Bonus Scene - Four in the Family



My twin and I gave birth about six months ago, and it’s been the happiest period of our lives.  Janine and Tucker named their little boy Henry, while Jason and I named our little girl Henrietta.  I know, it’s a little weird, right?  But everything about the four of us is weird, and we don’t care.  Haters gonna hate, is what my sister says, and I have to agree.

After all, it hasn’t been that easy settling into Hartsville.  The four of us live in a mansion on the outskirts of town, but everyone still talks about us.  They gossip about the two sets of twins who’ve married each other, and how we’re crazy swingers who hook up with each other’s partners.

But that’s the thing – we don’t hook up with each other’s partners!  I have never had sex with my brother-in-law, the same way Janine has never had sex with Jason.  Sure, we’re in the same room sometimes making love, but that doesn’t mean that there’s any type of fluid exchange.  But again:  haters gonna hate.  People love to gossip and speculate, and the raunchier the tall tale, the more likely it’s going to be spread around.

As a result, neither Janine nor I have made a lot of friends.  Our old ones dropped us due to our “alternative lifestyle” and we haven’t been able to strike up new friendships from the mommy groups we belong to.  So we decided to go for it then.  If people were going to demonize us for being poly, then why not be poly all the way?  We weren’t going to hook up with each other’s husbands, but we were going to find other sets of twins to party with.

The doorbell rings, and I turn to my sister as we put the finishing touches on a tray of canapés.

“Are you ready?” I ask.

My sister giggles, tossing her brown curls back.

“I was born ready, girlfriend.  I’m excited to meet Tyler, Tamara, John and Johnna.”

“John and Johnna,” I giggle.  “Are they for real?”

My twin merely laughs too.

“Hey, people already think we’re insane for naming our kids Henry and Henrietta.  So John and Johnna makes total sense to me.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” I say.  “And I love our kids too, other people’s opinions be damned.  Okay, I’m going to let our guests in, so get ready!”

Then, I push my curls back before waltzing through the kitchen and into the hallway before peeking into the living room where our husbands are chatting.

“Tucker and Jason, they’re here!” I sing.  “I hope you’re ready.”

Our men chuckle, darkly handsome where they sit on the couch.

“We’re ready, honey.  Bring it,” Jason growls.

“Been ready since the day you showed me their photos,” Tucker adds, winking at me.  “Open the door, baby.”

I nod before sashaying to the front door, and take a last deep breath.  Then, I look down to check myself out.  Hmm, the baby weight has added twenty pounds, but I think I still look okay.  My curves are clad in the barest lingerie, and my big breasts push against semi-sheer lace cups.  My thong disappears into the crack of my ass, and black stilettos complete the vampy look.  Well, what do our guests expect?  We’ve invited them to a sex party, and not a picnic in the local park.

With that, I throw open the door to reveal two handsome couples.  John and Tyler are identical twins, with chestnut hair, massive builds, and charming smiles.  Johnna and Tamara are twins too, with blonde hair, big breasts, and wide hips.  They’re dressed in coats as I peek out from behind the door.

“Welcome!” I greet, letting the door close to reveal my lingerie-clad form.  “I’m Emily, and this is my sister Janine,” I introduce as Janine waltzes into the foyer.  She, too, is clad in the barest of lingerie, but red in her case.

“Oooh, twins!” Tamara squeals, clapping her hands.  “I love it!”

“We’re going to have four sets of twins today,” Johnna adds with a smile before slithering her trench coat off.  “It’s going to be so dirty.”

I don’t answer because both women have dropped their outerwear, and they’re completely nude beneath the fabric.  At least Janine and I are in lingerie, but these girls take it to the next level.  They’re ready to play, and Tamara winks while jiggling her tits at me playfully, making them bounce.

“So where are the men?  Let’s go find them, Johnna!”

Then, the two ladies are off to the living room before I can say anything.  I gape, startled and surprised.  Okay, that was fast.  But before I can collect my wits, Tyler and John turn to me and my sister, and drop their coats too.  Just like their wives, they’re completely naked beneath the outer wear, but instead of slick pussies and bouncing tits, John and Tyler have humongous dongs that reach all the way to their knees.

“Ohhhhh,” my sister sighs, her eyes going wide.

“Goodness!” I gasp, barely able to breathe in the suddenly too-hot atmosphere of the foyer.  But Tyler and John have already fixed us with their domineering blue eyes.

“On your knees,” Tyler commands, his voice brooking no dissent.  My sister and I share a look, but we immediately drop to our knees in the small chamber.  Thank god we just got a new Persian rug for the space because otherwise, our knees would be bruised on the cold tile of the entryway.

“Now suck,” John demands, tapping his huge pole against my sister’s mouth.  As I watch, she parts her lips, obediently sucking on his tip.  Even the glans is huge and she can barely get her mouth around the heavy purple helmet.

“Unnh,” she mumbles, straining as her lips stretch.  “Mmm!”

Meanwhile, Tyler waits expectantly, his piercing gaze fixed on me.  Then, he cups his balls, squeezing them a bit, as a drop of pre-cum appears on his penis head.  My eyes go wide, my tongue licking my lips in anticipation.

