Bonus Scene - Maid for Love



“Barron, we don’t need to be here,” I whisper to my boyfriend.  “I’m already pregnant, so a breeding party isn’t necessary.”

Barron’s blue eyes flash as he gently pats my burgeoning tummy.

“Don’t worry, honey.  Pregnant girls are welcome at all City Girls parties, and while it’s true that you no longer need to be bred, this could still be fun.”

I grab his hand, pulling him to a stop.

“Are you sure you want to attend though?  What if things get out of hand?”

My boyfriend leans forward to press a tender kiss to my trembling lips.

“They won’t, baby.  I assure you, I’ll be the only man to touch you at this party.  And I won’t touch any other women either.  It’s voyeurism and exhibitionism only, without any exchange of bodily fluids.”

I nod, inhaling deeply, because I’m still a bit nervous.  But then, we step into a private room, and I gasp when I see the sight laid out before us.  There’s a long bench in the center of the room, with about ten or so women crouched on their hands and knees on it.  The women are nude and giggling, their skin flushed and ivory, with their bare pussies facing our way.

“Hi Dani!” Star calls from the bench, wiggling her round bottom in greeting.  “Come join us.  Lacy and I saved a place for you.”

Sure enough, there’s a space between the two blondes and my eyes go wide. 

“Hi Dani,” Lacy adds with a mischievous smile.  “It’s fun, don’t worry.  Take off your robe and join in.”

I shoot Barron a nervous look, but he merely smiles.

“It’s going to be fine,” he soothes.  “Now let me help you get out of this.”  His big hands slip the pink satin robe from my shoulders, and beneath the silky fabric, I’m utterly nude.  I’m four months pregnant, so my belly pooches out a bit, and my big breasts are especially lush and creamy, the tips a rose-red.

“Beautiful,” Barron whispers, taking in my voluptuous form.  “You’re even more gorgeous now that you’re pregnant.  But you heard Lacy and Star.  Up onto that breeding bench, baby.”

With that, I take a deep breath and nod.  Then, I make my way over to the space between the two girls, and get up on my hands and knees between them.  Our round rumps are raised in the air, and every one of the girls in the room is nude and giggling, their asses pointed at a row of men waiting for the party to begin.

“Have you guys done this before?” I whisper to Star and Lacy.  Despite our past history, we’ve become friendly of sorts.  The two girls apologized for the misinformation regarding Barron’s so-called sister, and we’ve reached a happy truce.  I trust Star and Lacy, more or less, because their mistake was understandable, although there’s still a ways to go.

Meanwhile, the blonde girls have been my guides whenever we attend City Girls events, and Star nods in response.

“We go to breeding parties maybe about once a month,” she whispers.  “They’re fun!”

“At least one of the girls gets pregnant each time,” adds Lacy in a hushed tone, her blue eyes reverent.  “She’s so lucky.  I hope it’ll be me soon.”

I stare at them because this is so crazy.  I thought working girls were on the pill, but evidently, the agency makes an exception for breeding parties.  My pre-conceived notions have been blown out of the water, and I make a note to ask about it later.

Meanwhile, a low growl sounds from the front of the room.  A handsome man with flowing chestnut hair and flashing blue eyes surveys us with satisfaction. 

“Greetings.  I’m Chester, and I’ll be running things tonight.  I see the girls are ready.  Bring down the bar,” he orders another man.

Slowly, the two work a contraption above us until a heavy iron bar comes down to press across our lower backs.  The girls squeal at the cold metal, but it’s arousing too.  Then, Chester and his friend come around and fasten our wrists and ankles with cuffs so that we’re more or less immobilized like animals, a bar pressed across our lower backs, with no way to escape.

“Oh my god,” I whisper, my breath coming fast.  “This is crazy.”

“It is, isn’t it?” whispers Lacy next to me, her voice tinged with excitement.  “I love being bred.”

