Bonus Scene - Mistaken For An Escort



Six months later.

Our baby, Lola, is asleep and I want to show Lola’s mother exactly how much I appreciate her.  After all, Angie is my everything.  The curvy girl has given me a house, a home, and her heart and I would be a lost man without her.  As a result, I’ve booked a suite at the Wilshire for us tonight.  Or more accurately, I’ve asked them to reserve the entire penthouse floor so that we won’t be disturbed.

“This is nice,” coos Angie as she twirls in the living room of the huge space.  “What’s the occasion, Peter?  Is there something you aren’t telling me?”

I put my hands on her hips and seize her mouth for a hard kiss.

“No, no occasion.  Other than celebrating you, of course.”

She giggles while slinging her arms around my shoulders.

“Celebrating me?  But you celebrate me every day, Mr. Wilshire.”

It’s true too because I make love to my wife at least twice a day.  Usually, I take her in the shower before the morning really gets going, and then again at night, in the privacy of our bedroom.  But today, I have a special surprise.

“I wanted to bring you to the Wilshire because I have something for you,” I mutter while grazing her chin with my lips.

She smirks while reaching one hand to grab my cock.

“Something better than this?”

I throw my head back and groan.

“Not better, but different.  Hold on just one sec.”

Then I disappear into the master bedroom before reappearing with a golden coil of rope in my hands.  My wife squints at it.

“Is that the golden lasso from your office?  You know, the one from the Two-Bit Motel?”

I laugh deep in my chest.

“Close but not quite.  We’ve already played with that one before, so I wanted to step things up a notch.  Actually, I swung by a shop on the Atlantic City Boardwalk that sells oddities and curiosities and purchased this there.”

Angie shoots me a strange look.

“You did?  That seems weird.  You’re more of the type to shop at Brunello Cucinelli or Armani and not tourist traps on the Boardwalk.”

I merely shrug.

“Yeah, but I know Atlantic City well, honey, and trust me when I say that this golden lasso is a little different from the other one hanging in my office.  For one, the old crone who runs the shop is rumored to be a witch.”

Angie starts giggling then, her big breasts swaying in her deep décolletage.

“A witch?” she asks with disbelief.  “What’s this shop called again?”

I shrug.

“There’s no name, but it’s been there since I was a kid.  Anyways, the woman who owns the shop is rumored to be a Wiccan of some sort, and so she blessed this rope.”

Angie’s lips pull into an amused smile.

“What kind of blessing, pray tell?”

I merely grin, eyes dancing.

“The kind that works when your clothes are off, honey.  So get naked.  Now.”

The thing I love about my wife is that she’s game for anything, especially when it comes to sex.  As a result, Angie’s dress is off in a moment, leaving her in nothing but a white lingerie set that’s so sheer that I can see the duskiness of her nipples through her bra, and shadow of her pussy through her panties.  She looks absolutely gorgeous because she’s put on about thirty pounds since giving birth, and I love it.  But I shake my head.

“It’s not enough baby.  You’ve got to be entirely nude for the witch’s spell to work.”

“Oh really?” Angie murmurs drolly while rubbing a bit at her pussy.  “Well, okay.”

Then, my luscious wife shimmies out of her lingerie and cups her boobs, showing me those globes before sinking into a deep squat right there in the living room.  Her pussy lips pull apart, and sure enough, she’s already moist inside.

“Does this work for you, Peter?” she coos.  “Is this going to make the golden lasso do its magic?”

I grin lasciviously while stripping off my own clothes.

“I don’t know, but let’s see what happens.”

After shedding my jacket, I place the golden rope on the coffee table.  We watch expectantly but nothing happens.  The rope sits there lifeless, like the inanimate object it is.

“Um, I don’t think it’s working,” Angie giggles.  “But maybe if I do this,” she says, picking up one end of the coil and teasing the fringe against her pussy lips.  “Maybe this will wake it up.”

She giggles again, clearly expecting nothing, but then she blinks when the rope jerks a bit in her hand.

“Holy shit,” she asks, turning wide eyes to me.  “Did that really happen?”

By now, I’m naked as well and my cock’s like a club between my legs, dripping from the tip. 

“Keep going, baby,” I rasp.  “Maybe the magic’s starting.”

Angie brushes the tip of the rope between her legs again, and sure enough, the rope moves once more, sinuously this time.  It rises a bit from the table, and then starts slithering over my wife like a snake enjoying a woman’s curves.  She looks at me, her mouth agape.

“Peter,” she breathes.  “What’s going on?  I can’t believe this is happening.”

I can’t either, but then the rope brushes over a nipple and she tilts her head back and sighs.  “Mmm, that feels good,” she moans.

