Bonus Scene - Mouthful of Sin



I groan a bit, the baby in my stomach bumping against my gut uncomfortably.

“I swear, he’s going to be a boxer,” I pant to my fiancé.  “Except the problem is that he’s not wearing gloves right now, so I’m getting it straight to the stomach.”

Caleb comes over immediately, his handsome face concerned.

“Are you okay, sweetheart?  You want me to give you some of that extra-special attention that helps with the pregnancy pains?”

I giggle a bit because most guys make their women some hot chocolate or maybe even provide a foot massage.  But Caleb and I are different because we started out dirty, and we’ve been dirty ever since.

“Yes, I would,” I murmur.  “It would be so appreciated.”

My man nods and asks, “Here?  Or in the bedroom?”

Another kick attacks me from the inside of my gut, and I let out a moan. 

“Here is good,” I reply.  “Hurry because he’s getting really violent!”

With that, my man lies down on the living room floor, his tall frame stretched out.  He opens his mouth and gestures to me.

“Come on, baby.  I’m ready.  Give it to me.”

With that, I struggle out of my panties, my thick thighs already wet.  Then, I maneuver until I’m positioned with my feet on either side of Caleb’s head, my dripping pussy aimed at his face.

“Are you ready?” I mewl.

Those blue eyes flash as he opens his mouth again.

“I was born ready, sweetheart.  Back that ass up.”

With that, I lower myself into a deep squat so that my pussy’s in my man’s face.  He moans deliriously, immediately snaking out his tongue to swipe along my swollen slit.

“Fuck, you taste good,” he rasps.  “You’re drenched already too.”

“I know,” I mewl helplessly, throwing my head back as electricity sizzles in my cunt.  “Mmm, yeah!  I feel better already.”

My man is thorough though.  He licks up my slit a few more times before using one hand to pull my labia apart, revealing my deep pink insides and tingling clit.

“Mmm,” he moans, starting a deep suckle on the hard piece of flesh.  “You’re so aroused baby.”

I can’t answer because I’m burning up inside.  Caleb always does this when I’m having pregnancy pains, and it generally helps too.  Something about dirty, nasty sex and a soul-shattering climax do it for me, and I moan deliriously as my lashes flutter shut.

But the thing is that there’s one more step before I go over the edge, and Caleb knows what to do.  He pulls off my clit with an audible pop and then urges me to move forward.

“I’m ready, sweetheart,” he rasps.  “Sit your ass down on my face.”

With that, I comply, letting out a low wail as he licks my asshole.  It’s so dirty as his tongue works over my tight pleats, even dipping a bit into my puckered hole, but I love it so much.  We’ve discovered that this is really the only thing that helps me calm down in the throes of my third trimester.  Yes, I need my asshole licked and fortunately, Caleb’s only too happy to do it anytime, anywhere.

“More!” I pant, grinding my bottom down on his tongue.  “Unnnh!”

“Yes baby,” he pants, gripping my thighs to keep me balanced.  “Fuck, your ass tastes good.”

Then, it happens and I soar over the edge, hot pussy juice splashing out onto Caleb’s chin and chest even as he continues to lick my butt through my orgasm.

“Oooohh!” I scream, cupping my breasts as my vision goes dark.  “Oh shit!”

My fiancé tongues me through the spastic contractions.

“Give it to me baby,” he mutters hoarsely.  “Oh fuck yeah.”

I shudder and scream some more, my anus and pussy clenching powerfully as climax ripples through my frame.  But finally, it stops and I tumble off my fiancé, panting and sweaty.

“Are you better now?” he asks, those blue eyes gleaming.

I nod, pushing my hair out of my face before rolling to my back and opening my mouth.

“Yes, but it’s your turn now, big boy.  Tit for tat, right? So drop your asshole down on my tongue, and I’ll show you what it’s about.”

Caleb’s blue eyes gleam as he begins undoing his pants, and I giggle because this is what we like.  We’re dirty all the way to the bone, and life has never been better for it.




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