Then, Chester steps to the front again.  By now, he and all the other men have lost their clothing, and I see that the brunette man is wielding a tool worthy of Hercules.  His club is at least ten inches long, slick with fluids, with an insistent vein pulsing along the left side.

“Gentlemen,” he intones in a raspy voice.  “The ladies are ready to be bred.  Step up to the breeding bench if you will.” 

As if on cue, the men take their places behind us.  I sense, rather than feel, Barron behind me, even as he gently squeezes one of my creamy buttocks with a big hand.

“You look beautiful like this, Dani,” he says in a throaty voice.  “So succulent and ripe.”

“Take your marks,” Chester smirks from his place behind the girl to the furthest left.  “Get ready … set… and go!”

With that, Barron notches his huge tip at my opening and gently, slides inside.

“Ooooh,” I moan, my eyes dropping closed.  “Oh yes.  You always stretch me so good.”

Being filled by my man is a pleasure, to say the least, and my pussy tingles and contracts slightly, even as Barron fills me all the way up.

“Damn, Dani,” he rasps.  “Mmm, your pussy’s tight.”

Meanwhile, all around us, girls are being bred.   Two hung studs are similarly breeding Lacy and Star as they squeal, moan, and whine, their pussies invaded to the fullest.  Chester meanwhile, has already begun pounding into his woman, their flesh creating a slap, slap! sound as he repeatedly rams into her squelching twat.

“Unnh,” he groans.  “Fuck yeah.”

Oh god, this is so dirty.  There are about ten women being bred by ten men, and we resemble a herd of cows, I admit.  We’re on our hands and knees like we’re part of an assembly line, and I should be offended at the entire premise of this obscene breeding operation.  But instead, the exhibitionism turns me on, and as Barron fucks me forcefully, I find myself already beginning to soar.  My nipples tingle as my pussy aches, and cream comes boiling out of me, lubing up my boyfriend even more.

“Yes,” I moan throatily.  “Unnnh!”

“More!” squeals Star beside me as she gets pounded hard too.

“Ooooh!” shrieks Lacy on my other side, her big breasts swaying with the force of the hard fucking.

Suddenly, all three of us burst at once.  Stars shoot before my eyes as a giant contraction overtakes my pussy, squeezing down on Barron’s cock.  Hot tingles run from my cunt to my fingertips and toes, and I literally go blind for a moment as a wave of pleasure overcomes my form.

“Oooh!” I wail with ecstasy.  “Unnnh!”

Star and Lacy scream too, their curvy forms shaking and shuddering as they get dick deep in their pussies.

“Ooooooh!” come the musical cries.  “Yes, fuck me Daddy!  Fuck my little pussy!”

Meanwhile, Barron erupts like a volcano, his cock jerking and spurting as huge reams of semen paint my insides.

“Fuck!” he shouts.  “Oh fuck, yeah.”

The moans and cries are so loud that I’m secretly glad we’re at the City Girls compound with its sound-proofed walls.  But nothing beats the feeling of my man ejaculating inside of me because once he’s done, Barron pulls out and then does what he always does:  he bends down and forms a suction with his mouth over my pussy hole, lapping up the cream pie.

“Fuck baby, you taste so good,” he says in a heady voice.  “So fucked out and fresh.  I love you.”

Even though I’m panting, I giggle a little too.

“I know, Daddy,” I say.  “I love you too.  Thank you bringing me to this breeding party because I didn’t know what to expect, but now I know and I want more.”

Barron looks up to meet my eyes for a moment.

“You want more from me, or from another bull?”

I giggle mischievously again, shaking my rump a bit to tease him.

“Maybe another bull,” I whisper.  “That would be fun, wouldn’t it?”

Barron merely slaps my hind quarters before bending down to niggle my clit with his tongue.

“Fuck baby, I never thought I’d be okay seeing you taken by another man, but fuck it.  If you want another bull, then a breeding party is the perfect place to find one.”

With that, we laugh together because with Barron Colgate, life will never been boring.  Instead, my man and I are on the same wavelength, and I know we see eye to eye on all the important things that matter in life.




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