Bonus Scene - Taking His Punishment



I can’t believe this is happening.  I’m hugely pregnant and yet my boyfriend expects me to put these giant dildos in me?  Reading my mind, Bridge grins and nods while stripping off his shirt.

“Hell yeah, baby girl.  I know you can do it because let’s face it honey.  You’re a slut.”

I nod, still staring at the giant toys.

“Yes, but I’m pregnant!” I whisper.  “I don’t want to hurt the baby and look at these monsters.  They’re going to be knocking against my cervix.  Maybe he’ll get head trauma or tinnitus from being conked on the noggin.”

By now, Bridge has pulled off his jeans and I pause for a moment, merely taking in that thick shaft as he palms it with one hand.  It’s dripping already, the head wet and slick from pre-cum, and as I watch, a pearl beads at the tip before dropping off to land in a gooey string on the floor.

“You’ll be fine,” my lover rasps, blue eyes fierce.  “Take the dildos in your butt if you’re afraid of hurting the baby, although I know he or she will be just fine either way.”

I gasp again.

“Are you serious?  Anal penetration?”

Bridge merely grins again, still stroking his shaft.

“Hell yeah, baby.  You take me in your ass all the time now, so this shouldn’t be any different.”

He’s right because we engage in anal sex a lot these days.  But it’s because nothing makes my nausea subside quite like a heavy bout of bottom-banging, and that’s why I want it.  Bridge merely smirks again while gesturing with one hand at the set-up.

“Come on, sweetheart.  Up you go.  I know you can do it.”

Slowly, I nod as my hands undo the buttons to my maternity blouse.  The sheer fabric floats off my shoulders, and then Bridge helps me step out of my elastic waist pants, before unbuckling my bra and pulling my lacy panties down my thighs.

“Now that’s my girl,” he rasps, leaning forward to suck my clit with gentle lips. “I know you want it.”

I throw my head back and gasp a bit, but my man merely shifts around to crouch behind me before pulling my ass cheeks apart.  Then he pushes his tongue into my anus before pulling out to lap hungrily at my asshole.

“Fuck, I love the taste of your ass,” he grunts.  “The musky tang is fantastic.”

I want to stay like this forever as he laps at my dirty pleats, making me moan, but Bridge pulls back then before helping me over to the bench.  My man literally brings me over to the first one, spreading my ass cheeks over the flat head, before pushing down on my back.

“There you go,” he moans, watching as the tip begins to breach my anus.  “Fuck this is dirty.  Lean forward, baby girl.  I want to see all of it.”

I do as told, leaning forward almost at a ninety degree angle with my hands clutching the wooden bench so that he can watch as the dildo sinks into my ass.  It feels so good and I’m so stretched that I cry out, my lashes fluttering closed.

“Unnh!  Oh!”

But after a moment or so, Bridge helps me back up.

“That one was easy,” he growls.  Too easy.  It was only four inches so it wasn’t even a challenge for a slut like you.  Come on, onto number two.”

Then, he’s helping me straddle the second dildo, this one at least seven inches long.  Again, my man literally reaches between my legs to spread my ass cheeks wide before guiding that huge helmet to my anus.  Then, the pressure begins once more and I strain mightily until there’s an audible popping sound.  Fuck!  The dildo’s breached my sphincter, and with a firm hand, Bridge pushes my ass down until my rectum’s totally filled with the girthy toy.

“Fuck,” I grunt.  “Unnnh!”

“Hell yeah,” my boyfriend rasps.  “What a butt slut.  Look at how hungry your anus is.”

I know what he’s referring to because the pink hole of my ass is like a suction.  Whenever a shaft exits my rim, the rosy flesh clings to it, as if begging it to stay.  It’s a dirty sight, and Bridge has videotaped the phenomenon before just to show me.

But now, I need more than seven inches, and I stare at the final toy, the largest of the bunch.  It’s got to be at least ten inches, but I’ve already taken the first two, so how hard can this one be?

