Bonus Scene - Tempting The Hijacker



“Ranger, OMG!” I squeal.  “I can’t believe we’re doing this!”

My boyfriend merely looks around furtively before shutting the lavatory door.

“All that talk about Clara made me horny,” he rasps while pulling down the strap of my pink tank top.  “I want to join the Mile High Club too, and you know you’re my poison of choice.”

I giggle while struggling to get out of my shorts.  Even though they have an elastic waistband because of my pregnant belly, it’s still difficult to wiggle out given that I’m as big as a house right now.

“I didn’t know I was poison,” I coo.  “I thought I was more along the lines of a strawberry sundae.”

My man immediately gets down on my knees as I shimmy off my panties so that I’m fully nude before Ranger in the small cube.

“You are a strawberry sundae,” he murmurs, taking in my swollen belly, dripping pussy, and huge, pendulous breasts.  “Plus, you’ve got the cherry on top that I love sucking on.”

I giggle while backing up so that I’m seated on the ledge of the sink.

“Ranger, don’t you think these puns are going too far?” I quip.  “Seriously, are we being really lame?”

My handsome boyfriend never even takes his eyes off of my swollen, glistening slit.

“No, not at all,” he growls.  “Now show me that cherry sundae, baby, because I want to suck.”

With that, I giggle again while hoisting my legs up so that my feet are flush on the sink ledge.  It’s a bit precarious, but somehow I manage even despite my big belly, and slowly, my slit and asshole roll up into view.  My cunt’s pulsing already, dripping with cream, and with another giggle, I reach both hands down to position them on either side of my labia.  Then, I pull the folds apart, revealing my glistening hole and engorged clit. 

“Goddamn, your clit’s so stiff and huge,” my man moans throatily before leaning forward to kiss it.  “And it tastes amazing too.”

“I—” I begin, but then my words become a gasp because Ranger’s going to town now.  My gorgeous man has taken my clit in his mouth and is sucking ravenously.  Hot jolts of pleasure shoot through my cunt and I throw my head back and let out a cry of pleasure as sweet female nectar gushes into his throat.

“That’s it,” he groans again, swallowing it all.  “Give it to me baby.”  Then, Ranger pops off my clit with a loud sucking noise before pulling my labia back even further with his fingers, revealing the glistening pink inner walls of my cunt. 

“Beautiful,” he rasps worshipfully.  “Just so gorgeous.”

My man licks up one side, stopping to circle my clit for a moment, before licking down the other, and then he thrusts his tongue into my twat hole, making me squeal. 

“Oooh, that feels so good!” I cry out as my fingers corkscrew off the hard cherries that are my nipples.  “Unnnh!”

But Ranger knows what I really want because I’ve been experiencing painful contractions recently.  They’re not dangerous because it’s just my body preparing for labor, but it hurts nonetheless.  Still, I’m part of a mommy group online that recommends a very special (and dirty) solution, and Ranger’s been helping me ever since. 

With one last fuck of his tongue into my pussy, Ranger pulls his tongue from my clenching hole and then trails it down slowly until he’s lapping gently at my pleated anus.

“Fuck, you taste good, Syd,” he breathes.  “So musty yet sweet at once.”

“I douched for you,” is my breathless coo.  “So it should taste good.”

He grunts with pleasure.

“You always taste amazing down here,” he rasps.  “But you know I’ll be licking your asshole even after you give birth, right baby?  This isn’t a pregnancy-only thing at all.  I like having my tongue up your butt, and judging from the way your asshole’s contracting now, it seems you like it too.”

I can’t answer anymore because the sensation is overwhelming.  My boyfriend’s tongue is slick, warm, and feels so amazing as he thrusts it into my butthole before backing up to spit on my anus and then licking the tightly wound pleats again.

“Mmm, more, more!” I cry out.  “Put it in my butt, Daddy!  Now!”

I don’t care if the other passengers on the flight can hear me being assfucked, and obviously, Ranger doesn’t either because he spits one last time on my asshole before standing up and positioning his cock at the aching hole.

“You ready, sweetheart?”

“I’m always ready for you, big boy,” I gasp.  Then, my words are cut off as that enormous cock shafts into my behind, literally lifting me a bit from the ledge.  My knees shake as my breasts bobble, my asshole skewered almost painfully on that enormous appendage.

“Unnnh!” I cry out, throwing my head back.  “Oh oh oh!”

“Fuck,” my boyfriend growls before pulling back and then thrusting in again.  “Your asshole always feels so tight.  Milk me with those anal walls baby.  Give it to me.”

I can’t concentrate because it just feels so good.  My fists clench on Ranger’s broad shoulders as he shafts me again and again, my butt jouncing up and down on that huge club.  Soon, I can’t take it any longer.  I look into his eyes, my gaze cloudy with arousal before bursting into a million stars.

“Oohhhhh!” is my scream as my ass walls clench down on his massive fuckrod.  “Oh shiiiit!”

Ranger gets caught in the storm too.  His hips fuck forward a few last times, and then I literally feel his cumshoot pulse as he reams me deep in the butt.  Hot jism pulses into my behind, powerful jets painting my bowels with lashes of baby batter.

“Fuck!” he roars.  “Fuck shit fuck!”

I moan again deliriously as that enormous fuckrod jets gallons of virile semen into my asshole.  There’s so much that it actually comes leaking out between our bodies, trailing down my bottom and then dripping onto the lavatory floor.  Oh fuck, this is so dirty.  I’m getting assfucked on a plane even though I’m in my third trimester and about to pop at any moment.  Yet, it feels amazing and as we descend from our highs, I look my boyfriend in the eye and giggle.

“Do you think the FAA will fine us for indecent behavior?” I coo.  “After all, your name is already on a blacklist, right?  We’ll be banned from commercial flights for the rest of our lives.”

Ranger merely shoots one last deep pulse of seed into my ass before grunting with pleasure.

“They might, but it doesn’t matter honey.  You know I just bought that new G5, so there’s no need to fly commercial ever again.  Fuck the FAA.  Fuck the TSA too because we’re onto bigger and better things.”

I merely giggle once more while squeezing my ass walls tight around his cock, making him moan.  After all, this man and I have always broken the rules, with him being a hijacker and me an escort, so what’s one more thing to add to the list?  In fact, it only makes life spicier, and that’s why I love Ranger Trenton with all of my heart.




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