Bonus Scene - Pregnant and Desperate



Ryder strides towards me, his blue eyes gleaming. 

“Are you ready, sweetheart?”

I giggle while lifting my breasts up with my hands, cupping each creamy sack lovingly.

“You know I’m ready,” I coo.  “Why, are you thirsty?”

He grunts, settling that huge mass into the vee between my legs.

“I’m always thirsty when it comes to drinking your milk, baby,” he rasps.  “Thank fuck you’re producing.”

I merely titter again while he gets comfortable because this is something that my man and I enjoy together.  Even though I haven’t given birth yet, I’ve already begun lactating a bit.  It happens to some women and while I can’t control it, I can say that having Ryder’s hungry lips on my nipples stimulates the milk production, and more often than not, he’ll be able to nurse heartily once the flow gets going.

I know the act is filthy and rancid.  After all, how many grown men like to drink from their lover’s breasts?  But this is something that we enjoy doing together, and who knows how long it will last?  After the baby’s born, of course I’m going to breast feed, but at some point, my milk will dry up.  Until then, Ryder’s been sipping my milk almost every night and it turns me on so much.

Gently, my man lowers his head to one bright pink crest, already rigid with anticipation.

“Fuck you’re beautiful,” he growls, breathing hotly over the tight nub before pulling it into his mouth.  Immediately, powerful jolts run straight from my nip to my cunt and my head tips back with a breathless sigh.

“Mmm, that feels good,” I moan.

“You taste good,” he mutters, palming my other tit with his big hand.  I giggle breathlessly because I can see that his shaft is already at full mast and utterly rigid.  It’s a piece of massive wood against his belly, and I reach down to catch it in my small palm, squeezing as he moans around my nipple.

“Fuck yeah,” Ryder gasps.  “Unh.”

I merely squeeze more, running my small palm up and down that slippery rod as he continues to nurse.  He’s leaking wetly from the tip now, and I rub the semen into the skin of his shaft, greasing it up as he grows even harder under my ministrations.

Meanwhile, Ryder’s busy too.  The big man pops off my nipple before turning his attention to the other one, fastening his mouth on my pink crest and then taking a few long, deep pulls.

“Fuck yeah,” he moans throatily.  “Your cream’s so sweet, honey.  Who knew that I’d have a hucow on my hands when we first got together?”

I merely giggle.  Hucow means “human cow” and while it isn’t exactly the sexiest term out there, it does accurately describe what I am at the moment.

“I know,” I murmur.  “Milk me, Daddy.  Relieve me of the ache in my tits.”

But even as Ryder suckles, there’s so much cream that it escapes from his mouth, trailing down the underside of my breast and slipping over my belly before sliding into my vag.  I moan and shift my thighs apart a bit, letting the hot milk seep into my folds and Ryder pops off once more to gently caress my clit, slicking it up with the liquid.

“Fuck,” he groans.  “Hell yeah.”

Then, he fastens his mouth to my nipple again while sliding two big fingers up into my twat.  I cry out with ecstasy, my pussy already beginning to contract.  Pregnancy’s made me extra-horny, and I need sex several times a day now just to stay satisfied.  Fortunately, Ryder’s more than happy to accommodate my needs and often gives it to me in the morning before he goes to work; at lunch when he comes home to eat; and then before and after dinner too.  I swear, life has never been so wonderful.  All I do these days is eat, sleep, get fucked, and produce milk for my man, and I’ve never been so happy before.

But the finger-fucking in my vag, not to mention the deep draws of milk from my breasts, are beginning to push me towards the edge and I twist under Ryder’s ministrations while panting.

“Ohhh,” I moan.  “I’m almost there.”

His dick flexes in my hand in response as his pulls of milk grow more powerful.

“Then let go, sweetheart,” he mutters against my breast.  “Come for me, baby.”

At his words, I erupt.  My back arches as I scream aloud, seized by a mighty spasm in my cunt.  Then the whole world goes white as my pussy convulses again and again, so hard that Ryder’s fingers are practically cracked in half.

“Oh!” I scream.  “Fuuuuuck!”

Ryder just shoves his fingers in deeper while increasing the suction of his mouth.  But his balls rise even as his cock stiffens in my hand, the pulse at the base powerful and strong.  Then, his cumshoot ripples and suddenly, Ryder erupts in my hand.

“Fuck!” he roars.  “Shit!”

Hot semen shoots out in an arc all over my thighs, stomach and pussy as he ejaculates, each pulse furious with need.  I’m lashed with trails of white and yet it feels so good and makes me so horny too.  My pussy pulses even more, snapping and clamping on his fingers as we come together, smeared in my milk and his sticky semen.

Finally, our climaxes subside a bit, and Ryder pulls his fingers out of my used twat with an obscene sucking sound before pressing one last kiss to my nipple.  I let go of his penis, my fingers practically stuck together because there’s so much jizz, and he makes to move away, but I stop him.

“Oh no need to go to the bathroom,” I coo.  “I’ll clean you up.”

Then, like the slut I am, I bend and suck Ryder’s flaccid cock into my mouth, enjoying the taste of his sperm.  It’s wonderful.  I’m coated in semen, breast milk, and pussy fluid while sucking on my man’s cock, and this was the life I was born to lead.  Some women want riches, power, and a satisfying career, but all I want is my lover’s cock in my mouth, and I’ll be satisfied.




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