Bonus Scene - 3 Times the Heat



Six months later.

“Just put it on,” I scold as I slather sunscreen all over Jamison’s back. “You’re the one who insisted on coming out to the middle of the desert to have a picnic, so you should be giving me the least amount of lip! I’m just trying to protect your skin, big guy.  Trust me, you’ll be thanking me tomorrow when you wake up without a sunburn.”

Jamison rolls his eyes, even as I sensually run my hands over his sculpted back, over those broad shoulders, and then down the heavy slabs of his pecs.

“Goodness, someone’s been working out,” I smile.

He grins.

“It’s all for you, baby.  I need to keep myself fit for our insatiable girlfriend.”

I giggle because it’s true.  Even though I gave birth six months ago, I still haven’t lost the horniness that characterized my pregnancy.  Even after delivering our precious daughter, Natalia, I still need my three boyfriends 24/7, and never let them forget it.

But today, we’re enjoying a day hiking while Natalia’s cared for by a babysitter.  The sun’s bright and the blue sky so clear that it looks almost too blue.  Meanwhile, I huff and pout, and the three men laugh before begrudgingly rubbing the rest of their sunscreen in.

“Today’s outing is something different,” Jamison defends himself with a chuckle. “It’s not every day that we pay the desert a visit, is it? And it was my turn to choose our date, so I don’t want to hear any complaining! I didn’t complain when you made us sit through an opera last Saturday, did I?”

I narrow my eyes at him, trying to hold back my giggle as he tickles my side, but I fail and a large smile breaks out on my face as I squirm away from his wriggling fingers. “It was a nice opera!” I grumble defensively while swatting his hands away and hiding behind Chris.  “The soprano was vibrant, and the tenor … oooh!  Utterly to die for.”

“Maybe,” he shrugs with a smirk. “I slept through most of it, though, so I couldn’t tell you.”

“You’re horrible,” I scowl. 

“Yeah, he’s terrible,” Chris agrees as he reaches back to pat my thigh.

“Oh, hush, I know you were sleeping too,” I roll my eyes. “I could hear you snoring behind me the whole time.”

“That was Dane!”

“Don’t bring me into it,” Dane holds his hands up in defense before pulling me closer and holding up a chocolate-covered strawberry. “Because I want nothing to do with this spat.  Now open, sweetheart.”

I do, humming happily as he plops the strawberry into my mouth.  Chris and Jamison groan, immediately beginning to talk over one another as they scramble to find some other food to feed me.

“Here, these kabobs are a lot better than the strawberries.  Isn’t strawberry your least favorite fruit anyways? Dane may not have remembered, but I did,” Chris smirks as he pushes a kabob into my hand.

“Doesn’t chocolate cake sound much better than kabobs right now?” Jamison questions, holding a spoonful of cake up to my lips. “Who packs kabobs for a picnic lunch anyways?  Open.”

“She can’t have cake before she’s eaten any real food,” Chris interjects.

“See? This is why you have to like me more,” Jamison smirks. “Chris cares more about nutrition than your happiness.”

“I do not,” Chris scowls.

I huff and put my hands on my hips in mock exasperation.

“How is it that you guys are so much older than me and yet you behave like children?” I ask in a stern voice as I move away from them and settle myself in Dane’s lap. They both let out loud groans of disapproval as I hold my kabob up to Dane’s lips, and he grins as I begin feeding him.

“Delicious,” he hums after taking a bite.

“Of course,” I say with a smile. “I made them.”

“Well, aren’t you two just adorable?” Jamison grumbles. “I wish I had someone to be all lovey-dovey with, but I guess my girlfriend is too preoccupied at the moment…”

“Don’t be like that,” I wave him off easily. “You’ll have your turn.”

“I should be having my turn now since I’m your favorite,” he grumbles under his breath.

“You continuing to say that doesn’t make it true,” Dane rumbles.  “Seriously, bro.  Repeating words like that isn’t a good look.”

“Well, it’s true!” Jamison huffs before looking at me again. “Remember our last date, Tamara? Our last one-on-one date?”

A wide smile takes over my face as I nod my head.

“Yeah, it was so much fun!” I practically squeal as I think back on it.  It was fun too.  Jamison took me out on a week-long yacht trip so that we could bond, just the two of us. It was relaxing, not to mention incredibly romantic.  There was a staff of twelve on the yacht, including a personal chef who cooked five-course meals for us every night.

“Candlelit dinners underneath the twinkling stars. Late night swimming lessons that turned into the two of us making love until the early hours of the morning,” Jamison sings as he grabs my free hand and presses a kiss to the back of it. “Now if that wasn’t the epitome of romance then I don’t know what is. You can’t tell me it wasn’t the best date you’ve ever been on.”

