Bonus Scene - Raw and Ready



A few months later.

“Drop to your knees, baby. I want to feel that sexy mouth of yours wrapped around my cock,” my husband growls.

My sex spasms with his words and I eagerly do as I’m told.  It’s been three months since the baby was born, and Hunter and I are finally resuming marital relations.  It was tough because my husband is a horny alpha male who needs me all the time, so refraining from deep penetration was a struggle for him.

But now, we’re getting our chance.  The baby’s asleep in his room, and the carpet is soft beneath me as I watch Hunter take a step forward and close the small bit of space between us. He brings one hand to the back of my head, threading his fingers into my curls, and holds my head in place as he presses his cock to my lips. I wet my lips and open up for him and he pushes forward. My mouth stretches around his thickness as he slowly glides it inside and I have to clamp down hard on my gag reflex, he’s so massive and veiny.

“Fuck, baby,” Hunter rasps.  “You look so sexy with your lips wrapped around my cock. I’m going to fuck your face now.”

I moan around him, curling my fingers against my thighs as need courses through me. Hunter brings his other hand to the back of my head and slowly pulls his cock almost free of my lips before thrusting his hips, pushing his shaft back inside.  Oh fuck, he’s huge!  But then he grips my head, holding me in place as he fucks almost violently between my lips. I work my tongue against the smooth ridges of his cock as he pumps and moisture begins seeping from between my thighs.  My skin feels electrified, my breasts heavy and nipples hard.  Oh god, how does he do this to me?  The need is so strong that I can’t bear it any longer and I slide a hand up my thigh before caressing between my legs.

“Stop.  You touch yourself when I say you do, baby girl, and not before.”

Oooh, I love his dominance and my hand stills obediently.  Then Hunter pulls back, his cock falling from my lips. Before I have time to register what’s happening, he’s lifted me into his arms and dumped me on the bed, curves flying.  Then my horny husband brings his hand around the back of my neck and kisses me hard as I melt into him.

His free hand grips my thigh, and slowly moves up until he reaches the apex of my thighs and cups my sex, pressing two fingers inside, massaging me. Arching back, I break our kiss.


Hunter pulls my head forward.

“Yes baby.  I can give it to you.  Open your eyes.”

I do, and his scorching stare nearly makes me combust.

“This,” he moves his fingers inside me again, “is mine. You only touch it when I tell you. Tell me you understand.”

I nod.

“Say it.”

“I understand.”

“Good girl.”

He moves me higher up the bed and then crawls over me, kissing his way up my body and taking his time with my breasts. He sucks and licks my nipples until they’re so hard I’m sure I could carve ice with them, but I’m never embarrassed around my husband.  Then he moves until he’s centered between my thighs, his cock resting against my sex, and claims my mouth again.

“Oohhhh,” I moan deliriously.

His hands trail down my body, to my thighs, heat sparking over my skin beneath his fingertips until I’m writhing with desire.

“You want me to fuck you?”

“God, yes.”

The alpha male smirks, and then thrusts deep inside me. For a moment he doesn’t move. He just holds himself inside me, and drops his lips to my neck, kissing me while nipping at my ear.

“You’re so fucking tight and wet for me, sweetheart.  You feel even tighter than before you gave birth.”

I giggle a bit.  Is that even possible?  But I merely smile against his lips.

“Mmm, yes.”

Then, Hunter grabs my face and kisses me hard, holding himself up with his other hand before thrusting in again. This time he doesn’t stop. He pumps his hips, fucking me deeper. My heart feels like it might combust, and my body is all pleasure. Everywhere he touches feels like an explosion of lust and desire, and a crescendo is building inside, ready to erupt.

“You feel so good, baby,” Hunter rasps into my ear. “I want to watch you come. You ready to come for me?”

“Yes. Oh, god. Yes!”

He moves one hand between us and circles my clit. With his lips against my ear, he hisses, “Come now.”

With that one command I implode, my climax making me scream. I arch my back, taking him inside me even deeper as my sex spasms, pleasure erupting in waves.

“Hunter!” is my helpless shriek.  “Oh God!”