Then, as I watch, the rope grows bolder.  It circles her torso, slithering over that narrow waist before encircling her hips and skating between her thighs.  Sure enough, the rope begins to tickle her clit. 

“Oooh!” she screams.   “Oh my--!”

But her cry is cut off because the other end of the rope snakes into her mouth, effectively gagging her. 

“Mmmph!” Angie croaks out against the fibers crammed between her lips.  “Mmmph!”

“Tell me if it’s too much,” I rasp while stroking my cock.  “The witch told me how to turn it off, so just blink twice if you can’t take it anymore.”

Angie nods slightly, but then her head falls back because the rope’s reached her anus and is now teasing that dark hole.  My wife sits down on the couch before lounging back and spreading her legs.

“That’s it,” I croon, fisting my bulging shaft.  “Pull your knees up to your chest honey.  Let the rope have full access.”

She does as told, her mouth still stuffed, and sure enough, her pink slit rolls into view, beautiful and gleaming.  Not only that, but her asshole flexes a bit as the rope teases it, rubbing those coarse fibers against her sensitive pleats.

“Mmmm!” she squeals.  “Mmm!  Mmm!”

My guess is that she wants it in her ass, and of course, the rope obliges.  One end starts pushing against her tiny pucker, and Angie’s expression goes strained as the pressure grows.  Then with a pop, the rope is in and my wife is getting fucked in the ass by a magical lasso.  Yes, it’s really happening.

“Mmmph!” she screams as her anus is violated.  “Unnnh!”

I watch with avid eyes as the rope snakes into her, stretching her butthole out.  I can’t believe how much she’s capable of taking.  After all, I’m a solid nine inches and as thick as a club, but this rope is long.  There must be at least fifteen inches of fiber crammed into her asshole, and judging from the way her pussy’s leaking, she loves it.

But I can’t be a bystander anymore.  I have to get inside Angie too, and moving with speed, I kneel before the couch before teasing the head of my cock up and down her soaked pussy, coating myself in her fluids.

“You want this, baby girl?” I rasp.  “You want a deep double penetration?  Me in your pussy and the rope in your ass?”

She nods desperately, those big breasts shaking and wobbling with eagerness, and I notch my tip at the entrance of her pink slit.  Then I push in, and we both groan.

“Fuuuuuck,” I rasp.  “You feel amazing.”

Her eyes roll back as she’s stretched both ways, showing the whites.

“Mmm!” she moans.  “Mphph!”

But it seems the rope and I have only one thing on our minds.  I begin fucking her pussy as the rope fucks her ass.  It’s pretty amazing to see actually.  The golden lasso is like a snake as it slithers in and out of her dark hole, stretching her anus so that Angie’s bucking and whining.  Meanwhile, I’m fucking her pussy while rubbing her clit, and the sensations are too much.  My wife loses all control as her thighs shake and her back arches, hot gushes of juice coating my dick and balls.

“Mmmph!” she screams through the gag.  “Unnnnh!”

I can’t take it either.  The filthy sight of my wife being violated in all three orifices is too much and I come with a roar.

“Fuck!” I shout.  “Oh SHIT!”

Hot streams of jism shoot into the curvy girl, her pussy pulsing as it pulls the semen deeper inside.  She cries out again, deep spasms wracking her ass and cunt, as waves of sensation wash over her frame.

“Mmmmph!” she cries once more.  “Mphph!”

We both soar for what feels like an eternity, but finally come down from the Heavens and collapse on the couch.  By now, the rope seems to have lost its magic and lies there, inanimate and limp, as I pull out.

“What was that?” Angie coughs hoarsely after spitting out her gag.  The other end of the rope is still stuck in her ass, and she looks down between her spread legs, as if unable to comprehend what happened.

“I don’t know exactly,” I growl, my blue eyes gleaming.  “But it seems that the witch’s magic worked.”

Angie blinks at me while I put two hands on the lasso between her legs.

“What is it that you asked for again?” she murmurs.

I grin while beginning to tug.

“I told the witch I wanted to make my wife happy, so she gave me something that would do the trick.  I swear, that’s all I said.”

Then, I pull slowly on the length and we both watch as the golden length emerges inch by inch from my wife’s ass, slimy and glistening from her internal heat.

“Fuck,” I rasp.  “I’ve never seen something so beautiful.”

Angie merely giggles while lightly fingering her anus.

“My asshole is sore now, but in a good way,” she coos.  But then her eyes flick to me.  “Next time, Mr. Wilshire, I want to go with you to that shop.  Promise you won’t go without me.”

I lean in to kiss her.

“Of course, baby, and you shall.  We’ll go together.”

After all, that’s the story of us.  Angie Wilshire and I are bound together in life, love, and happiness … and especially when it comes to a golden lasso which gives pleasure to us both.




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