“You want it, don’t you?” he rasps, never taking his eyes from the pink flicker of my tongue.  I nod wordlessly, making him chuckle again.  “Then you’ll get it,” he says, gripping his cock before brushing the tip over my lips.  Tyler’s a dirty fuck because he’s literally painting his semen on my mouth, the way you put lipstick on, but it feels so good, and is incredibly dirty too.  In fact, he’s leaking so much that the sperm gets all over, smearing my chin and cheeks so that I look like a mess.  But Tyler reads my mind and merely taps his dick on my lips again.

“Yes, you’re a mess, but a beautiful one,” he rumbles.  “Now open.”

I part my lips obediently, but this man isn’t the type who slowly slides his shaft in, letting you adjust as you go.  Instead, before I know it, he’s pushed half of that nine-inch monster down my throat, and my eyes bug with surprise.

“Yes baby,” he hisses, blue eyes gleaming as my cheeks bulge with discomfort.  “I find that it goes down easier this way.”  Then, his big hands grip the back of my skull, tunneling into my hair, and before I realize it, he’s pushed my face down all the way.  Suddenly, I have nine inches of dick buried in my throat.  My nose is pressed against his groin, and I’m choking a bit while making muffled sounds of distress.

“There, there,” he soothes.  “You’re fine, baby.  You told me your husband’s dick is ten inches, right?  So this must be nothing for you.”

But it’s not nothing because while Jason’s longer, Tyler’s thicker.  He’s so girthy and wide, in fact, that the corners of my lips feel like they’re going to crack open, and there’s drool oozing uncontrollably out of my mouth.  But Tyler merely grins and forces my head down with one big hand as I gag a bit.

“You’re doing well,” he praises.  “Now suck.”

I do as I’m told, and the discomfort eases, slowly but surely.  Tyler throws his head back and grips my skull between his hands, letting out moans of pleasure as I work my throat muscles.  Meanwhile, I’m semi-aware of what’s going on around me.  John now has my sister bent over, gripping her ankles, and he’s shafting into her pussy from behind as she pants with pleasure.  Her boobs swing so wildly that they’re slapping her chin as John moans and grunts like an animal.  Meanwhile, a glimpse down the hallway shows Jason, Johnna, Tucker and Tamara, totally naked with their lithe forms gleaming in the low lights.  The four of them are doing some nasty shit with Jason’s cock buried in Johnna’s mouth as Tucker takes her from behind.  Meanwhile, Tamara’s behind Tucker, licking his asshole while smacking her lips with delight.

“Mmmm, so yummy,” she hums while sticking out her tongue.  “I love the taste of ass.”

“Fuck, what a tight butt,” Tucker grunts, his eyes closed as he slides his shaft into Johnna’s anus.  The blonde woman lets out a muffled squeal of pleasure while trembling with ecstasy.

“Ooooh!” she screams.  “Oh oh oh!”

My own pussy tightens just from glimpsing the dirty scene.  Holy fuck, is this what it means to swing?  I don’t have time to finish the thought because Tyler’s balls are beginning to rise.  His abs tighten as his thighs flex, and I grip those sculpted buttocks with my hands, knowing what’s about to come my way.

“Yes baby,” he hisses, hands tunneled in my hair as he holds me down on his cock. “Oh fuck fuck fuck.  YEAH!”

Suddenly, the snake down my throat pulses, veins throbbing like they’re on fire.  Then, a huge gust of semen erupts, choking me.

“Mmm!” I squeal through the man meat in my mouth.  “Oooh!”

“Yeah, swallow it all,” Tyler hisses, his hands holding my head in place so that I can’t move.  “Don’t let a single drop escape.”

I try to do the best I can, swallowing and swallowing and swallowing, and I’m happy to say that I succeed.  Even as Tyler blasts spurt after spurt of salty male seed down my throat, I drink it all.  I gulp the stuff of heaven so that it all goes into my body, with not one ounce wasted.

Finally, he finishes pumping and relaxes his hold on my head.  I pull back, that huge man meat exiting my lips inch by inch, glistening because it’s coated in a mix of saliva and sperm.  But once it’s out, I begin coughing uncontrollably.

“Are you alright, Emily?” my sister asks from beside me.  I see that John has finished with her.  Her pussy looks ravaged and it’s leaking sperm, but otherwise, she looks hale and hearty.  Practically glowing, actually.

I cough again.

“I’m okay,” I manage.  “It was just big.”

My sister giggles before falling to her knees beside me.

“Then I want a taste too!”

Before I realize it, she’s taken Tyler’s shaft in her mouth as John beckons to me, eyes gleaming.

“You ready to take a load in your ass, honey?” he rasps.  “I’ve heard the people in this house are super-dirty and that the girls are able to receive hard daddy meat in all of their holes, over and over again.”

My eyes go wide because is this the reputation we’ve developed?  But immediately, I teeter over to the handsome man, one hand reaching for his turgid shaft.

“Yes, I can take this in my ass, Daddy,” I murmur in a coy voice.  “Put it wherever you like.  Use my body for your pleasure.”

And with the answering gleam in John’s eyes, it’s on.  After all, me, Janine, Tucker, and Jason try to live our truest lives and if that means developing a reputation for filth, then so be it.




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