Bonus Scene - Obsessed with the Man of the House



Oooh, I’m so excited.  Gray’s going to film with me today, and it’s going to be our first time streaming live on camera.  Of course, it’s not our first time on camera ever.  I wanted to practice before doing a live show, so the man of the house and I got dirty about a week ago with the red light of a camcorder pointing at us while performing in our bedroom.  It was a practice video, and a lot of fun went into its making.

But today, it’s the real thing.  I wink at my boyfriend.

“Are you ready?” I coo, one hand on the remote.

Gray takes that moment to drop his towel, revealing his massive shaft.  It’s deep purple and stiff already, the veins pulsing with desire.

“I’m always ready for you, baby,” he drawls.  “Hit that sucker.”

I giggle while pressing “record,” and the timer on my laptop begins to countdown.  10…9…8…  My ring light is a bright circle pointing at us, and I bounce a little on the mattress.

“Okay, Daddy,” I coo.  “Almost live.  3…2…1…”

Then, the word “RECORDING” appears on my laptop, and the light on the camera becomes an unblinking red.

“Hi,” I say in a coy tone, addressing my audience.  They can’t see my face, so my voice is important, and I make sure to speak in a sexy, throaty thrum.  “I’m Nessie Prince, bad girl extraordinaire, and thanks for joining me for a livestream session where we explore your filthiest fantasies together.  Today, we’re in for a special treat because as you know, I’ve been thinking about doing boy-girl for a while now.  The day has finally come … dun dun dun … and we have a live guest!  Diego, can you come on-screen please?”

Gray winks at me, and joins me on the bed.

“Hey darlin’,” he drawls before giving me a smooch on my nipple.  “It’s a pleasure to be here.”

“Oh you!” I giggle.  Then I turn back to the camera.  “Well, this is my boyfriend, Diego, and he’s going to be taking me a couple different ways today … all for your viewing pleasure, of course.  What do you think we should start with, hmm?  Straight sex?  Anal?  Oral?  What do you think?  Type in your suggestions, and the highest bid wins!”

Immediately, my laptop screen begins blinking as various men suggest sex acts for us to perform.  I giggle and watch as the bids mount, until finally, I pick one.

“Ooooh, I see that JohnH666 from Indianapolis wants us to do backdoor, Diego,” I coo while shooting my boyfriend a flirtatious glance.  “Are you ready for that?”

“I am,” he growls, his eyes on the screen as well.  “But SilentNinja404 has just offered a thousand to see anal with no lube.  How about that, Nessie?  You think you can handle my hard cock with no lube on it?”

Immediately, I’m on my hands and knees, my big breasts brushing the mattress. 

“I know I can do it,” I murmur while looking invitingly over my shoulder at Gray.  “Let’s make Silent Ninja happy.  Come on, big boy.  I’m ready.”

Then, I balance on my shoulders while reaching in back to pull my ass cheeks apart, showing off my flexing anus and dripping pussy to the audience.

“You guys like that?  Let’s hear some appreciation if you like it.”

Immediately, the chiming on my laptop becomes cacophonous as men throw tips my way.  To be honest, the money makes me horny, and I wink at Gray over my shoulder.

“Put it in, Daddy.  I want it.”

“Fuck,” he grunts, blue eyes flashing.  “No lube anal?  Damn, baby girl, you’re even dirtier than I thought.”

Then, he notches his glans at my backdoor as I take a deep breath in anticipation.  Gray’s huge and while we’ve done anal before, it’s our first time on camera and I want it to go well.  As a result, when Gray pushes, I open my eyes dramatically, looking straight into the lens.

“Oh Daddy!” I plead.  “You’re so big!  It won’t fit!”

I realize this is over-doing it, but hey, the guys want to see a dirty show.

“It’ll fit,” Gray rumbles behind me, his big hands gripping my hips.  “Your ass is tiny, Nessie, but it was built to accept cock.  Now push out with your bottom, baby girl.  Like you’re going to the bathroom and it’ll go in easier.”

I squinch my eyes shut theatrically, my hands gripping the sheets.

“Okay Daddy,” I say in a small voice.  “Try now.”

Gray increases the pressure against my tight pleats, and then with an audible pop, my sphincter gives way and he slides in a few inches.  My boyfriend turns to the camera.

“Did you guys see that?  You like seeing Nessie violated hard?  You like watching your girl taking a big dick up her ass?  Fuck yeah.”

Of course, the dinging from my laptop is now non-stop.  We’re making a fortune from tips, and Gray grunts as he thrusts further into my rectum.

“Fuck baby,” he pants.  “Oh shit, you feel good.”

I close my eyes again, moaning theatrically.

“More, more, Daddy,” I plead.  “Put it deep in my butt.  Make me really feel it.  There’s no lube so the sensation is so raw.”

“Oh, I will, sweetheart,” he rasps in back of me.  “Get ready to be fucked all the way to the moon.”

Then, Gray begins a deep, solid thrusting action in my rectum.  The fact is that it does feel amazing, and I don’t even have to act.  I always love having that huge tool in my back end, and my anal walls squeeze my lover as he rams me vigorously.

“You’re so small,” he pants.  “I just need to stretch you out some.”

“Mmmm,” I moan in return, now twisting my nipples during the anal drill.  “Ohhhh.”

But it’s too much.  The knowledge that we’re performing in front of a live audience turns me on, and within a minute, I begin to climax.

“Oooh!” I scream.  “Oh god, Daddy, it’s coming!”

“Let go,” Gray rasps.  “Let me feel your ass milking my dick.”

I erupt then, hot bolts of lighting shooting through my pussy as my asshole contracts on the huge man’s cock.  Ripples of sensation pulse through my limbs, exploding at my fingertips before shooting me to the stratosphere.

“Unnnnh!” I scream.  “Oh oh oh!”

At that moment, Gray comes as well, and he throws his head back with a shout.

“Fuck!” he roars.  “Unnh shit!”

I feel the cum shoot on the bottom of his cock pulse as he erupts, and then warm jets of seed spray into my bottom.  My anus contracts some more, milking his cock of semen as we continue to soar, enjoying this act of filthy anal sex.

Finally, however, our orgasms subside, and I turn to the camera once more.  Gray’s cock is still buried in my bottom, and I smile naughtily.

“I hope you liked that, gentlemen.  Be sure to leave comments and tip generously if you did!”

Then I blow a kiss at the screen before reaching for the remote to press stop.  Only then does Gray pull out of my ass, his cock shiny and wet from a combination of ass sweat and semen.

“Fuck, baby,” he grunts.  “That was amazing.”

I scramble up, cupping one hand beneath my anus to make sure his seed doesn’t drop out.  Then, I lean over to my laptop and let out a gasp.

“Gray, we made twenty thousand from that session!  It’s a new record.”

“Are you shitting me?” he asks, blinking with astonishment.  “Let me see.”

But sure enough, there’s the number on the screen:  $20,000.

“Holy shit,” he whispers, blue eyes wide.  “I had no idea our scene would be so popular.”

“Yeah, and it’s because of you,” I tease, one hand still cupped under my bottom to catch his seed as it leaks from my anus.  “Despite what you think, men want to see their favorite actresses get pummeled.  They want to see my holes stretched, and to watch as I seep semen from my most private parts.  So do you think you want to do more videos?”

“Hell yeah,” Gray rasps, leaning forwards to give me a kiss.  “I’m in.”

With that, I giggle again because who knew life would turn out like this?  I may be a naughty porn star, but my boyfriend is my perfect partner in crime.




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