Bonus Scene - A Week To Be Wicked



OMG, I can’t believe we’re doing this.  But ever since Elodie came by with that idea for an anal gape contest, my boyfriend’s been all over it.

“Logan, you know I’m not going to compete in that contest,” I say helplessly.   “I mean, it’s just not my thing!”

“Yeah, but you love anal,” Logan replies, his blue eyes glinting hotly. “I mean, fuck baby, you could win.  I put that scepter in you, and you didn’t even blink an eye.”

“I blinked!” I protest with a laugh. “I more than blinked!  That was a tight fit, but you just couldn’t see because I was faced away, and besides it was dark.  I assure you, when that scepter went into my butt, I was grimacing because it was so huge.”

My boyfriend growls again.

“Yeah, but the important thing is that you took it in your ass, honey.  I must have gone eight inches deep in that pretty bottom, so why not compete in the contest?  Seriously, you’d get at least runner up.”

“Logan!” I exclaim breathlessly.  “We’re not even sure there will be a contest.”

He merely grins again.

“Oh there will be, if I have my way.  I’ll definitely be bringing it up with the High Table.”

I shake my head again.

“OMG, you’re so evil,” I murmur, even as my cheeks flush.  “Who knew that getting involved with you would mean filthy contests like this?”

Logan merely prowls over, his gaze hungry.

“You knew from the start, baby girl,” he rasps.  “I never pretended to be anyone but who I am, and now, I want a taste of that butt.”

I have to admit that I’m turned on because my lover’s absolutely gorgeous.  Logan’s huge with those broad shoulders, the strong features, and most of all, his enormous horse cock of course.  But is he going to put it where he says he is?

Sure enough, he flips me over before I have a chance to say boo, and my panties are off in a flash.

“Logan!” I gasp.

“What?” he rasps before pulling my ass cheeks apart and admiring the view.  “Fuck you’re tiny, baby.  I’m going to have to stretch this little hole out before I fuck it.”

Then, he spits hard on my asshole as the saliva drips slowly into my darkness.  Slowly, he rubs the liquid into my pleats, before pushing the tip of his index finger inside.

“Oh!” I cry out, startled.  “Mmm!”

“Fuck yeah,” Logan grunts, his eyes fixed to my tiny orifice.  “We’re going to stretch you out good and wide so that if you were going to compete in the contest, you’d win.”

Then, my boyfriend plunges his finger inside and I shudder while screaming.

“Mmmm!  Unnh!”

“Fuck yeah,” he grunts again, stirring my hole with his finger before edging a second one in.  “Squeeze your ass walls for me baby.  That’s it.”

My eyes shut as I do as told.  At this point, my cheek’s pressed into the mattress as my hands grab onto the sheets. 

“Mmm!” I moan throatily as he scissors his fingers, stretching out my hole.  “Oh fuck.”

But Logan isn’t even anywhere near done yet.  He pops his fingers out, admiring the obscene gape, before spitting on it again and then spitting on his palm as well.

“Goddamn your pussy’s wet,” he rasps.  “I have half a mind to fuck that too, but not before this.”

Then, the big man positions himself behind me.  He’s almost squatting on top of me, careful not to put his weight on me in any way. But that huge shaft tickles my back door and then he spits again on where we’re joined before beginning the push.

“Ohhh,” I moan as my asshole’s breached.  “Unnnh.”

“Hell yeah,” Logan rasps in back of me.  “You have no idea how good your asshole looks, getting butt-fucked like this.  Goddamn, it’s nasty, baby girl.  You are one nasty slut.”

But I can’t focus on his words because it feels too good. Yes, there’s a bit of a sting but soon, it dissipates into waves of pleasure as Logan sinks fully into my butthole, burying his nine inch length in my bottom.

“Mmm,” I moan again.  “Shit.”

My boyfriend merely chuckles before pulling out and then easing back in.  His fingers grip my waist, holding me in place as my butt gets a good drill.

“Goddamn,” he rasps.  “Jerk me off with your asshole baby.  Flex that anus and make me feel it.”

By now, he’s started up a slow, smooth rhythm, and it’s amazing.  Yet I do as I’m told, clamping down with my rectal walls and squeezing the massive cock within.  Logan responds immediately, a startled grunt erupting from his chest even as his dick jerks and spurts a bit into my bowels.

“Fuck yeah,” he rasps.  “Oh shit.”

I giggle because I’m a pro at anal sex these days.  It’s my thing, and as Logan pumps my butt, I work it with my anal canal.  I squeeze the small opening even as my canal ripples along his shaft, stroking the big cock with my internal muscles.  Within minutes, Logan can’t take anymore.  I know what he sees:  me, with my heart-shaped ass in the air as it gets fucked by his fat club.  The sight is irresistible and with a few more deep-seated pumps, his cock jerks hard, and then explodes.

“Shit!” he roars.  “Oh fuck!”

Hot reams of seed jet into my ass cavern, the bubbly so virile and viscous.  I come too as lightning flashes before my eyes, my pussy and ass convulsing with pleasure.

“Ooooh!” I scream.  “Mmm, yes!”

My ass milks the cock within for all its worth, pumping every last drop of jism into my bowels.  There’s so much that it goes on for a few minutes, our ecstatic cries filling the room as we explode together.

Finally, however, the pleasure subsides and Logan pulls out of my ass, his eyes still fixed on my pucker.

“The gape’s huge now,” he rasps.  “You’d win for sure.  Now show me what you have.”

I know what he means because a woman’s anus is a miracle.  Even though it’s empty at the moment, it’s not really empty.  I concentrate, and soon, a gleam of white shows itself at my entrance before spilling over and trailing down one big buttock.

“Is that what you wanted to see?” I giggle.  “Your semen cream pie?”

Logan doesn’t even reply because he’s lapping it up, trailing his tongue along the stream of jizz on my thigh.

“That’s right,” he finally manages.  “Fuck you’re dirty, little girl.”

I merely giggle again as he continues to eat the anal cream pie.  After all, I’m not here to win contests.  I’m here to have a good time, and with Logan Michaelson as my partner, the good times are assured.




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