“It was really great,” I nod, beaming as I let out a blissful sigh. “I don’t remember ever feeling that relaxed in my life.  That trip was basically like therapy, and I got to see a whole new side of you during it too.  Totally worth it.”

Jamison nods proudly before Chris interjects.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m sure it was a great time, but our last date was pretty amazing too, wouldn’t you say, Tams?” the dark man asks with a quirk of his brow. “Remember? Our trip to Paris.”

“Of course I do because it was only two months ago,” I giggle. “Although it feels a lot longer than that because I really want to go back. I loved the City of Light.”

“Yep,” Chris grins proudly. “Now that was the epitome of romance. I took Tams to visit the Eiffel Tower during a starry, moonlit night, and hired a talented musician to help me serenade her.”

“And we got to visit the Louvre, which is, like, a billion times more impressive in person than I ever could have imagined!” I gush. “And we visited the Luxembourg Gardens and it literally felt like something straight out of a Disney movie.   The place was utterly magical.  Seriously, straight out of a dream.”

“And in between all the sightseeing, we had nasty, dirty, filthy sessions in bed,” Chris smirks like he’s the king of the world. “Something about Paris really seems to turn our lady on.  Could it be the croissants?  The pain au chocolat?  The marvelous Parisian gateaux?”

“Oh stop it,” I blush, waving him off.  “You’re being ridiculous.”

Dane snorts. “Please, buddy.  Pastries?  That’s pathetic.  I don’t need to take Tams out on a fancy vacation in order to be her favorite because I happen to own the best hotel in the world,” he brags as Chris and Jamison groan, grumbling under their breath.

“Here we go again.”

“Can’t we go a day without this asshole stroking his own ego?”

Dane merely shrugs.

“I can take our girlfriend out on fancy dinner dates, on a late night swim in a gigantic pool, or to shop at fancy luxury stores–all within the perimeters of the Merovingian,” he smirks. “Plus, we can have spa days together at the hotel spa and enjoy musical acts and other entertainment in the theater whenever we want, without having to deal with the inconvenience of packing and taking a long and tiring flight.”

“This sounds like one big advertisement rather than proof of you being her favorite,” Chris grumbles.  I giggle as Dane growls and turns to me.

“Tamara, you enjoy spending time with me in the hotel, right?”

“Of course,” I nod honestly. “It’s really nice and I wouldn’t get tired of spending time with you there, or anywhere, for that matter.  The Merovingian is where I live, after all.”

Chris and Jamison groan again, pretending to gag as Dane grins and gives me a peck on the lips.

“See? The lady loves it! And besides, the best thing about spending so much time in my hotel is that we can have fun wherever we want,” he smirks. “In the penthouse or any other room that we so please, in the elevators, in my office–”

“Alright, alright, they get the point!” I squeak, fanning my face in an effort to cool my burning cheeks. I can’t help but shiver as I think back on all the times the two of us went back to Dane’s office for some X-rated naughty times.  I swear, his secretary can barely look me in the eye these days.  But I rid myself of those thoughts because I can’t be thinking like that while we’re in the middle of a damn desert!

Meanwhile, Jamison chuckles and Chris shakes his head as he claps Dane on the back. “You’re just too full of yourself and your hotel.”

Dane laughs along with them, and I giggle as he nods his head.

“You might be right.  Can you blame me for being obsessed?  The Merovingian is my baby.  After our daughter Natalia, of course.”

“Of course,” Jamison sighs as he turns his attention back to me. “So it turns out that we’re all great. But which one of us do you really like the best? Go on, you can be honest,” he wiggles his brows. “I know it’s me!” he whispers.

“You know my answer is the same as always,” I snicker. “I don’t have a favorite! Really–it’s true!” I say as they all begin groaning with disappointment. “I like you all the best! I mean, I’m having the time of my life with each of you and all of you make me feel so special.  I feel like a princess when I’m with you guys, and honestly, I’ve never been happier. And I think that’s because I’m with all of you, not just one,” I blush.

“Aw,” they croon, and I try to hide my face behind my hands as they start pinching my ass and teasing me with wet kisses.

“Well, we’re really lucky to have you too, sweetheart,” Chris grins once they’ve settled down a bit. “I mean, especially after the way things went before the relationship officially started. I’m still ashamed that we tried to make you an offer like that.  We were treating you like fuck meat at best, which is no way to treat a woman.”

“Yeah, and speaking of,” Dane says with a teasing smile. “I have a surprise in the back of the car that I think you guys are going to love. I’ll be right back!”

Then, he gets up.  We exchange confused looks as we watch Dane jog off in the direction of the car. I’m not sure what the surprise is, but he has to be up to no good if he was wearing that shit-eating grin of his!

