Bonus Scene - A Curvy Girl for the Cowboy



“Oh my!” I gasp.  “Really?”

Miss Bethy raises her head, blinking at us with inquisitive eyes.  Then, the cow lets out a resonant low. 


“Stupid bovine,” Rock curses under his breath.  “Why the fuck is she watching us?  Look the other way, you damned animal.”

I merely giggle.

“Don’t call Miss Bethy names because she’s the reason we met!  Besides, I think it’s because she’s never had a calf herself, so she doesn’t know how these things work.  She wants to watch you breed me, Rock.”

After all, my husband recently built a breeding station for me in the barn, and we’ve been dying to use it.  Not that we need it, of course.  In the five years since we’ve been married, we’ve already had three children:  Jacob, Holly, and Isaac.  Now, however, Rock wants to try for a fourth.

“Goodness,” I gasp as my husband helps me up onto the hard, flat surface of the bench.  It’s about waist-high and bolted into the wall.  But about two and a half feet above the bench is a thin strip of wood also bolted into the wall with a pair of foot shackles hanging from them.

“Lie back,” Rock rasps, his blue eyes gleaming.  “That’s right, sweetheart.  Now throw your ankles over your head, and let me get these fastened.”

Then, my husband clips my ankles into the cuffs, and I gasp at the total debauchery.  After all, I’m nude and lying on my back, with my legs up in the air and spread apart.  My feet are tied upwards so that they can’t move, and my pussy and ass are completely revealed, the pink folds already moist and my coffee pucker winking in anticipation.

“Oh my god,” I whisper again.  “This is so wrong.”

Rock grins as he disrobes, flashing white teeth.

“Why, what’s wrong with it?  Can a man not breed his wife?”

“He can!” I squeal as my breasts shake.  “It’s just this is such a revealing position!”

“But you’re gorgeous like this, sweetheart,” my husband counters, advancing with his huge pole out.  “Perfect for taking cock, and then letting the semen seep in.”

All conversation is cut off as Rock hocks and then spits on my pussy before reaching down to smooth the saliva into my sensitive flower.

“Ohhhh,” I moan as my eyes flutter shut.  “That feels amazing.”

My husband chuckles darkly before pinching my clit, and then gently inserting a finger into my sopping cunt.

“Goddamn, you’re drenched,” he growls.  “Just the way you always are, Mrs. McLaughlin.  What a little cockslut.”

It’s true.  I am a cockslut because I can never get enough of my husband.  As a result, I let Rock put his member in me every which way, whenever he wants, in any hole he wants.  No wonder we’ve had three children in five years!

But now, the urge to be bred is strong, and my eyes open as I plead with my husband.

“Now Rock,” I whisper breathily.  “Don’t make me wait.  Fuck this pussy like you mean it.”

He grins and pulls his finger out, inspecting the gleaming digit.  Then, he notches his rock-hard member at my hole and slowly pushes in, making both of us moan with delight.

“Goddamn, you’re tight,” he manages in a choked tone.  “How the fuck does that happen when you’ve had three kids already?”

I merely sigh with pleasure as my eyes flutter closed.

“You know a woman’s body is elastic,” I reprimand.  “Not only that, but I was made to carry your children, Mr. McLaughlin.  Now fuck me hard!  Put your baby in me!”

The words stir my husband to a frenzy, and soon, he’s pounding me like a mighty machine.  His pecs are tight, and his abs flex as he rams me, those blue eyes searing into mine.  Sweat drips off his forehead, splashing onto my nude form, but I don’t care.  I love how he bangs me so hard, and my pussy squelches with dirty sounds as he rams in again and again.

“Goddamn,” the cowboy gasps.  “Oh shit… oh shit… it’s coming… FUCK!”

Rock soars over the edge with a mighty roar, his penis pumping as it sprays me with virile cum.  I shriek as well, unable to move, and merely clench my pussy, squeezing him tight as I take a deep load.

“Yes,” I moan.  “More.  Give me everything in your balls, big boy.”

My husband roars again, harsh streaks on his high cheekbones as he pumps and fucks, and then fucks and dumps.  But I take it all, clamping my pussy on his dick as if milking him, pulling each squirt of virile spunk deeper into my fertile body.

“Yesssss,” I hiss again.  “Mmmm, fuck.”

Finally, Rock stops, panting like he’s just run a marathon.  He’s never looked more handsome to me, that huge, virile form backlit by light as his cock jerks and squirts the last of his cum into me. 

“Fuck,” he grunts.  “Goddamn.”

I merely giggle while clenching my snatch again, massaging him with my tight channel.  But then I wink at the cowboy while flexing my asshole, and I know he can feel it through my thin vaginal wall.

“Want to put it in my bottom, Daddy?” I coo suggestively.  “I could use some semen in my anus too.  It always feels so good sloshing around in my backdoor.”

Rock’s blue eyes gleam as he growls deep in his chest because we just got started playing with this new breeding stand … and when I get up again, I’m sure we’ll have discovered new ways to use it.




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