“Oh,” I moan, my voice trailing off as I grind a bit. “Mmm, I need more!”

“I know,” my boyfriend rasps.  “But take your time with this one.”

Giggling, I bounce a bit, putting on a show for the handsome man as my ass is penetrated again and again. I even fondle my breasts as the dildo does its business. I’ve never felt so turned on in my life and pant harshly, enjoying the deep butt-fucking.

But I’m a girl who likes challenges, and unbidden, I stand and let this toy slip out of my butt before scooting forwards to address the last toy of the lot.  Without needing any encouragement whatsoever, I notch the tip at my back end and then throw my head back while lowering myself on the black monster.  It feels like it’s breaking my ass in half, but I grunt loudly, straining hard.

“I can feel it stretching me out,” I moan with pleasure.  “Unnhh fuck!”

“That’s a good girl. I want you to take the whole thing. Show me what you can do.”

Squeezing my eyes shut, I focus on the burning sensation in my ass.  It flares, but then the pain subsides, and I manage to take the toy inch by inch into my rear end until I’m sitting on the bench, the full dildo pressed into my rectum.

“Fuck, Renee,” says Bridge in a harsh voice, his cock looking about ready to spurt now. “I knew you could do it.”

But I want my boyfriend to be in on the action too, so with a coy smile, I lift my legs up and wide, leaning back to show him my pussy hole.  Then, I pull my glistening lips wide, inviting him in.

“You want to take me here, Daddy?  This hole is still empty at the moment.”

Bridge doesn’t even hesitate.  He kisses me, and then lines his huge cock up with my opening. Even though I’m still crammed full with the dildo, I know I can accommodate him.

“Don’t worry,” Bridge says, kissing my chin, then my neck. “We’ll go slow.  You can do it.”

Ever man of his word, Bridge eases himself into me until I really am stuffed full of cock.  My legs wrap around his waist to pull him in closer as both my ass and pussy clench, spasming on the two hard rods inside.

“You feel so good,” I moan.  “Unnnh!”

Bridge plays with my breasts as he pulls out completely, pushing in slowly once more.

“Fuck yeah, you’re the one who feels good, baby,” he rasps.

But now, my hands are clawing at his broad back.

“Faster,” I beg. “I can take it!”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, please, I need it.  I need to be double-fucked!”

With that, Bridge begins to slam into me over and over again, the bench rocking violently with each thrust.

“Fuck baby,” he rasps.  “Oh shit.”

“Oh, yes, oh yes, oh YES!” I cry out.  Suddenly, stars burst before my eyes as my two holes pulse with ecstasy, milking the hard cocks inside.  Violent ripples shoot through my form and a hot rush of female juice gushes out to coat his cock in my pleasure.

But Bridge has also rocketed to the heavens, and he lets out a conquering roar as his fuckrod jerks and then shoots deep inside me.

“FUCK!” he screams.  “Holy shit!”

With another thrust and a moan, he pumps me full of virile semen.  There’s so much that it literally flows from between our bodies, mixing with my gooey honey.  We pulse and moan for what feels like hours, but is probably only a few minutes until the climax subsides.

When Bridge pulls away, I giggle. “Well, I wasn’t expecting that.  I thought it’d be straight sex, and not double penetration.”

He grins and kisses me. “No worries, honey.  I know you’re always game, especially for the nasty shit.”

I giggle.

“I am, aren’t I?”

My boyfriend merely kisses me again before reaching forward to pat my bulging belly.

“Especially now that you’re pregnant,” he adds in a low tone.  “You’re a horny little slut, but you’re my horny pregnant slut.”

I merely beam while my head lolls back, my entire body relaxed.

“Yes, Bridge.  I’m yours.”

After all, the words are true.  We belong to one another, and our minds are always joined, even as our bodies pulse together on the waves of ecstasy.




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