When Dane comes back, I see that I was right and my eyes widen as I catch sight of what he’s holding. Chris chokes on his spit and Jamison bursts into a fit of laughter as Dane sets the three dolls that I ‘gifted’ them with up beside us.  Blondie, Ginger, and Chestnut are just as obscene as ever.  The nude, life-size sex dolls smile with open mouths as their breasts bobble under the harsh sun.  Not only that, but their assholes and pussies glisten under the sunlight as their legs splay open.

“Dane, what the hell, man?” Jamison cackles. “You kept those things?”

Dane shrugs his broad shoulders.

“I never got rid of them because I forgot about them for a while,” he rumbles, chuckling as I poke at Chestnut’s left breast.  It springs back like a rubber ball.  I’m almost jealous!

“I can’t believe this,” Chris laughs and shakes his head as he plays with Ginger’s red locks. “We haven’t seen these girls in a while.  But why are they here?”

Dane shrugs.

“I thought we could have some fun with them,” he growls, reaching between Blondie’s legs to spread her pussy hole open.  “I even pre-lubed the girls, so that we can take as many liberties as we want.”

The men pause, looking at me.

“Would you mind, sweetheart?”

I shake my head.

“Not at all, gentlemen.  Go right ahead.  I want to watch you with these ladies anyways.  Use them like the fucktoys that they are.”

Immediately, the three of them get to work.  Within seconds, their clothes are off, and Dane’s pushing his cock into Blondie’s open, accommodating mouth.  Meanwhile, Jamison mounts Chestnut like she’s a spirited pony, while Chris eases his huge rod into Ginger’s tight asshole.

“Fuck,” he grunts.  “Oh shit.”

Soon, my three boyfriends are fucking the three sex dolls like men on a mission.  Pure masculine energy fills the desert air, and within ten minutes, all three have climaxed.  They pull out of the dolls, jizz oozing from the girls’ holes like creamy, overflowing milkshakes.

“Oh shit,” Dane huffs.

“Goddamn,” Chris agrees.

“Good call with the pre-lube,” Jamison pants.  “That saved us some time.”

Then, we get back to the picnic like nothing’s happened, except that we have three violated, life-size dolls leaking with semen next to us.  But it’s easy to ignore them.  In fact, the picnic is nice because despite being out in the desert, it’s not as hot as it could be. The four of us continue laughing and sharing stories as we finish our food, and my men continue playfully fighting over me until it’s time for us to head back to the city.

We gather our trash and the picnic blanket and put them back into our basket before making our way to the car.  Just as the trunk closes, however, it suddenly hits me!   Nobody picked up the sex dolls, so Chestnut, Ginger, and Blondie are still lying in the sand looking utterly fucked-up.  With a quiet gasp, I immediately turn to head back, but Jamison catches me with an arm wrapped around my waist.

“Where are you trying to escape off to?” he chuckles.

“We left the dolls!” I explain. “I’ll just go get them–”

“No,” Dane shakes his head. “I think they’re right where they need to be.”

“What?” I furrow my brow, letting out a confused laugh as I look at him. “What do you mean?”

My three lovers exchange a look.

“Tamara, there’s been something on the three of our minds for a while now.  Something that we’ve been wanting to tell you,” Dane growls, his expression serious.

“You know that we cherish you,” Chris says after clearing his throat. “We appreciate everything that you are, Tamara, and especially the beautiful daughter you’ve given us.  And more than that…we love you.”

My eyes widen and my mouth falls open before I can stop it. My boyfriends have never said those three words to me before, and I wasn’t sure whether they ever would because I know it’s a really big step.  But my heart warms as I hear the words of adoration.

“We love you,” Dane repeats in a passionate tone. “And we think–no, we know–that you are the love of our lives. The woman that was meant to be with us. So I think it’s time for us to leave those ridiculous dolls behind,” he chuckles.

“As symbolism for us leaving the past behind,” Jamison nods. “Our past without you, our past of trying to treat you like a sex object, and our past of being with other women.  It’s all behind us now because we want you and only you, Tamara.”

“And we don’t just want your body, we want your heart too,” Chris adds.

I’m so overwhelmed with emotion that it all comes spilling out without my permission and I burst into tears before I can stop myself. It’s just that I’m so damn happy with my boyfriends, and it feels as if I’m living a dream! 

“I love you guys too!” I sniffle tearily, and Chris grins as he leans down to plant a soft kiss on my lips. Dane and Jamison pull me in for a short kiss as well, and we all stand there for much longer than we need to as they continue taking turns exchanging kisses with me. I’m literally surrounded by their love and it’s the best feeling in the world.  When my boyfriends finally pull away so we can climb into the car, Dane sits beside me in the backseat and grabs my hand in his big one.

“Let’s head home,” he whispers before kissing my cheek.  “Where you belong.”

My heart soars because his words ring true.  My home is with these three gorgeous men, and it always will be.




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