Bonus Scene - Big Neighbor Daddy



Five years later.


“Did you like what you saw?” my husband growls, shutting the laptop lid.

I open my mouth to answer, but no words come out. It doesn’t matter because the response must be on my face, and Carl chuckles knowingly.  After all, we were viewing some porn together, but it wasn’t just any porn.  In the clip, a woman was bouncing up and down in a man’s lap with her big breasts flying every which way, and his monster dick in her ass.  I was scandalized, given how her anus was being so stretched.

“I can take you in my behind, but cowboy like that?” I whisper.  “I’m not sure.”

Carl merely captures my lips with his.

“I know you can do it, baby girl,” Carl says as he pulls away.  “After all, you take me in the ass all the time.”

I nod, still trembling. “Yes, but I mean you’re just so big, and you know I have trouble handling you in my bottom as is.  Cowgirl could be really tough.”

He growls, those blue eyes flaring.

“Yeah, but I thoroughly enjoy your gorgeous butt, honey, and again, you’ve accommodated me beautifully there for years now.  It’s worked wonderfully as our preferred method of birth control.  After all, you haven’t gotten pregnant since Kelsey was born four years ago, right?  So that’s pretty good proof.”

I blush because it’s true.  After our daughter was born, we tried various forms of birth control but we didn’t like any of them.  The pill made me moody and depressed, and we both hated the feel of latex condoms.  As a result, we started doing more and more anal during my fertile period each month, and it’s worked.  I haven’t gotten pregnant since, and my bottom’s adapted to having his huge cock crammed inside.

But riding that enormous rod?  I’m not so sure.

“Just try,” my husband says persuasively.  “We’ll stop if it’s too much.”

With that, Carl kisses me again, this time with even more intensity and urgency than before.  He slowly lays me back so I’m reclined on the couch as he hovers over my nude form, kissing my lips, then my cheek, my neck, and the bare spot just above my breasts.

I arch my back when Carl’s hand squeezes one huge tit.  They’ve gotten bigger since the baby was born, and sometimes they leak milk still although Kelsey’s long since been weaned.

“That’s right, baby, enjoy yourself,” my husband growls as I shudder and mewl.  “I’m going to make you feel so good.”

We kiss again, Carl’s hands roaming over my entire body, until I pull away, biting my lip. “You’re wearing too many clothes.  It’s not fair,” I whine.

Carl chuckles. “We can’t have that now, can we?”

He does that sexy thing where he grabs his shirt from the back of the collar and pulls it over his head. I’m practically drooling as his perfect abs come into view, sculpted like a gladiator. I can’t help myself, and I reach out to drag my fingers over his hard chest.

“You like what you see?” he rasps, blue eyes glinting.

“Yes,” I say, breathless.  “I swear, you only get better with age.”

After all, a lot of people were skeptical about our relationship at first, and the age gap was part of it.  I was only nineteen when we married, while Carl was already forty.  But it’s worked for five years already, and by now, the doubters are biting their tongues. 

My husband strokes my nipple again before sucking it into his mouth, and then his massive cock presses against my thigh as he kisses every inch of me.  I moan deliriously as his fingers dip into my wet center. “You’re ready, sweetheart.  More than ready.”

“Yes,” I gasp.


He lines himself up with my opening and enters me slowly.

“Oh my God, you’re so big,” I moan. “Fuck… that’s good…”

Carl takes my legs and wraps them around his back before he starts to pound into me in quick, short strokes.

It’s everything I imagined it would be. My head flies back and I scratch down Carl’s back, pulling him as close as he can get.

But then he pulls out, his dick wet, and slowly points it at my ass.

“You ready?” he rasps in my ear.

“Yes,” I groan as the penetration begins.  Oh god, my husband’s so huge!  I squirm a bit as my butt stretches, but then my sphincter releases with an audible pop, and Carl shafts his entire length inside.

“My little butt slut,” he mutters in my ear.  “Able to take my entire length in one stroke.”

With that, Carl kisses me once more, and begins sliding in and out of my anus.

“Work me with your asshole,” he moans in my ear.  “Yes baby, just like that.”

The tide is already beginning to crest even as my pink asshole is stretched tight, but then my husband flips us over so that I’m straddling him with that huge cock buried in my back chamber.

“Bounce,” he commands, his expression taut and hungry.  “I want to see your little asshole swallow me up as you work yourself up and down my shaft.”

Obeying, I pull up, wincing a bit, before dropping down. 

“Oooh!” I squeal.

“That a girl,” Carl mutters, his eyes joined to where his cock disappears in my tender pink hole.  “Keep going.”

I slide myself up again, and then down, enveloping his meat with my anal walls.  Curiously, it begins to feel really good, and soon, I’m on a wild ride.  Like a cowgirl, I massage his cock with my asshole, clenching and screaming as orgasm overtakes me.

“Oooooh!” I squeal, shuddering with pleasure.  “Oh fuck!”

My husband loses it too, ejaculating hotly into my anal depths.

“Fuck!” he shouts.  “Oh shit, you feel good sweetheart!”

Our climaxes seem to ripple forever, my anal walls clamping again and again on his hard meat, milking him entirely dry.  Carl has so much seed and he fills me with gallons of hot fluid as my walls contract with pleasure around him.

When we’re both finished and spent, we lay on the couch, cuddled in each other’s arms until it starts to get late.

“Who would have thought, hmm?” he whispers in my ear, holding me close.  “I knew my pretty girl could take it.”

I nod, sleepy and satisfied.

“Yes, it was wonderful,” I acknowledge, warm fluid dripping from my bottom.  But then my eyes flicker open again.  “But Carl, I want another baby, so you’ll have to come fully in my pussy one of these days.”

His blue eyes glint with possession as he pulls me even closer.

“I’d be happy to, Colleen,” he whispers.  “More than happy.  Your wish is my command, sweetheart.”

With that, I sigh with contentment as the gorgeous man’s muscular arms circle my lush curves and pull me close.  I’m cherished by my husband, and every day, I give thanks that Carl Jager moved into our neighborhood.  After all, I have so much because of the handsome firefighter.  I have love, happiness, a baby, and most of all, this wonderful man who takes care of our family the way he should.




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