Bonus Scene - Playing With Her Doctors



Ten years later.

“Stop that,” Beth scolds as she swats at my hand playfully.  I’d been trying to stroke a big breast, and my fingers had lightly tweaked a nipple before dipping down to the sweet vee between her thighs.  “Do you want me to get pregnant again?” she giggles.

I laugh deep in my throat.  The truth is that I’d love to see Bethany grow round with my child once more, but after ten years and twelve children, I can understand why any woman would say no.  Bethany’s been pumping out kids like crazy, and it makes Ranger and I so happy.

“Well, I wouldn’t mind …” I begin.

Ranger chimes in.  “You know you’re so beautiful when you’re expecting,” he adds.

Bethany throws us an exasperated look.

“You must be kidding,” she says as little Hermia cries from upstairs.  We wait, breathlessly, but fortunately, she settles down on her own.  “We have thirteen children,” she says in a hushed whisper.  “Twelve biological ones sired by the two of you, and of course, Danny.  You can’t seriously be thinking of having more!”

But Ranger and I merely shrug.

“You know how much we love giving you a pussy full of semen,” I growl.  “And your body was built for motherhood, sweetheart.  I mean, didn’t we make love only a few times before you got pregnant with Hermia, Hester, and Helen?”

Bethie rolls her eyes.

“I’ve gotten pregnant within a year of giving birth four times now,” she says ruefully.  “I swear, you guys should get vasectomies or something.”

Immediately, Ranger shakes his head.

“No, sweetheart.  You can’t take away a man’s virility like that.  Besides, we love coming in you bareback and watching the cream spill out afterwards.”

Bethany throws us a wry look.

“After twelve biological children, I don’t think anyone’s questioning your virility,” she says with a rueful smile.  “If anything, I think everyone in our small town believes that you’ve got a magic potion when it comes to creating kids.”

I chuckle a bit because she’s probably right.  With two sets of twins, one set of triplets, and five singletons, we’re basically fielding an entire football team plus a cheerleading squad.  But I’m okay with that.  I love my kids, and this is a dream come true.

After all, who knew that this is how our life would turn out?  A mere ten years ago, Ranger and I were single docs with a lucrative plastic surgery practice in Manhattan.  We saw women for all sorts of cosmetic procedures, ranging from your standard boob job to your not-so-standard botched facelift.  We were playboys, and only concerned with making the next dollar while being seen with a beautiful woman on our arms.

But now, our lives are completely different.  After the triplets were born, we decided to leave Manhattan for Long Island.  Ranger and I bought a huge thirty-acre estate for our children, complete with staff quarters, a pool, a gym, as well as a children’s playroom and a wonderful garden for the kids to run around in.  We didn’t want our kids to grow up in an apartment, although we still commute to the city for our practice.

But we’re not just about cosmetic plastic surgery anymore.  With the establishment of the Epinine Foundation, we’re providing free surgical services to children born with cleft lips and cleft palates.  Last year, we performed more than a hundred pro bono operations, and have even recruited some colleagues to help.  It’s been rewarding, to say the least, and I never thought that I’d enjoy giving myself freely this much.

But that’s what our wife has taught us.  Bethany is so generous and sweet, and giving comes naturally to her.  She’s constantly giving of her body by letting us share her in bed, and also giving of her time and heart.  Bethany quit working at Epinine Medical in order to devote herself fully to our charity, and she’s become a beloved Executive Director.

“Sweetheart, you’re wonderful,” I say, pressing a kiss to her lips.  She moans a bit under my touch.

“Thank you,” she breathes before turning to Ranger and pressing a kiss to his mouth as well.  Our wife is so sexy, and within minutes, our hands are fumbling at our clothes.

“We have to be quiet,” she whispers.  “The kids are asleep but you know how they can be startled awake by even the tiniest sound.”

I nod.

“Don’t worry, sweetheart.  We’ll definitely keep things on the DL.”

But Bethany knows better and she merely giggles as she pulls her panties to the side.  Oh shit, that snatch is wet and swollen already, and she toys with it a bit, showing us her gleaming pink.

But then the girl frowns.

“Did I tell you that I heard Wanda is now at Rikers?” she says.

I pause.  This is not what I wanted to hear about, but then again, there isn’t exactly a good time to bring up Bethany’s ex-friend.

“What happened?” Ranger asks, his hand still resting on our wife’s breast.  He squeezes it before sliding it down to her narrow waist.  “I thought she was doing better.”

Bethany’s eyes fill with tears, and my heart flips over.  Our woman is such a wonderful person that she feels empathy for someone who meant her nothing but harm.

“Don’t cry, sweetheart,” I growl.  “Wanda was pure evil.”

Bethany swallows hard, trying to hold back tears.

“I knew she was troubled, but I really thought she might get better if she got the right help.  But it seems that ever since we had the incident,” she pauses, referring to how Wanda tried to out us, “she’s just gotten worse.  She lost all her money, and turned to crime.  When I looked her up in the police blotter, it turns out that she fell in with the wrong crowd and was convicted of armed robbery after they held up a convenience store.”

That makes me jerk back with surprise.

“Are you serious?” I ask.  “Armed robbery?”

Bethany nods and swallows hard.

“Fortunately, no one got hurt, but Wanda was caught on camera holding a gun to the store owner’s head.  She was convicted of Assault One.”

Ranger and I stare at each other.  Clearly, this woman is past the point of no return.  Armed robbery and Assault One are no joke.

