Bonus Scene - 921 Cupid's Chase



Five years later.

My husband and daughters have brought me so much joy, and I’m eternally grateful that this life is mine.  In a way, I’m even grateful to Rosanne, my mom, because she’s the one who introduced me to Mason.  Of course, it’s not often that you end up marrying your mother’s ex-boyfriend, but stranger things have happened.

However, it’s been five years now and our lives are going swimmingly.  Harvey Pindot proposed to Rosanne about three years ago, and they were married in a huge, lavish ceremony at the Tudor Hotel.  My mom was bedecked in a white wedding dress that weighed a ton from the thousands of crystals embroidered all over the bodice and train, and she had diamonds literally dripping from her ears, throat, wrists, and fingers.  But all that matters is that my mother’s happy because two years ago, she gave birth to my little half-sister, Cornelia, and Cornelia and Mercy are great friends.  The two toddlers play together, even if they’re technically of different generations.

But it’s okay.  We’ve learned to live, laugh, and forgive, and now, on our fifth anniversary, Mason’s cooking a special dinner for me.  Our daughters are with their babysitter, and we have the entire evening to ourselves.

“Are you sure that’s how garlic bread’s done?” I ask as my husband dips a crust of bread into a bowl of melted butter.   It comes out bright yellow and dripping with liquid, but my man merely nods and dips another baguette into the butter.  Then he positions the bread on a metal tray before popping the whole thing into the oven. 

“Yep,” he says with a satisfied grin.  “This is going to be delicious.”

“It’s going to be a thousand calories,” I say in a rueful tone.

Mason merely leans over to kiss me.

“Yes, the better with which to fatten you up with,” he says.  “You know I love your curves honey, and you’re sexier now than when we got married.”

I giggle a bit because I’ve gained about forty pounds in the five years we’ve been together, and at first, I always said I wanted to lose the baby weight.  But my husband intervened, reiterating that he loves my lushness, and now, I’m happy the way I am.  In fact, I’m currently at the kitchen counter wearing nothing but a bra and panties.  It was Mason’s request because he said it would make cooking “more fun” for him. 

But the sheer lingerie has distracted my husband and he eyes my breasts hungrily.

“Shit baby,” he growls.  “Can I have a taste?”

I know what he wants and with a giggle, pop one of the girls out of a lace cup. 

“Sure, Mason,” I say in a sultry tone before lifting the pink nipple as an offering.  “Here you go.”

My husband’s on it in an instant.  He leans down and suckles the tip into his mouth, causing hot shudders to run straight from my breast to my pussy.  I moan against him, tossing my head back while running my hands through his black hair.

“Oooh, yes Daddy,” I moan.  “That feels so good.”

But the firefighter’s not done yet.  With clever fingers, he pops my other breast out and then begins suckling that tip before pushing both creamy mounds together so that he can get both nipples into his mouth at once. 

“Fuck,” he rasps, devouring my sweet flesh.  “This tastes so good.”

I giggle breathlessly.

“But don’t you have dinner to cook, Mason?” I ask.  “Or are you done?”

He doesn’t even look up.

“Everything’s ready,” he rasps.  “The food just needs some time in the oven, and then we can feast.  But first, I’m going to feast on you, baby.”

With that, he spins me around so that I’m bent over the kitchen counter.  With one swift tug, my panties are torn off and I’m lush and nude before him.

“Daddy!” I protest with a giggle.  “Those were new!”

Mason doesn’t even reply.  Instead, he reaches around and crams the lace into my mouth.  I gasp with surprise and a muffled “mwhwhw!” erupts from my lips.

“Don’t be surprised, Charity,” he whispers in my ear.  “The wetness on your panties is your pussy juice, honey.  It tastes good, doesn’t it?  Now just lean over and give me what I want.”

What can I do but obey?  I let out another strangled cry as my man kneels behind me and licks me all the way from my clit up to my asshole.  My pussy creams hotly and Mason drinks it all, lapping at my wetness while enjoying my female essence.  But then, he does something so rancid that I gasp through the fabric stuffed in my mouth.  He kisses my asshole, his lips savoring the puckered pink pleats before pushing his tongue into my dark channel.

“Mwmwmw!” I scream while pressing my cheek against the kitchen counter.  “Mmhh!”

“I know you like it,” he says darkly from behind me.  “And if Daddy wants you to come with my tongue buried in your butt, then that’s what you’re going to do.”

