Bonus Scene - Pregnant and Needy



Oooh, I can’t believe this is really happening.  My fiancé and I are leading a masterclass called Fisting for Lovers 101 tonight, and it’s so wrong, but also so very right.  After all, before we got engaged, I was terrified of getting pregnant.  I’d experienced a brief bout of single motherhood, and the fear and insecurity during that period of my life made me swear never to get pregnant again.  I couldn’t deal with the sheer desperation that drove me into poverty and a life as an escort.

But everything worked out because Rick provides a sense of security.  My man is generous and giving, in spirit as well as in material things.  Plus, he was open to working with me every step of the way.  When I was terrified of pregnancy, I insisted that we do anal only.  Yes, even though there were condoms, I wouldn’t let him breach my pussy and would only let him put his cock in my ass.

But that doesn’t mean that my pussy was off-limits entirely.  Instead, my man fisted my pussy on a regular basis because I love being stuffed full and made to take a man’s hand.  It feels so good, and as a result, City Girls has asked us to lead this masterclass today.

Looking around, I get settled on a platform bed, my back nestled among a bower of pillows as my handsome fiancé takes his place by my side.  I’m clad in nothing but the sheerest of lingerie, and what’s even crazier is that I’m pregnant.  Yes, I’m going to take a fist in my pussy in public while pregnant with my second child

Rick leans forward to kiss my brow, his big form kneeling next to me.  He’s gorgeous and clad only in boxer shorts, that hard bulge already pressing against the thin fabric.

“Are you ready, sweetheart?” he growls for my ears only.  “You can still pull out if you want.”

I merely titter and then unbuckle my bra, letting my huge tits spill out.

“Oh, I don’t want to pull out at all, Rick.  I’ve been looking forward to this seminar for a while now.”

My man’s blue eyes flare and he chuckles deep in his throat.

“Then your wish is my command, my lady.  Let’s get started.”  With that, he turns to the assembled audience and grins.

“Thanks for coming, everyone.  The first rule of fisting is to get your working hand lubed up.  Many couples even choose to use a rubber glove sometimes, but I just make sure that my nails are cut short and blunt, and that my entire fist is coated in lube for my partner’s comfort.”

With that, he whips out a can of oil and literally dunks his entire hand in it as the crowd nods in anticipation.  When he pulls his fist out, his fingers, wrist, and even his muscular forearm are coated in the good stuff, and I feel myself getting hot with need.

“Then,” Rick continues.  “I form my hand into duckbill shape like so,” he demonstrates, folding four fingers down so that it forms the top of a beak, while his thumb folds under to make the bottom of the beak.  “Compress your fingers so that your hand is as small as possible, although of course, some duckbills will be bigger than others given the natural size of your hand.”

I giggle a bit because my man is a big person.  He’s not just tall with broad shoulders, but he’s got big hands and big feet too.  As a result, Rick’s duckbills have always been XL-sized, and I love how it stretches me out so pleasurably.

Then, Rick kneels between my thighs before pulling my panties to the side and pressing a kiss to my pulsing hole.

“Oooh,” I sigh, tossing my head back while pulling at my nipples.  “That feels good.”

Rick nods, those blue eyes flashing.

“Be sure to get your woman wet too,” he growls.  “Don’t forget that part.”

With that, he suckles my clit for a bit before laving up and down the folds, causing the nectar to flow.  I lift my knees up, pulling them towards my chest to give him better access and my fiancé chuckles hoarsely as he plunges his tongue into my cunt as far as it can go before settling into a steady rhythm of tongue-fucking.

“Unnnh!” I cry out.  “Unnh!  Unhh!”

That’s when Rick pulls back, his chin and cheeks already wet with my female honey. 

“You taste amazing, sweetheart,” he rasps.  “So fucking good.”

But then he turns back to the audience and raises his hand.  “As you can see, Hannah’s ready, so it’s time to start the fisting.”  He positions his fist at my opening and gently begins easing the duckbill into my pussy.  I squirm a bit, but the first few inches go in okay.  “That a girl,” my lover hisses.  “This is so fucking rancid, but you’re doing so well too.”