“Shit, baby, I’m so sorry to hear,” says my business partner.  “But you shouldn’t feel bad about this.  Wanda was messed up, and what she did to us was only the first step on her descent into hell.”

Bethany nods.

“I know, but who could have foreseen this?” she asks.  “And I was friends with her for years before she betrayed us.  I never would have guessed.”

I shake my head.

“It just shows that you never really know someone.  But don’t dwell on it sweetheart.  This is absolutely not your fault, and in fact, Wanda’s fate has nothing to do with us.  The redhaired witch was always headed to an unhappy ending, and I guess she’s getting it now at Rikers.”

Bethany swallows again.

“I suppose so,” she murmurs quietly.  “I just hope she comes out okay.”

My wide shoulders shrug.

“You know, life always gives you a second chance.  It’s called tomorrow.  And Wanda’s getting her second chance as well.  Maybe at Rikers, she’ll see the light and reform her ways.  Maybe she’ll meet a chaplain or an older prisoner who will help steer her onto a better path.”

Bethany merely sighs again.

“Maybe,” she says in a small voice.

But Ranger and I have had enough of this.  Our beautiful woman shouldn’t be stressing about someone as worthless as Wanda Jones, and to make her feel better, my business partner reaches under Bethany’s skirt and gently strokes your pussy.  She moans a bit, so responsive.

“Is that better, sweetheart?” he growls, his blue eyes flashing as they focus on our wife’s curvy form.  “Does getting touched there help?”

She mewls a bit, leaning back.

“It does,” she breathes while widening her thighs.  “You always make me feel so good.”

I join in as well.  “Sweetheart, would being spitroasted improve your mood?” I ask.  “You know how much Ranger and I enjoy it.”

Bethany’s big brown eyes open, and she smiles coyly at us.

“I would love to be spitroasted,” she whispers.  “Please, let’s do it.”

I growl.  “Sure thing, baby.  But first, I need to taste your clit.”

Within seconds, I’m positioned between her thighs with my mouth on her sensitive nub.  Shit, the bundle of nerves is so tight and big, and she moans and tosses her head as I alternately suck and lick it.

“Oh Ryder,” she says, gushing down my throat.  “You know how to treat me right.”

Meanwhile, Ranger’s made his way over to her head and gently probes her lips with his dick.

“I can treat you right as well, sweetheart.  Just give me a good suck first, and we’ll be getting this spitroast on its way.”

Eagerly, Bethie parts her lips and sucks Ranger’s mushroom head into her throat.  He’s so huge that we can literally see the head of his dick descending down her slim neck as he gives her a good throat fuck.

“Oh shit,” I growl with arousal.  “I need you, sweetheart.  Upsy-daisy, onto your hands and knees.”

Obligingly, Ranger pulls out and helps turn our wife around so that she’s poised doggy style.  By now, she’s lost all her clothes and her big boobs sway to and fro as she wiggles her hips at me, baiting me with her sweetness.

“Like this?” she mewls, looking at me over one shoulder.  But then Ranger pulls her head towards him again, and buries his club within her lips.  Bethany’s eyes close with ecstasy as she swallows him whole, humming her pleasure.  In the meantime, I probe first her pussy and then her ass.

“Which hole do you want, sweetheart?  Ass or pussy?”

She says something, but it’s indecipherable, and I decide to do both.  Slowly, I ease my dick into her creaming cunt, and the slickness and pressure drives me wild.  Shit, she’s so tight even after giving birth to thirteen children that it’s unbelievable.

“Fuck,” I mutter, watching as my dick exits, drenched in her pussy juices.  Ranger leans over, his pole still embedded in Bethany’s mouth, and pulls her butt cheeks apart so that we both have a better view.

“Fuck, she wants it,” he says as we watch her pussy lips drag along my length, as her ass winks at us.  “Put it in,” he commands.

Slowly, I pull my shaft out, and then probe her tiny asshole.

“Mmmm,” she moans headily.  “Unnnh.”

The pleats give way under the unrelenting pressure of my dick, and Ranger and I watch with avid eyes as her butt swallows my cock.  She’s a hungry slut as usual, and finally, the spitroast is complete.  Our beautiful girl is plugged deep on both ends by two cocks, hanging between us on the precipice of pleasure.

“Mmm,” she moans again as I begin a rhythm in her bottom. 

“Keep it up,” rasps Ranger, fucking her throat simultaneously.  “Because soon you’ll be flooded from both sides.”

The slide is delicious and I love seeing her little asshole jerk me off.  But Bethany reaches Heaven first.  She cries out, her voice muffled, and then her eyes roll back in her head as her ass ring clenches on my huge meat.

“Mmmph!” she cries out.  “Mmmmph!”

Those big breasts sway as her butt and pussy clamp and snap, orgasm overtaking that curvy form.  Meanwhile, Ranger and I let go too.

“Fuck,” I growl, flooding her butthole with gallons of semen.  “Holy shit!”

Ranger isn’t to be outdone.  He pushes forward once more into her mouth, and I see his balls go high and jerk as ejaculate bursts between Bethany’s lips.  He roars like a lion, jism pumping in hot streaks as he lets go with a vengeance.

Because this is how we like it.  After ten years, it’s clear there’s enough of Bethany for both of us.  The sweet girl is creamy, fertile, and best of all so loving that nothing can keep us apart.  Between our practice, our charity, and now, our growing family, all of our dreams have come true and I wouldn’t trade our unconventional love for anyone else’s.




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