Bonus Scene - Pregnant and Willing



Ten years later.

It’s been ten years since Damon and I first got together, and it’s been a heavenly decade.  After all, our wildest dreams have come true because now, Damon and I are now parents to ten children:  Paddy, Liam, Siobhan, Rose, Lily, Cornelius, Sean, Angus, Saoirse, and Ciara.  Yes, I’ve been pregnant ten times in as many years, and as a result, I pretty much always have a baby in my belly.

But my husband and I are over the moon with delight, and fortunately, Damon is a wealthy man so he’s able to keep our family in luxury.  We left NYC and bought a huge house in Westchester with twelve bedrooms and just as many bathrooms.  There’s an enormous garden (it’s more like a park) out back, and of course, we have nannies to help with our pack.  It wouldn’t be possible any other way.

Of course, I stay at home with our kids because someone needs to manage our three nannies, not to mention the kids and the household staff.  But my husband makes sure I’m paid for my time, if not with money, then in other ways.  At the moment, we’re alone in our bedroom and I’m not even going to question where our children are.  They’re safe and sound, and this privacy is much-needed.

“Mmm,” I moan as he kisses down my neck, trailing his tongue across my collarbone.  “That feels good.”

Damon chuckles low in his throat.

“That’s good baby because you’re an amazing mommy, and I want to show how much I appreciate you.”

I giggle.

“I know you appreciate me, Damon.  You don’t have to say it.”

He laves his tongue over one pink nipple.

“Oh, but I want to say it, Christine.  And I want to show my appreciation too.”

He kisses my nipple again while massaging my other breast with his left hand, and the sensation is fabulous.  I moan breathily beneath his touch, and then to his satisfaction, my milk begins to flow.  It’s second nature for my body now.  I’ve been pregnant so many times, and nursed so many children, that I can pretty much produce milk on command at any time.

“Mmmm,” I moan again.  “Do you want a sip?”

Damon licks at my nipple, tasting the fluid, before settling down for a suck.

“Damn right I do,” he rasps.  “Fuck you taste so good, honey.  I swear your milk gets sweeter each time.”

I giggle because it could be true.  When I was single, I’d eat crazy things like Cheese Doodles and drink unhealthy sodas like Diet Cola which probably wreaked havoc on my metabolism.  But since meeting Damon, I’ve changed my diet completely and now consume nutritious meals made of premium ingredients, all concocted by our personal chef.  So it’s completely possible that my milk’s become sweeter and creamier as the years have gone by.

“I’m glad you like it,” I giggle.  “But tell me how my other flavors taste too.”

Damon knows what I mean and pops off my nipple before squeezing my breast fondly once again.

“Will do, honey,” he rasps while scooting down my naked body.  “Spread your legs, baby because I’m going to taste your fresh cream now.”

With that, I raise my calves and hook my arms beneath my knees so that I’m spread open wide for his perusal.  Damon’s blue eyes flare as he takes in my soft, poochy belly and the silvery stretch marks running along my hips and thighs.

“Did I mention how gorgeous you are?” he asks, trailing a finger over a stretch mark.  “These are the badges of a warrior queen.”

I giggle.

“If you say so.  But now, drink Daddy.  Tell me how it tastes.”

His face is between my thighs in a moment, and my man laps hungrily at my female nectar.  My clit pulses beneath his touch and I let out a breathy “ohhhhhh!” as he begins sucking on the turgid flesh.

“Mmm,” I pant.  “Oh shit!”

“You have gotten sweeter down here as well,” he rasps with a grin before rolling my hips up even further.  “But let me see if it extends even to your butt.”

Then, my man’s licking my back hole while thrusting his tongue into my anus.

“Damon!” I cry out, shuddering with pleasure.  “You know there’s no milk down there for you!”

“Doesn’t matter,” he grins.  “I like how your ass tastes just the same, sweetheart.”

By now, I need to be fucked badly, and my husband knows.  He rears up over me, his tip dripping with seminal fluid and I smile invitingly while spreading my pussy open.

“Get your dick wet in here, and then put it in my ass as well,” I breathe.  “But be sure to finish in my bottom otherwise I’ll be pregnant again in the blink of an eye.”

“Of course,” Damon growls, his blue eyes flashing.  “Anything the lady wants.”

Then, he enters me fully in one swift stroke and we both cry out with pleasure.

“Fuuuuuck!” he groans, his pupils dilating.  “Shit, you feel good!”

I merely nod and squeeze my pussy hard around his shaft, doing everything I can to make him feel good.

“Keep going,” I beg. “Mmmm!”

Damon takes another few strokes, both of us groaning as our flesh slaps together.  My husband always makes me feel so full, and my hands scrabble at his chest as I’m practically split in two.  Meanwhile, his breathing becomes ragged as he strains above me, those blue eyes flashing with lust.

“Fuck baby,” he rasps.  “I’m going to come.”

But that’s when my eyes fly open and I grab onto his shoulders.

“But you said you’d pull out!  Pull out, Daddy, pull out!  You know I’m not on birth control right now!’

After all, I just gave birth to our tenth child six months ago, and I haven’t had time to go to the doctor for a prescription yet.  But Damon ignores me, those blue eyes flashing.

“No baby girl,” he rasps.  “You know how I like it.  I want you pregnant and heavy with my child again asap – AHHHHH!” he screams while ejaculating heavily into my pussy.  “Fuck yeah!”

I come too, soaring over the edge as my husband fills me with semen.  My pussy sucks it up, and the contractions are so powerful that I can feel the seminal fluid being pulled deeper into my fertile fields.

“Oh my God!” I moan helplessly while twisting my nipples.  “Oh shit!”

Finally, we both relax, panting heavily with our skin sheened with sweat.  But Damon doesn’t pull out.  Instead, he stays firmly plugged in me, and I know what he’s doing.

“You’re acting as a bottle stopper, aren’t you?” I ask.  “You want your seed to stay in there as long as possible so that I get pregnant with number eleven.”

“I do,” he grins.  “Not only that, but put your legs up, sweetheart.  Here, I’ll help you.”  Then, without removing himself, he helps me lever my legs so that they’re pointing straight up in the air so that my hips are tilted up and his male seed can’t escape.

“Perfect,” he growls before pressing a kiss to my ankle.  “Let’s wait like this for ten minutes because I want you heavy with my child once more, Christine.”

I make a face at him.

“Only once more?  You promise?”

The rascal merely grins.

“I’m not promising anything.”

I giggle as well.

“Then I guess you’re lucky because you have a wife who’s pregnant and willing.”

It’s true too.  Damon and I have found happiness beyond our wildest dreams together, and I’d love to be pregnant again … and again… and again for as long as my handsome husband wants.




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