Bonus Scene - My Anonymous Lover

Note to the reader:  This is a throwback scene where Ginny enjoys an encounter with an anonymous man at a glory hole before she meets Jeremiah.




With a giggle, I pull on a tiny mini-skirt as well as crop top that shows off my belly button.  Of course, it doesn’t really matter what I wear since the man won’t be able to see me, but I like being dressed appropriately nonetheless.  Then, I pull on a pair of cute sneakers and open the door of the truck cab before hopping out.

With that, I stroll across the parking lot, trying to look normal.  I’m in Alaska, doing a long haul that’s taken me near the Arctic Circle and it’s freezing.  I look crazy wearing nothing but this tiny outfit, but then again, there aren’t many people to see.

With that, I let myself into the unisex bathroom.  The thing about Alaska is that they’re really bare-bones around here.  They don’t have women’s restrooms because there are so few female truckers to begin with, so instead, we all use the same facility.  There are two stalls in the restroom, and when I let myself into the one on the left, sure enough, there’s a hole in the divider that’s about waist-high.  Blessedly, there’s also a space heater mounted to the ceiling, and I swear, my hair’s going to light on fire if it gets any hotter.

But I’m grateful for the warmth, and with a rush of anticipation, I sit down to wait.  Sure enough, within a few minutes, the door opens and heavy footsteps sound.  Beneath the partition, I see a pair of giant work boots, and there’s something about the sight of them that makes me go hot and needy inside.  Do big feet really mean big cocks?  I know it’s just a myth, but maybe not.  Maybe there's some truth to the saying.

With that, I lever myself into a deep squat, balancing on the balls of my feet.  Thank goodness I have sneakers on because this would be near-impossible in heels and sure enough, within a few seconds, a giant cockhead is poking through the hole in the wall. 

“Lick it,” a raspy male voice on the other side commands.  “I need some hot mouth on my dicktip.”

I lean forwards and do just that, swirling my tongue around the top of his glans before sticking my tongue in the little slit at the top.  The cock spurts a bit of pre-come onto my tongue and I giggle before swallowing, enjoying his salty taste.

“Mmm, you’ve been eating well,” I moan encouragingly.  “Give me more.”

But that’s the thing.  The man’s dicktip is only about two inches through the hole, and it seems that he’s stuck because he’s so big.

“Can you push forwards more?” I ask curiously, while laving my tongue over what I can reach.  The man on the other side lets out a harsh chuckle.

“No, not really, baby.  They don’t make these holes big enough for an XL guy like myself, so I’m kind of fucked, if I do say so myself.”

I back up for a moment to study the issue.  It’s true.  He’s got a horse cock, and unfortunately, the hole’s just not wide enough.  They drilled this thing for medium sized men, and unfortunately, my lover’s too girthy to fit all the way through.  But I have just the solution.

“Wait a moment,” I murmur.  “I’ll see what I can do.”

With that, I lean down and swipe a hand through my pussy folds.  My palm comes away coated with fluid and with a small smile, I begin working it into the skin of my lover’s cock, massaging his shaft.  It kind of works, but the problem is that it feels so good that he actually becomes larger in my hand, grunting with pleasure.  Oops!

“Unnnnh,” he growls.  “Oh fuck, that feels amazing.”

“Hold on, let me try something else,” I murmur.  “You’ll like this, I promise.”

Then I spit onto his shaft, combining my saliva with the pussy fluid, and massage the gooey mess onto his pulsing fuckrod.  He groans again, the veins on his cock literally looking like they’re going to burst at any second, but with a few more solid tugs, suddenly, the man’s all the way through.  I let out a gasp then because this guy’s huge.  It’s not just a horse cock I have on my hands, it’s a monster cock, and my thighs clench together as heat rushes through my body.

“Ohhhh,” I breathe before sealing my lips over that enormous shaft.   “Mmfmfm!”

“That’s right,” he rasps on the other side of the partition.  “Suck me hard, baby.  I need it and your mouth feels so good.”

I nod as best I can (even though he can’t see) and then begin a vacuum, hollowing my cheeks for the most power.  He tastes amazing and my lashes flutter shut as one hand sneaks into my panties to touch myself.  Oh god, I’m so slick and wet already, and I catch some of the fluid in my hand before reaching up and trailing it over his fuckrod once more, getting him even more lubed up.

“Unnnh,” he groans forcefully, his hips starting to buck.  “Fuck, you’re killing me.”

I giggle a bit as my cheeks bulge like a chipmunk and then do my special trick.  Suctioning hard, I let up for just a moment to twirl my tongue around his girth, and he literally begins banging his hips against the divider now, as if he’s going to pound all the way through.

“Fuck,” he groans.  “Oh shit, shit, SHIT!”

Suddenly, the cock in my mouth twitches as hot spurts of semen pulse down my throat.  Like a slut, I swallow madly, careful not to let even a single drop get away.  It tastes amazing as I drink the male cream, adoring the special flavor of semen.

“Mmm,” I moan.  “Ohhh yeah.”

Then it happens for me then too.  It’s a weird thing because sometimes, I don’t even need to be touched in order to orgasm.  Instead, it’s the taste of semen that turns me on, and suddenly, my pussy shivers and then clamps down hard.

“Mmmph!” I scream.  “Nnph!”

Hot gushes of fluid stream down my thighs as climax overtakes me.  My throat pulses, milking the cock in my mouth with every swallow even as my twat shakes and spasms violently, aching to have a hard shaft inside.  But unfortunately, that’s just not how glory holes work, and I have to content myself with massaging my clit even as the penis in my mouth begins to soften.

Finally, it drops out, leaving a trail of slime against my cheek and I giggle.

“Satisfied, big boy?”

The man on the other side doesn’t hesitate.

“More than you know, sweetheart,” he growls.  “Fuck, that’s exactly what I needed after a long day on the road.”  Then, there’s the unmistakable sound of his zipper going up, and his footfalls clomp as he leaves the restroom.

With that, I stand, a devious smile on my face.  There’s still a slight trail of semen dripping down my chin but I don’t even bother to wipe it away.  Instead, I’ve still got a mouthful of cum between my lips, and making sure not to swallow, I hurry outside before scurrying back to my truck.  Then, when I’m in the privacy of the cab, I spit out the cum into an empty water bottle and look at the prize I’ve captured.  Oh yes.  The water bottle’s already half full with the semen of various men I’ve serviced along this particular route, and my goal is to get it all the way to the top before smearing the fluid over my breasts and pussy.  Disgusting?  Taboo?  Rancid?  Yes, it’s all of these things and more, but I love it anyways.




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