Bonus Scene - Obsessed With My Teacher



I look around with satisfaction at the scene before me.  I’m lounging by the pool at my estate, and it’s a vision of hedonism.  The water shimmers turquoise beneath the sunshine, inlaid with green tiles and a spray of jets at one end.  Nude girls splash about, enjoying themselves, and I watch with a knowing smile as a pair stop to kiss while fondling each other’s breasts.  They start getting hot and heavy, gasping with pleasure, and I note that both of their hands are buried below the surface of the water now, likely penetrating each other’s twats.

Perfect.  This is exactly what I want to happen.  After all, I’m an asshole billionaire who lives life to its fullest.  What that means is that I own a large estate in New Jersey, and I’ve made the grounds available to a certain type of woman who wants to frolic, enjoy herself, and party on my dime.  The only caveat?  Sex with me, any time of the day or night.

Of course, there were ladies who were offended by the idea.  They’d spout some bullshit about feminism, independence, and male oppression, but I really don’t care.  My money surrounds me, and what I’m doing isn’t illegal.  All of the women are over eighteen, and they can leave anytime they want.  Maybe what we’re doing is exactly the norm, but hey, to each their own.  I don’t judge anyone, and they shouldn’t judge me.

A gorgeous woman comes by with a Mai Tai in one hand.

“Mr. Wright?” she murmurs, bending over so that her breasts swing towards me.  “I have the drink you ordered.”

She’s luscious, with long brown hair swept over one shoulder and the face of the goddess.  Even better are her curves.  She’s got Double D’s that are large and soft, along with a narrow waist, wide hips, and long, tan legs.  Plus, my beautiful server is wearing nothing but a g-string.  It’s just a tiny patch of pink fabric that covers her clit, tied to strings that loop around her waist.  Yes, she’s nude except for the thong and a pair of high heels, and this is how I like it.

My dick twitches and I gesture for her to put the drink down.

“Joanna, right?”

She nods, her eyes brightening.

“That’s right, Mr. Wright.  Is there something I can do for you?”

I nod.

“Put your leg up over my shoulder, right here,” I say gesturing.  “That’s it.  Now relax, honey, because I’m going to lick that horny little clit for you.”

Joanna doesn’t hesitate.  She nods and positions herself, her eyes hungry.  She puts one stiletto on the lounger behind my head and then squats towards my face so that her pussy’s mere inches from my tongue.

“Lower,” I growl.  “All the way down, sweetheart.  Shit, I can smell your cunt already.”

She giggles and reaches one hand down to pull the patch of fabric off her clit before grinding that hard nub against my lips.

“Suck me, Mr. Wright,” she moans throatily.  “Lick my clit and then fuck me with your mouth.”

“I’m only too happy to oblige,” I rasp.  Then, I go to town, fastening my lips around her stiff bud.  Shit, she’s so wet already and I lap and suckle at that tiny bundle of nerves as she tugs at her tits above me.

“Oh my god,” Joanna moans, her eyes falling closed as her head drops backwards.  “Mmm, yes!”

“You taste amazing, baby,” I growl.  “Your pussy’s gushing nectar like a fucking hose.”  It’s true too.  She’s wet and horny, her slickness already dripping all over my cheeks and jaw.  But I don’t care because I adore women.  Hell, how could I not?  I literally live here with at least twenty nude women swanning about every day, so I guess you could say I’m a true connoisseur.

But as I bury myself in the beautiful brunette’s cunt, I feel soft hands at the waistband of my swim trunks and then sure enough, there’s a delighted gasp.

“He’s so huge,” a female voice says breathily.

“Enormous,” another one agrees.

I know without having to look that two new girls have just come around, and are kneeling by the lounger where I’m seated, licking Joanna’s sweltering cunt.  The girls are young and worshipful as they take in my enormous member.

“Oh my god, I have to taste it,” one moans throatily.

“Be my guest.  But me next,” the other mewls, wonder tinging her voice.

Then, their sweet mouths descend on my cock and I let out a moan against Joanna’s folds.

“Cat got your tongue?” she giggles from above me, grinding a bit on my face.  “You’re doing so well, Daddy.  You make all of us feel so good.”

It’s true too.  While I don’t have a strict rotation when it comes to sleeping with the ladies in my harem, I definitely fuck each and every girl at least once.  It’s easy because my libido is sky high, and I often engage in sex four or five times a day, minimum. 

But right now, I’m focused on Joanna’s tasty cunt as the two girls alternate sucking and licking my cock.

“Umph,” I grunt, my balls already beginning to rise.  “Mmmph.”

“Keep sucking me,” Joanna begs from above me.  “Oooh, I’m almost there.”  Then, she tugs at her nips again while grinding her clit into my face.  I oblige by biting the hard nub, and then shove two fingers into her tiny hole, making her explode with pleasure.

“Ohhh!” she squeals.  “Oooh-whee!”

Hot gushes of pussy juice spill all over my tongue, and I slurp and lap, swallowing it all.  Meanwhile, my balls are beginning to rise as the two girls down below do their work. 

“He’s almost there,” one murmurs.

“His cum shoot is beginning to throb,” the other replies.  That does it.  While one girl fastens her mouth to the tip of my cock, the other licks the shaft with the flat of her tongue, and it’s too much.  I roar with climax, my cock jerking and spurting like a madman.  Hot jets of sperm spray into the first girl’s mouth, overflowing from her lips to dribble down her chin.  But it’s no trouble because the other licks up the escaped fluids, savoring the taste.

“Mmm!” they squeal.  “Oooh yeah!”

Are the women coming?  Suddenly, I realize they are because there are two other women behind them, fingering their pussies as they give me oral.  Oh fuck!  We have an orgy going on, and it’s nasty and disgusting, but also incredibly hot.  I continue to fuck, suck, lick, and pump, surrounded by luscious female flesh that quivers and trembles around me.  This is what I signed up for… my own personal harem and I love every aspect about it.




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