Bonus Scene - My Best Friend's Stepdad



“Are you sure you want to do this?” Curt growls as we wander among the stacks, one big arm secured around my waist.

I titter.

“Oh yes, definitely.  I mean, I love the library, Daddy.  You know that.”

My man merely tightens his arm around me while pulling me deeper into the far recesses of the library.  In fact, it feels like we’ve been walking for hours, even if it’s probably only been fifteen minutes or so.  After all, Loyola has an enormous library with a lot of hidden nooks and crannies.  We’re currently in the sub-sub-basement, so it’s quite dark and gloomy, but it’s perfect for our purposes.

After all, we’re not here to study or to check out any research tomes.  Instead, Curt and I are here to make love and this is just part of our adventure together.  We’ve decided that we want to get naughty on every floor of this particular library, and we’ve already done it on the fourth and fifth floors.  This time, we’re using the sub-sub-basement, and the setting appears perfect.

“Okay, how about here?” my boyfriend asks, pulling me into a corner.

I glance around.  There’s a study carrel on one side as well as a looming bookshelf covered with titles.  Most importantly, there’s no one around and no visible cameras either.  You never know these days.  Technology is uncanny and sometimes, cameras are only as big as pinpricks, but we wouldn’t be able to avoid those.

“This is perfect, Curt,” I whisper while slithering out of my sundress.  “Now let’s move fast because I want a solid pussy kissing before you fuck me.”

With that, I unbuckle my bra, letting my creamy tits swing free, and pull the crotch of my g-string to one side, baring my steaming snatch.  Then, I hoist one foot up onto the seat of the chair at the carrel and beckon to him.

“Kiss it,” I murmur.  “Now, Daddy.”

Curt’s on his knees within seconds, and he fastens his lips to my clit immediately.  Hot jolts of pleasure surge through my cunt as he licks the hard nub at first, teasing it out of its hood, before settling in for a deep suck.

“Unnh!” I gasp, my head falling back.  “Oh, that feels good!”

“You taste good,” he rasps against my steaming flesh.  “You’re just so fuckable, Annie.  You always have been.”

It’s true because whenever my boyfriend comes to visit, we spend at least half our time in bed.  The moans and pants coming from my dorm room are probably audible to the entire hall, but I don’t care.  I’m so horny after not seeing him during the week that I want as much of that huge cock as I can get, and become a total nympho during his visits.

Meanwhile, Curt’s going to town on my vag now.  He reaches up to pull my pussy lips apart, baring my hot pink interior and blows gently on my glistening flesh.

“Oooh,” I moan, twisting my nipples.  “Oh yeah.”

Curt doesn’t answer because he’s already slipped his tongue up my cunt, fucking me with his mouth as I gyrate against his face, gushing hot female juices.

“Mmm,” I purr.  “Yes, more.”

But my boyfriend wants his cock in my vag, and so he pulls away, his chin and mouth gleaming from my fluids.  Then he spits onto his huge member, lubing it up with his palm before standing and notching that club at my opening.

“You ready pretty girl?” he rasps.

“I was born ready,” I murmur, gripping his broad shoulders.  “Give it to me, big boy.”

My boyfriend’s ruthless and with one swift upwards thrust, he’s nine deep in my steaming cunt.

“Ohhhhh!” I squeal, throwing my head back.  “Unnnh!”

“Shhh,” he murmurs into my hair.  “Remember, we’re in the library.”

But I don’t care as Curt pounds me into oblivion.  That giant anaconda feel so good sawing in and out of my cunt that I can’t help it.  I ride his shaft like a girl gone wild, my breasts bobbling with every hard thrust.

“Mmm!” I scream.  “Unnh unnh!”

Meanwhile, my boyfriend’s nearing the edge and not much quieter.  He’s got both hands on my hips, holding me still while he fucks up into me, and the growls from his chest are only gaining in volume.

“Fuck, sweetheart,” he groans.  “Oh shit shit shit.  FUCK!”

Suddenly, the cumshoot on the bottom of his penis grows and pulses, and he hardens even more inside my pussy.  Then that ginormous cock jerks inside before erupting, splashing me with gallons of his seed.

“Give it to me, Daddy!” I cry out in ecstasy.  “Yes, bathe me with your semen!”

The ejaculation becomes even more intense then.  Hot lashes of man milk pulse into my sweetest spot even as my cunt convulses violently, shivers of pleasure running through my frame as a full-body orgasm makes me arch my back and cry out with ecstasy.

“Mmm!” I scream again.  “Oh God!”

It’s only then that we hear footsteps approaching.

“Oh shit, oh shit!” Curt murmurs before ejaculating once more into my pussy.  Then he pulls out, and a huge volume of semen gushes out of my cunt, dropping onto the floor with an audible splat.  But it doesn’t matter because I’m already pulling my dress over my head and stepping away from the mess.

“Everything okay down here?” a security guard asks, poking his head against the shelf.  “We heard reports of screaming.”

I merely smile while trying to look innocent.

“Oh everything’s fine, sir,” I murmur.  “We were just studying that’s all.”

The security guard squints his eyes suspiciously, but then nods.

“Okay, well keep it down,” he grunts before stalking back the way he came.

Then, Curt and I turn towards each other, barely able to keep our laughter contained.

“Shit that was close, baby girl,” he whispers in my ear. “But I loved it.”

I merely waggle my bottom at him teasingly.

“Then are you ready to go again?” I coo below my breath.  “Because I have another hole that needs to be serviced as well.”

My man growls before seizing my lips in a passionate kiss.  Then, taking care not to step in the puddle of semen on the ground, we move to another area of the library to continue our dirty fucking because this is what Curt and I love to do together.




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