My body is still spasming, my orgasm not over when Hunter pulls out of me and flips me over onto my knees. Something cool and wet is pressed against my anus, and then he’s pushing a finger inside.  What?  The sensation is almost too much, yet not enough as my body shakes around him, still rippling with orgasm.  My lover chuckles low in his throat before working a second finger in, and I feel the pressure building once more.  Like a slut, I begin rocking back and forth on his hand.

“You like it don’t you?” he rasps hungrily behind me, watching as my cheeks swallow his digits.  “Fuck, you’re a dirty three hole girl, as always.”

I moan deliriously, pressing my cheek against the mattress because it’s true.  Just because I left the agency doesn’t mean that I’ve forgotten all the tricks I learned.  And now, after an extended time with no penetration, I want Hunter in all of my holes.  Every day.  Every night.  Always.

Suddenly, his fingers are gone, but they’re quickly replaced by the smooth head of his cock. He’s big, so I force myself to relax as he slowly pushes into my ass.

“Damn, baby. You’re so tight I’m not sure I’m going to make it fully inside you without coming.”

“Ummm,” I moan, a shiver rushing through me. His dirty words are almost enough to send me over the edge again, but I need more, so I push back, wiggling my ass, trying to take him fully.

A deep chuckle makes me turn my head to look at him. “You’re so eager for me to fuck your ass, aren’t you, sweetheart?”

“Yes,” I murmur, pressing my cheek against the mattress.

He drops his smile, pinning me with an intense stare. “Good.  Because you’re getting fucked in the butt hard tonight.”

Gripping my bottom, he pulls my buttocks apart and pulls out almost all the way, before thrusting back inside. I throw my head back and gasp, pushing back against him, stretching from the intense penetration.


He smacks my ass and thrusts again.

“That’s it, baby. You look so damn beautiful with my cock buried in your tight asshole. I’m going to come all over this sexy behind of yours.  I’m going to mark you as mine.”

“Oh! Yes, please!”

My sex spasms, a second orgasm teetering on the edge.

Gripping my ass in his hands he fucks me harder and faster than before, our bodies smacking together until we’re both moaning and panting. I can feel his cock swell inside me, but then he pulls back suddenly. I turn my head, biting my lip as I watch him pump his slick cock in his fist, once, twice … hot jets of cum land on my ass and my climax erupts as this man splatters me with creamy seed.


My sex clenches as wave after wave of pleasure rolls over me, and I collapse onto the bed, sated in a way I never imagined possible.  I didn’t even have him in my body, and yet the filth was enough to push me over the edge.

Panting and still shaking, Hunter moves from behind me and lays by my side, taking my chin with his fingers before kissing me. This kiss is different than the hungry kisses we’ve been sharing. This time his kiss is gentle and sweet, and he brushes a few stray curls off my forehead and smiles at me.

“Stay here. I’m going to get something to clean you up.”

Heat fills my cheeks and I nod.


He heads into the bathroom and I hear water running for a minute before he walks back into the bedroom with a washrag in his hand. It’s warm and feels great on my sensitive skin as he tenderly cleans my lady bits.  Then he kisses me again, and I utterly melt.

“Was that good for you, honey?” he asks low in his throat.  “I know I was rough.  I couldn’t wait to be back in your body.”

I giggle a bit but then kiss him again.

“I’m fine,” I whisper.  “My body’s for you to use.  But we have to be careful okay? Because I just gave birth, and I don’t want to get pregnant immediately again.”

Hunter’s eyes flare.

“Says who?” he growls.

“Says me!” I giggle.  “Oh my God, we just had a baby, Hunter!  You can’t be thinking of number two already!”

My husband merely rolls me onto my back and presses another hungry kiss to my lips.

“But I am because I love you, Dani Lindstrom, and I want you to have my babies.  More and more.  Baby after baby, until you’ve given me as many as you can.”

My mouth drops open.

“You can’t be serious,” I whisper.

The handsome doctor merely smirks, a glint in those blue eyes.

“Oh, I am.  Just wait and see, sweetheart.  Daddy will be giving you babies until we’re in the double digits when it comes to kids.”

I giggle then and slap his shoulder playfully because Hunter couldn’t possibly want ten children, right?  But as he leans in for another hungry kiss, my heart melts because this feels right.  My husband is virile, gorgeous, and a wonderful father who happens to like his sex raw … and even better, I’m always ready for him.




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