, nudging my back folds.  My eyes fly open with shock.  Of course, we’ve done anal before, but does he really want it now?  Right when he’s about to come?

Trevor nods.

“Take it, my little butt slut.  You can do it.”

With that, he eases the head into my back hole, and my eyes close with the sensation.  Oh god, it’s so tight and yet so fucking nasty too.  I moan, rubbing my nipples, and that seems to help a little.  My butt loosens a bit, and he’s able to slide the full ten inches in.

“Yeah, you’re my little slut,” he croons before capturing my mouth in a kiss.  “Your tight anus always eats up my dick so good.”

With that, the heavy slide begins.  He owns my ass and before I know it, I’m exploding with a second orgasm, this time with his cock in my bottom.

“Oh god,” I moan.  “I love it so much.  I love you, Trevor.”

He grows rigid, and then his dick jerks in me before blasting me with hot, bubbly semen.

“I love you too, sweetheart,” he groans into my neck as gallons of sperm are dumped in my ass.  “Forever.”

With that, we stay in each other’s arms as our bodies merge in completion.  After all, this is the man for me, and I’m the woman for him.  We met in a sex club, which is unusual, but every couple has their own story, and this is ours.  We won’t be sharing it with the entire world, but why does it really matter?  After all, couples meet in all sorts of different settings now.

What’s more important is that our love is one hundred percent real.  The fact that my mom and his dad almost got married seems like a trivial point now.  The fact that we almost became step-siblings is a thing of the past, and even if it happens, it won’t bother us anymore.  Trevor and I have merged our hearts, lives, and bodies, and together, we’ll chart a path forward.



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