Bonus Scene - Punished By My Mom's Boyfriend



“Are you sure, Daddy?” Peyton mewls.  “This won’t hurt?”

I fix the curvy blonde with a stern look.

“When has it ever hurt, baby?” I rasp.  “When does Daddy hurt you?”

She giggles as those big breasts jiggle and shake.

“It hurt when you took me in the behind with that new Bad Dragon dildo,” she coos.  “You know, the one with all the ridges that’s about six inches wide at the base.”

“But you looked amazing taking it in the ass like that, sweetheart, and besides, you’re fine now, right?  Your little pumpkin got stretched but Daddy kissed it all better.”

Peyton’s blue eyes flash with desire as she tugs at her nipples.

“Yes, after you kissed it, I did feel a lot better,” she agrees in a mewl.  “Thank you, Daddy, for your kisses.  I love when you kiss me everywhere.”

It’s true too because Peyton and I have a crazy sex life.  I kiss her anywhere I want, and that includes her anus, her anal prolapse, her pussy, the tender strip of flesh between her pussy and asshole, and of course, her tits too.  I’ve nicknamed those pink nipples Lefty and Righty, and I love suckling on them each night before falling asleep.

But I have a special treat for Peyton today, and she stares with wide eyes as I attach the pump to her vagina. 

“You promise it won’t hurt, right Daddy?”

I nod seriously, even as my blue eyes flash.

“It won’t hurt baby.  We’ve used this pump before for clitoral stimulation.  I’m just going to go a little longer with the pressure this time because we’re working on your vaginal prolapse, remember?  This is part of the process.”

Peyton nods, her blue eyes wide, and I love her even more for it.  After all, my girlfriend’s open to doing anything in bed, and even though I fuck her anal prolapse on a regular basis, I want to push her boundaries.  I want to see if she can do a vaginal prolapse, and this pussy pump is the first step.

I begin pumping the small handle of the implement, vacuuming the air out of the plastic chamber.  Peyton tosses her head back and sighs, her lashes fluttering shut as her pussy lips begin to swell and redden within the pump.  The lack of air means that her private parts become even more sensitive, and as I watch, her pussy goes from a light pink to a deep rose color, sexy and swollen.

But I want more than a change in color.  As a result, I pump a little while longer so that her pussy lips literally begin pulling apart, showing off those glimmering insides.  Oh fuck yeah.  She’s so wet and horny that her cunt is a deep ruby color, wet and fleshy. 

“Ohhhh,” Peyton moans, tugging at her nipples as I work her pussy.  “Mmm, yeah.”

That’s my sign.  Quickly, I stop pumping and pull the plastic cylinder off her pussy with a pop, pulling at the flesh as it comes off.  Peyton’s eyes flicker open.

“Is that it, Daddy?”

“No, not yet,” I growl while reaching two hands down to pull her pussy lips apart.  The insides tempt me, and I want to kiss her there more than anything, but first, there’s a job to be done.

“Push, baby,” I instruct.  “Push with your pelvis so that your insides come spilling out.”

After all, a prolapse is basically an anatomical oddity where a person’s organs slip out from where they usually belong.  In this case, Peyton’s vaginal canal is going to peep out from her pussy, and I watch with avid eyes as Peyton obeys.  She closes her eyes, straining with concentration, and with satisfaction, the insides of her pussy rise to the top, swelling and wet, before edging out of her pussy hole.  The glistening mass is beautiful to behold, and I egg her on.

“More,” I command in a deep voice.  “Push harder, honey.  Show me what you’ve got.”

Peyton strains and obeys, bearing down with her pelvic muscles, and as I watch, that bulging mass increases in size until it’s almost the shape of an egg.

“That’s good, baby girl,” I rasp.  “Amazing, in fact.  You can stop now.”

Then, I lean forward to kiss it, showing my adoration.  I tongue the beautiful red ball, playing with it with my mouth while worshipping it with my lips.  At the same time, I’m jerking myself off, my rod hot and veiny in my hand as I continue to suck, lick and kiss Peyton’s pussy rose.

“Mmm,” she moans with delight.  “That feels so good!”

“This is going to feel even better,” I growl, straightening to nudge the tip of my cock against Peyton’s bloom.  Then, I push in and we both let out cries of pleasure because it feels so good.  It’s vaginal sex intensified, and we both begin to come immediately.

“Unnnh!” my girlfriend screams, her eyes wide as those small hands clutch my broad shoulders.  “Oh, Daddy!”

“Baby girl, you feel so good,” I moan.  “I can’t believe I’m coming after only one thrust.”

But that’s how it is between me and my dirty little girlfriend.  It’s no holds barred sex for us, and to be honest, I think that’s part of the reason why our relationship is flourishing.  We’ve both got our minds in the gutter, and never hesitate to share how we want to be touched by our partner.

But now, I’m spurting seed into Peyton’s pussy, even as she holds her pussy lips open, begging me to give her more.

“Drain your balls here, Daddy,” she moans.  “Oh yes.”

Of course, I oblige, dumping of huge load of cum in my sweet girl.  Then, I pause and drop against her sweet form, panting and sweating with exertion.

“Fuck, you’re going to kill me, Pey!”

“So soon?” she giggles.  “But you’re only thirty-five.  Surely, that’s too early to die from sex.”

“Yeah, but sex with you could decimate an Olympic athlete,” I growl while pressing a kiss to her turgid nipple.  “You’re just bad like that.”

Peyton merely giggles while kissing me back, running those small hands over my sculpted back and chest.

“I am, aren’t I?  Well, good thing you love it, Brant, because there’s only more coming your way.”

With that, we devolve into another round of sensuality filled with filth, but also with laughs.  After all, Peyton Green was made for me, and I adore this woman more than life itself.




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