Bonus Scene - Mr. Hot Boss To Go



I admit, I’m a horny bastard and somehow, being in Hawaii has made me even hornier.  It’s weird because the sparkling white sands, soothing ocean, and everlasting sunshine should calm a man down, right?  But instead, it’s made the blood in my veins go absolutely berserk, and now I fuck my wife three or four times per day, minimum.

Not that Natalie minds of course.  She’s in her third trimester right now, so if anything, the pregnancy hormones are making her just as needy if not more so.  It’s a good dilemma, I suppose, because the two of us are always going at it, but the problem is that it never seems to be enough.  The only way for us to be satisfied is for my cock to constantly be in her body, and yes, it makes things like eating and drinking difficult.

But hey, good problems, right?  Besides, tonight I want to try something new.  I’ve taken up stand-up paddle-boarding, which is basically standing on a surfboard while paddling through calm waters with a long oar.  It’s the oar that I have with me now as I step into our mansion, and I look around for my wife.  She’s nowhere to be seen, and I growl low in my throat.  Good.  I told her to be ready for some nastiness this evening, and likely, she’s already in the bedroom.

Taking the stairs two at a time, I practically run down the hallway of the second floor landing before pushing open the door to the master suite.  Sure enough, Natalie’s already inside, her lush curves covered by only the tiniest bra and panty set.  She’s on all fours, waggling that big bottom at me.

“Fuck baby,” I rasp, my eyes glued to the pink pucker of her anus visible beneath the tiny black string.  “How did you know I was coming home?”

She giggles and sticks her tongue out at me.

“It wasn’t hard.  I heard you driving up, and then it took you ages to get your surfboards into the garage.  Meanwhile, I took off my robe and wa-la!  Here I am, ready to play,” she says, shaking those big white moons at me again.

Another low growl sounds as my blue eyes gleam.

“Well perfect, because we’re going to play something special tonight.  Are you ready, honey?”

Her blue eyes go wide as she lowers her cheek to the bedspread, still peering at me over one shoulder.

“Does it have to do with that oar in your hand?” she croons.  “If so, then I can’t wait.”

I nod, striding over to the bedside table before taking out a huge can of lube.  We use cans and not tubes because we need so much for our sex sessions that a tube runs out in just a few days.  As a result, I pry open the lid to the can and then dip the end of the oar inside, making sure to get the tip lubed up as Natalie’s eyes go wide.

“You can’t be serious,” she whispers, big breasts quivering as they dangle below her torso.  “There’s a sculpted handle on that thing.  That won’t fit in me!”

I run my big fingers lovingly over the black plastic.

“Oh this?  No, you’ll be fine, baby.  Yes, it’ll be a tight fit, but I know your cunt can take it.  It’ll feel good, I promise.  Now head down, ass up,” I growl.

Natalie hesitates, bosom quivering before she obeys, pressing her face into the coverlet.  She reaches backwards to pluck her g-string out of her crack, strapping it over one big cheek before her palms part those white moons, revealing her two secret holes

“Like this, Daddy?” she moans.  “Is this what you want?”

“Hell yeah,” I rasp, my eyes fixed to her swollen pink slit with the darker pink drum right above it.  “You know all this belongs to me.”

Then, I bend down and take a long lick of her snatch, trailing my tongue through her slick folds all the way from her clit to her asshole.

“Unnnh!” Natalie wails gloriously.  “Oh shit!”

I merely grin because my wife’s already beginning to lose it, and yet I haven’t even started yet.  With the hunger of a starving man, I fasten my lips to her clit and suckle at the nub, loving how her pussy clenches and then begins secreting hot fluid.

“Mmm,” I groan, swallowing it all.  “You taste good, sweetheart.”

She throws her head back and wails again, her thighs beginning to tremble.

“Rowan!” my gorgeous blonde angel screams.  “Unnnh!”

That’s when I reach for the oar.  Pressing another kiss to her anus, I position the handle at her pussy opening and begin to push.  Her folds resist at first, but then they part and slowly, the black plastic begins sinking inside.

