Bonus Scene - Show Me How



“Show me how, Daddies,” I pant while crouching on my hands and knees.  “I’m ready.”

Casper and Clay shoot me a skeptical glance.

“I’m not sure, baby,” Casper growls.  “You just gave birth three months ago.  The doctor said nothing goes in your vagina during this period, remember?”

But I merely giggle and waggle my rump at the twins before reaching two hands back to pull open my cheeks so that they can see my anus. 

“Yeah, but she didn’t say you couldn’t go in here,” I mewl, flexing my pink asshole at the twins.  “This isn’t against the rules.”

The filthy actions are enough to release Casper and Clay from any hesitation they might have had, and both men pounce on me.  I let out a long, satisfied moan because this is what I’ve been waiting for what feels like ages.  Of course, Casper and Clay have made love to me since our daughter, Miranda, was born, but they’ve been steadfast about refraining from penetration.  They say my body’s too fragile and still in recovery, although I’ve promised them that my ample curves were made for pleasing men.

But now, it seems I’m finally getting my way as my husbands’ hands roam all over my curves. They push me back onto the bed and survey my nude, lush form.

“Fuck baby,” Casper growls, his blue eyes gleaming.  “You’re so fucking sexy.”

I part my legs and snake a hand down between my thighs before parting my pussy lips so they can see inside.  Of course, my clit’s bulging deliciously and my pink channel glistens in the low light.

“Thank you,” I titter.  “You like?”

“Hell yeah, we like,” Clay rasps before lowering his head to lick my nub.  “You’re even more beautiful than before, baby.  We love the weight you’ve put on from the pregnancy, so don’t lose it, okay?”

I sigh with rapture, my lashes fluttering shut because this is only one of the reasons I adore being with the Richmonds.  They worship my curvy body, and even though I have yet to lose any of the baby weight, Casper and Clay still think I’m the sexiest woman they’ve ever met.

But then, the sound of a drawer opening reaches my ears and my eyes blink in confusion.

“What was that?” I mewl.  “Were you getting the lube?”

“No, I was just reaching for this,” Casper smirks, holding up a giant black dildo.  “You ready to get this in your ass, honey?  You know how much we love to buttfuck you with this thing.”

I gasp because I haven’t seen this particular dildo in a long time.  Since our first date, if I’m not mistaken.

“Really?” I ask, although my insides have already started tingling.  “You wouldn’t rather put yourselves in me first?”

“Oh we will, don’t you worry,” Casper responds with a knowing chuckle.  “But first things first.  Let’s get this baby wet.”

He holds the dildo before my mouth and like a good girl, I part my lips and suck it down.  The toy is just as massive and girthy as I remember, and my anus clenches in anticipation.

“It’s okay,” Clay soothes as he strokes the pink pleats before spitting on them.  “It’s going to be fine, I promise.”

Then, Casper pulls the toy from my mouth and motions for me to flip over onto my hands and knees again.  I bury my head in my arms, shoulders pressed to the mattress as my bottom lifts.

“Give it to me,” I moan.  “I can take it.”

One of the twins rubs lube into my pleats, chuckling when he sees how it tightens reflexively.  Then, I look over my shoulder and see Casper stroking the large toy all over my cheeks before finally lining it up with my opening.

“Oh yeah, I’m going to buttfuck your ass, baby.  And you’re going to like it.”

With that, he grins and drops a kiss to my back before pushing the dildo all the way into my bottom. I gasp at the sudden penetration as the sensation slowly morphs into pleasure.

“Oh God,” is my low wail.  “Unnnh!”

Casper pumps the toy a couple times while Clay plays with my nipples. I moan and shift a bit, trying to change the angles, and the sensation is mind-blowing.  My husbands touch places inside that make me go up in flames, and I pant as Casper plunges the toy even deeper.

“Fuck it looks amazing,” one of the twins groans as obscene squelching sounds ring out in the room. 

“Goddamn, I’m surprised she can’t get pregnant this way,” rasps the other while fisting his shaft.  “I’m so fucking horny I swear even the vibes could get Mara pregnant.”

But of course, we can’t continue like this forever.  The twins continue to drill me deep with that big black toy, my asshole flexing as I take the nine-inch cock to its base.  Suddenly, everything coalesces, and my vision goes dim.  A bright white light flashes and then I cry out with ecstasy as my pussy and ass convulse violently.

“Shit!” I scream.  “Oh fuck!”

The twins are just as carried away.  Their moans intertwine with mine as they ejaculate all over my naked body, splattering me with male seed.

“FUUUUCK!” roars one. 

“Oh shit!” curses the other.

I continue to pulse and pant as I’m covered in hot splashes of semen, and the truth is that I love it.  I adore being nasty with my husbands, and when we finally descend from the Heavens, I flip over, the dildo still buried in my butt.

But I’m not to be outdone.  Teasingly, I pull the toy from my anal canal, giggling as the men watch the exit with wide eyes.  Then, I bring the dildo to my lips and give the tip a light suckle.

“You like the ass to mouth, Daddies?” I titter.  “Because there’s more where this came from.”

With that, our filthy rendezvous starts all over again because Clay and Casper Richmond will always be more than happy to show me how.





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