Then, he eases more of his hand inside and I pull my knees up, willing my pussy to stretch.

“Mmm!” I cry out.  “Oh Rick!”

He presses a kiss to my clit once more.

“You’re doing great, honey.  Just a little more,” he croons.

But at this point, we’ve reached his knuckles, which is the widest part of his hand.  His fist seems stuck, but then Rick does what always gets me going.  He ducks his mouth below his hand and begins lapping at my asshole.

“Fuck your butt tastes amazing,” he rasps.  “Shit, this is good.”

That always does the trick, and with a slow twist, Rick’s able to guide his entire hand into my pussy, the swollen folds closing around his wrist.  OMG, I can’t believe it.  I have my fiancé’s hand buried in my cunt, and my asshole pulses as a crowd of people watch.  It’s taboo and illicit, but it feels so good too.

“Oh yeah,” I moan.  “Give it to me good, big boy.”

Rick lets out a low growl, but immediately begins to pump his hand in and out of my cunt.  He sticks with small movements at first, but then they grow progressively more powerful.  The feeling of being entirely too full is overwhelming, and my head tilts back as I pull my knees up higher and wider.

“Oh ummmm,” I moan breathlessly, my eyes closing.  “Fuck fuck fuck.”

“Yeah, sweetheart,” Rick hisses, his blue eyes fixed on where my pussy’s sucking him in.  “Fuck your cunt’s really able to take it hard today, isn’t it?”

But I can’t reply because the sensations are too overwhelming.  My entire body begins to tighten, and then it happens.  A spasm rips through my snatch, my eyes rolling back into my head as the entire world goes white.

“Oh RICK!” I scream.  “Unnnh!”

Sparkles dance before my eyes as pulses of pleasure rip my body in two.  My cunt jerks violently, clamping on the male hand buried within as my man wiggles his fingers a bit, stroking me from the inside.

“That’s right, baby,” he moans.  “Come for me, Hannah.  Show these people what a little slut you are.”

The dirty words only push me to higher heights, and I let out another wail as my pussy and asshole contract.

“Unnnh!” I shriek again while twisting at my nipples.  “Oh fuck!”

Hot spasms shoot through my sweetest spots and the world literally goes dark for a few moments.  After what feels like a millennia, I finally open my eyes, dazed and panting with exertion.  My body is wrung out, and Rick’s fist is still stuck deep in my pulsing snatch.  But he pulls it out with an obscene sucking sound and then leans forward to kiss me.

“You did amazing, sweetheart,” he murmurs against my sweaty forehead.  “You were a total slut, and that’s exactly what these people signed up to see.”

Then my man turns to the crowd, his cock rock hard even as a twinkle dances in his eye.

“As you can see, my gorgeous fiancée is very responsive.  It doesn’t take much to make Hannah come, and that was only the beginning.  There are many variations of fisting that you can try, one called the corkscrew, and another called punch fist,” he chuckles.  “Of course, we won’t be doing punch fist while Hannah’s pregnant, but stay tuned for Fisting 102, where we’ll be demonstrating that technique for your viewing pleasure.”

The crowd murmurs with anticipation, and Rick grins again.

“Now, let’s get to it.  Find your partners, and we’ll get some serious fisting going by the end of this seminar.  Now, who needs the lube?”

From the scramble forwards, I can tell this is going to be a fun masterclass, and I smile at the handsome billionaire as he leans forward to kiss me once more.  After all, Rick and I have broken new territory, and it feels amazing to do it with him by my side.

“All good, sweetheart?” he whispers.

I nod.

“I can’t wait for punch fisting,” I whisper back, eyes dancing.  “When will that happen?”

He merely kisses me again with a chuckle.

“You’re such a naughty girl,” he growls.  “After delivery of course.  I can’t be punch fisting our unborn child.”

I merely laugh and spread my legs again.

“Well, then do something else to me now because I need it if I’m not going to be punch-fisted.”

With that, another round of hedonism begins, and I’m so grateful to call this man mine.




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