Bonus Scene - Caught By Daddy


I grab my man’s hand and lead him into the lounge at Club Z.

“So how did you get an invitation to join the club?  They’re usually very selective.”

Sam shrugs, his blue eyes gleaming in the low lights.

“Well honey, I am a renowned ob-gyn in the city, and after I found out that you worked here, I put out some feelers.  Sure enough, within a few days club management invited me in for a look-see.”

I stare at him.

“A look-see?”

He nods, those blue eyes flashing as we sit on one of the sofas in the lounge.  “It’s basically where girls are paraded into a room with a one-way mirror.  They strip, touch themselves, and generally act slutty while men on the other side of the mirror watch.  Then you can bid, if you want,” he says in a casual voice.

My voice hitches.

“Did you bid?”

He shakes his head.

“No, because by that time, I already knew I was interested in you, baby girl,” he growls, his eyes suddenly intense.  “I knew no woman, no matter how slutty and uninhibited, was going to get me to put money on her."

I lean back into the sofa, suddenly relieved.  I know I shouldn’t feel this way but a tide of anxiety had ridden up in my chest.  But this is Sam.  He’s been watching me ever since I blossomed into a woman, and I’m reminded at how deep his obsession runs.

“Good,” I purr, trailing one hand over his thigh.  “Then you should be rewarded for your loyalty.”

One black brow quirks.

“Well, it wasn’t exactly loyalty at that point in time, sweetheart,” he drawls.  “You had no idea I was interested then.”

“I didn’t,” I giggle.  “But that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to reward you.”

With that, I reach in back and unbuckle my bra top, letting it drop off.  My creamy swells are revealed, huge and tempting, with deep pink nipples just begging to be sucked. 

“Fuck,” Sam rasps, his eyes fixated on my tits.  “I have to—”

“Do it, Daddy,” I purr.  Sam doesn’t need any encouragement.  In a moment, he’s suckling at one big tit, moaning with pleasure before pressing both of my breasts together and licking both nipples at once.

“Mm!” I squeal as jolts of pleasure run straight from my nipples to my cunt.  “Oh, that feels good!”

Sam goes in for another suck, and as he focuses on my breasts, I undo my wrap skirt so that it falls away.  Even better, I’ve neglected to wear panties, so soon, my pussy’s pressed up against him as he continues to suckle.

“Fuck baby,” my man rasps, finally popping off my tits and looking up at me.  “I’ll never get enough of you, Harlow.”

I giggle.

“Good, because I have something for you too.”  Then, out of nowhere, I hold up a medium-sized purple dildo.  Sam’s blue eyes flash.

“Is that for you, honey?”

I shake my head.  “No, it’s for both of us.  But you first, Dr. White.”

Sam groans a bit, but the harsh streaks on his cheeks deepen, even as those blue eyes flash with lust.

“You sure, baby?”

I nod.

“Oh yes, Dr. White.  I definitely want to fuck you with this dildo.  Now, pants off,” I command.  “Give me that cock to suck as I drill you in the ass.”

In a flash, Sam’s obeyed, and I gasp, looking at his naked form.  Shit, how did I get so lucky?  My husband is gorgeous even in his forties with broad shoulders, chiseled pecs, and the proverbial washboard abs.  You could literally do laundry on those abs, and I’ve joked about trying more than once. 

But right now, it’s that massive cock that has my mouth watering.  The huge club drips hungrily from the tip, and I giggle again while licking my lips. 

“Lie down,” I croon.  “Let me get my mouth on this thing.”

My husband obeys, his bronzed form going horizontal on the couch, and then I shed the rest of my clothes before getting on top of him in a 69 position, my mouth on his cock as his tongue buries itself in my pussy.

“Ooooh!” I scream.  “Oh god!”

“Baby, your cunt tastes so good,” he rumbles into my folds.  “But do you care that people are watching?”

I shake my head with my lips still sucking his dick, making my man groan.

“No, this is why I love Club Z,” I whisper hotly.  “Anything goes so long as it’s raunchy and wrong.”

Then, I begin licking and sucking his shaft eagerly, even as Sam fingers and suckles my clit.  It feels so good that I begin juicing heavily into his  mouth, but not before I remember the dildo.  I pop off my husband’s rod for a moment before inserting the plastic toy into my mouth and getting it all lubed up.  Then, I circle the tip around his anus, spitting on those dark pleats to make sure he’s sufficiently lubed up.

“You ready, Daddy?” I whisper even as Sam licks my slit again.  “Unnnh!”

“I’m ready,” he pants.  “Fuck me with the toy.”

Slowly, I press against his anus, watching those tree trunk thighs tense a bit.  Crooning, I urge him on.

“That’s right, Doctor,” I whisper.  “Just relax and it’ll go in.”

His sphincter pops audibly, and the dildo slides in a couple inches. 

“Mmm, good job,” I murmur before sucking his cock into my mouth again.  “Mmmph!”

Slowly, the dildo slides deep into Sam’s ass, and my man groans as the toy hits maximum penetration.

“Fuck,” he curses into my pussy.  “Oh shit.”

But we establish a rhythm within a matter of seconds.  I’m sucking his throbbing tool while fucking his ass with the dildo, as he laps hungrily at my pussy, soft grunts erupting from his throat as the pleasure mounts.  Soon, my man’s hips are bucking in my mouth as he lets out a series muffled curses.

“Oh shit,” he grunts.  “Shit shit SHIT!”

Suddenly, Sam’s cock erupts and I almost choke on the huge volume of seed that suddenly bloats my cheeks.  I can’t keep it all in, and a trickle escapes from the corner of my lips as my snatch tightens.  Then my juices thicken and I convulse as well.

“Unmmph!” I wail.  “Mmph!  Mmmph!”

My pussy clenches almost violently even as hot gushes of nectar pour into Sam’s mouth, my man swallowing fast to drink it all up.

“Yes baby,” he hisses.  “Give it all to me.  Let me taste your come.”

We swallow again and again, enjoying each other’s flavors as Sam continues to lick me through my orgasm.  I manage to open my throat so that he’s pumping directly into my stomach and moan headily with the pleasure. 

But then, I decide to ramp things up.  Releasing his cock from my mouth, I slowly ease the dildo out before giving it a long, slow lick.

“Shit baby,” Sam rasps, craning his neck to watch.  “You’re going to do ass to mouth?”

“Hell yeah,” I titter before taking another slow lick.  “You know I love the taste of your ass on the dildo.  It turns me on.”

My husband lets out another low moan as his head falls back on the couch.

“Fuck Harlow, you’re going to be the death of me.”

I merely giggle again while lapping at the rubber toy.

“But it’ll be the best death of all, right Daddy?  One where you go to Heaven afterwards?”  And with that, the filth continues until we’re both overwhelmed with utter hedonistic pleasure.




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