But my husband’s not done yet.  While tonguing my asshole, he reaches for a fresh piece of corn.  We’re having corn on the cob tonight, and the vegetable’s already cooked and cooled.  He selects a smaller ear, and smiles with satisfaction when he sees my astonished look.

“Yeah, I’ve been wanting to buttfuck you with one of these for a while,” he rasps.  “Will you let me honey?  Indulge a man’s deepest desires, Charity.”

I stare at him some more with wide eyes.  But then to my surprise, I nod and Mason lets out a low chuckle. 

“Good.  Thank you, baby.  I knew you’d be game. I lubed these up in that butter we got from the farmer’s market that has an especially high fat content, so it’s perfect for deep anal loving.  Now part your legs honey because I want to cram this in.”

OMG, I can’t believe this is happening.  Is my husband really going to insert a piece of corn into my asshole?  But with trembling thighs, I obey, bending forward even more to lift my bottom in an offering.  Mason nods approvingly and then spits onto my pink pucker, getting me wet and lubed.

With that, he positions the head of the corn at my opening and gently pushes.  I shriek through the lace, my eyes going wide as my hands scrabble on the hard tile.  It’s so big and firm that I can’t move.  But Mason merely spits on my asshole again, and gently increases the pressure.

“You can do it, Charity.  You’ve always liked corn, right?  This is just enjoying your favorite side dish in a different fashion.”

With that, he begins pushing again, and to my shock, the ear of corn begins to disappear into my asshole.  I’m stretched so hard, and shriek with combined pleasure and pain through the fabric stuffed in my mouth, but my husband won’t let up.

“You can do it,” he rasps, his eyes glued to where the vegetable enters my bottom.  “Fuck, your anal rim is so fucking gaped right now.”

I moan and mewl again, pressing my face into the counter while trying to breathe through my nose.  My butt feels like it’s on fire, but the burn slowly becomes pleasurable, and it’s as if I can feel each tiny kernel massaging my rectal walls.  It’s good and Mason lets out another low chuckle behind me. 

“Squeeze that ass,” he commands.  “Push out like you’re going to the bathroom, and it’ll go in easier.”

I do as he commands, and with that, the entire eight-inch ear of corn slides into my ass.  It’s so taboo and I try to breathe through my nose as I’m penetrated.  But the fireman wants more, and slowly, he pulls the ear out before pushing it back in, watching with avid eyes as my butt swallows the corn again and again.

“Fuuuuck,” he moans in a low voice.  “This looks so good.”

The pumps become faster and faster, and to my surprise, I’m beginning to ascend a cliff.  My fingers go down to play with my nub and as Mason fucks my butt with increasing vigor, suddenly, my world explodes.  Fireworks go off in front of my eyes and my curves shudder with ecstasy.

“Mphph!” I scream.  “Mwmww!”

My ass and pussy clench convulsively as my man lets out a roar in back of me, his big body shuddering as he shoves the ear of corn even deeper into my asshole.  We both shake violently, our climaxes utterly consuming as we burst together, enjoying the filth and taboo nature of our interactions. 

After a few minutes, I float gently down to Earth, panting like I’ve just run a marathon.  My husband pulls the panties from my mouth and I cough a few times.

“You okay?” he growls, those blue eyes flashing.  “Was it too much, sweetheart?”

I shake my head, the ear of corn still buried in my rear end.

“No, it was good.  I loved it.  Was it good for you too?”

After all, on the floor between my husband’s legs lies a huge pool of cum.  Mason didn’t need me to touch him in order to achieve climax.  Instead, he orgasmed on his own from the dirty act we engaged in, and I love that about the fireman.  I turn him on so thoroughly that he doesn’t even need physical stimulation.  Instead, it’s enough just to play together, and he’ll erupt.

But my man isn’t done yet.  He leans over to press a kiss to my sweaty shoulder, and then slowly, pulls the ear of corn out from my ass.  But instead of tossing it into the trash, he lifts it to his lips and takes a bite before smiling devilishly at me.

“Mason!” I exclaim.  “Oh my God!”

“Everything about you is delicious, Charity,” he rumbles.  “And this is no exception. Your ass tastes good.”

With that, I giggle as my heart leaps because this man is made of utter filth, and I love it so much.  Maybe we weren’t supposed to be together that first time, but now after five years, this is absolutely the alpha male I was destined to fall for.






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