Bonus Scene - Paying The Rent



I’m in my third trimester now and as big as a whale, but that’s only part of being pregnant.  What’s really an issue is that I’m so horny all the time.   I mean, all the time.  I wake Jethro up in the middle of the night to have sex, and then again, when the sun rises.  If he doesn’t have to go into Thunder Strike that day, we often indulge in afternoon bouts of sexy times, in addition to the nightly poundings that have been coming my way.  I chalk it up to hormones, but Jethro says he’s going to be wheelchair-bound if the baby doesn’t get born soon.

I laughed at that because my fiancé’s just exaggerating.  If anything, Jethro has the virility of a lion, and works hard to keep me satisfied.  In fact, tonight he’s doing a special dance for me, and I’m looking forward to it.

I lay back on my divan, stretching out luxuriously.  My big breasts are spilling from the tiny lace bra I have on, and my panties are already wet with the crotch pulled to one side so I can play with myself.

“Start dancing,” I giggle.  “I want to see.”

My man grins.

“So bossy,” he growls.  “But yes, ma’am.  Happy to be of service.”

Then, the music starts and my man begins gyrating in our living room.  Of course, we’ve pulled the shades because this is about to get nasty, but that’s what I want.  As I watch, Jethro runs his hands over his abs, his hips twisting sinuously.  Mm, this guy is hot.  I want to lick that washboard so bad, and I love how he’s always so bronzed and muscular.

Not only that, but he’s been doing a lot of leg work in the gym recently, so his hamstrings are strong and defined.  My finger goes down to my clit as I rub my nub, sighing with pleasure as Jethro dances.

“More,” I demand.

“Yes ma’am,” he replies, twisting around to strip off his Speedo.  Those muscular buttocks are revealed and my pussy goes soft and loose with excitement.  Oooh, yeah.

Then, Jethro swivels to face me again, and sure enough, his cock is out and it’s huge.  The vein going along the left side is bulging with need, and his glans drips from the tip, already forming a long line of seed that hits the ground with a splat.

“Mmm!” I giggle, furiously stroking my nub now.  “That looks yummy.”

“You’re going to like what I have next even more,” my fiancé growls with a naughty look.  Then, he reaches into a nearby drawer and pulls a dildo out.  We play with toys a lot now, and this particular one gets a lot of action because it’s about eight inches long, girthy, with a realistic looking ballsack.  I love feeling it inside my twat and raise one leg invitingly, showing him my steaming folds.

“You want to put it in?” I coo.  “But you didn’t dance much for me!”

My man shakes his head, flashing those white teeth in a charming smile.

“Oh no, sweetheart, this isn’t for you. This is for me.”

I gasp because Jethro’s shown me a side of himself that’s dirty, filthy, and incredibly obscene.  My man sometimes likes getting dicked in the ass, and while we’ve used dildos for the job, we’ve never used one this big.

“Oh my god, are you serious?” I ask, eyes going wide.

“Very serious,” he growls before setting it on the ground.  The suction base at the end sticks to the hardwood, and the dildo vibrates a bit, sticking straight up as Jethro pours a bit of lube into his hand.  Then moving in time to the beat, he strokes his palm up and down the big black cock, getting it ready for deep penetration.

“OMG,” I gasp again, twisting my nipples as my pussy clenches in shock.  “You’re going to take that in your ass?  Are you sure?”

Jethro merely grins again before standing and gyrating his hips. 

“There’s a first time for everything, baby.  Besides, I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, and now’s the perfect opportunity.”

With that, my man spreads his legs in a vee over the huge black dildo, and moving to the music, he slowly begins to squat.  I can’t tear my eyes from the rancid sight, watching breathlessly as his asshole draws closer and closer to the tip of the dildo.  Finally, the rubber point just brushes against Jethro’s asshole and his head tips back with pleasure.

“Fuck,” he grunts.  “That feels so good.”

“You’re doing great,” I coo as I finger myself, the anticipation growing in my veins.  “I want to see your anus get stretched out.  Sit down on it, big boy.”

Jethro obeys, squatting even further, and I watch with avid eyes as his rim strains a bit, resisting at first, before it pops and the dildo slides into my man’s rectum a few inches.

“Unnnh!” he grunts.  “Oh shit!”

“You look so good, baby,” I purr.  “Mmmm, I love seeing my man get fucked!  Now deeper,” I command.

Jethro takes a deep breath and pushes his butt down more so that his ass is practically touching the floor, consuming the black dildo, and I let out a throaty moan of pleasure.

“That’s it,” I whisper.  “You look so good getting butt-fucked.  Mmmm, yeah.  Now move.  Give yourself a butt-fucking like a champ.”

With that, my man starts moving on the dildo, his eyes closed and chest tense as he maneuvers himself vertically up and down.  I watch with avid eyes as his ass swallows the black toy, his rim squeezing the circumference tight.

“Yeah, you’re getting wrecked,” I moan.  “It looks so good.”

My own fingers are starting to do double time in my pussy, and as an added bonus, I slip one finger into my asshole from behind so that I’m fucking myself in both holes.

“Yes, Jethro!” I cry out.  “Yes, yes!”

With that, we both come ecstatically.  Loud wails fill the room as my pussy and ass clamp down on the digits I have buried within, and Jethro lets out a string of curse words as his penis jerks and then flexes before spurting reams of seed clear across the room.

“Fuck!” he roars.  “Oh SHIT!”

As I watch, my man slams his ass down on the dildo a few more times in rhythm with the sprays of seed coming from his dicktip and I egg him on.

“Yes, work that ass,” I gasp.  “Fuck it, fuck it!”

It’s only after what feels like an eternity that our moans, pants, and heaves finally slow to a reasonable pace.  I look around, and see that we’ve wrecked the room.  There are spurts of seed everywhere, not to mention a huge wet spot below my pussy on the divan.

But Jethro’s not worried at all.  Instead, he slowly levers himself off the dildo, his butt coming off with an audible pop, and then unsuctions the toy to bring it over to me.

“Do you want a taste baby?” he rasps, blue eyes flashing.  “I know you’re my dirty girl.”

Ever the slut, I part my lips obediently and begin sucking on the big black length that was just buried in my fiancé’s butt.

“Mmm, I love the taste of your ass on this fake dick,” I murmur wickedly.  “A2M is one of my favorites.”

With that, Jethro’s eyes flash even as he feeds me more of the toy.  Somehow, I know that this session isn’t over yet, and that in fact, we’re just getting started.




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