“Unnnh!” Natalie screams, her shoulders braced on the mattress now.  “Shit shit shit!”

“You’re doing so well,” I rasp.  “Unbelievable.”

It’s sick, but I love watching my pregnant wife get fucked by a recreational paddle.  There’s something so wrong about violating a woman like this, and it’s even better because she loves it.  Natalie’s face down now, moaning up a storm as her hands cup those pendulous breasts, her twat gushing heavily with female nectar.

“Fuck yeah,” I growl. “Your pussy’s going to take it.”

After a few more moments of pressure, the oar sinks in and I stop pushing.  The sight is obscene because Natalie’s wet and pulsing, and yet there’s still six feet of brushed aluminum protruding from that hot snatch.

“You think you can take more?” I rasp. 

“Mphphph,” is her muffled reply.

But I don’t want to hurt the baby, so instead, I merely slide the implement out before pushing it inside once more.  Meanwhile, I position myself so that my cock’s at her mouth and I’m reaching over her narrow back to fuck that sweet pregnant pussy with the oar.

“Suck me,” I command.  “Do it.”

My wife raises her face momentarily, but once my cock bounces against her cheek, her mouth’s like a heat-seeking missile zeroing in on a target.  Immediately those pink lips part and she’s sucking hard on my dick, moaning with ecstasy as her pussy gets fucked from behind.

“Yeah,” I grunt hoarsely.  “Oh fuck yeah.”

Pleasure’s shooting through my dickshaft now, and a small spurt of ejaculate squirts down Natalie’s throat.  She whines for more, hollowing her cheeks so that the pressure intensifies even as I fuck her pussy from the back with the oar once more.  We build up a rhythm between the blow job and pussy-drill, and I swear, my wife’s only getting wetter as the sex continues.

“Fuck fuck fuck,” I rasp, my abs tight and thighs bulging as the wave begins to build.  “Oh shit… oh shit… oh SHIT!”

Suddenly, the top of my head blows off, or more accurately, my cock jerks and then pulses as powerful streams of semen spurt into Natalie’s mouth.  Her eyes fly open with shock, but then they close once more as she focuses on drinking it all down.  Meanwhile, I increase the strokes in her pussy and sure enough, she begins to ascend as well.  But my little slut is experienced.  Even as the wave builds within her body, she never stops sucking.  Instead, if anything, the vacuum of her lips increases, and when she orgasms, she swallows especially hard, stroking my shaft with the pulsations of her throat.

“Unnnnh!” she screams through the cock in her mouth.  “Mphph!  Mphph!”

That does it. I ejaculate again between those sweet lips, the base of my fuckshaft pulsing as it shoots like a firehose.  My balls quiver as they empty, but my woman’s a good one.  She swallows my seed, moaning deliriously even as her own pussy shudders and contracts around the oar, hot spasms wracking her frame.

“That a girl,” I gasp, one big hand stroking through those blonde locks.  “Swallow it all, baby.  Don’t let even one drop escape.”

Finally, the shudders subside somewhat, and Natalie pulls off my cock with a deep sucking sound, a long strand of saliva still connecting her lips to my tip.

“Mmm,” she moans, wiping at the corner of her mouth before flicking those innocent blue eyes up to look at me.  “Did you like that, Daddy?”

I push the oar once more into her pussy, making her pregnant form jolt, before letting out a harsh chuckle.

“I more than liked it baby girl,” is my reply.  “The question is:  can you take this in your ass now?”

Then, I pull the implement out before inspecting the handle.   Oh yeah.  It’s covered in wet pussy fluids, and that’s when I press it against Natalie’s lips.

“Lick it baby.  Lick that cunt juice right off, and then we’ll put it in your ass and see how that feels, okay?”

Ever the little slut, my wife smiles and then obeys, parting her lips to accept the hardness.  Soon, we’re going at it again … with the paddle jammed deep in her butt this time.





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