Bonus Scene - Three On One



“Oh my god, are you sure?” I pant while gazing down at my nude figure.  I’m currently lying in bed surrounded by my three lovers, who take in my big breasts and lush figure with hungry gazes.  “Are you certain this will help?” I mewl, spreading my thighs even wider to reveal my plump pussy and coffee pucker.  The two holes wink enticingly, making all three men jerk with anticipation.

But Brad grins and nods.

“Of course it will,” he growls, positioning the rim of the anal pump carefully over my back door.  “I promise, your buttrose is going to be even bigger and better than before once this is done.”

After all, me and my three men engage in sexual acts that would shock the average person.  We don’t stop at marble peaches, double-headed dildos, or anything so common.  Instead, the four of us engage in regular prolapse play and I have to say that I love it. I’ve always adored prolapsing for my sexual partners, and now that I have an audience of three hungry, hot, and horny men, I relish it even more.

Plus, I feel safe with James, Brad, and Casey.  After we decided that we wanted to date for real, things moved at a pretty fast clip.  I began spending more and more time at their place, to the point where they urged me to give up my studio and move in with them for good.  As a result, I now reside in this massive penthouse and it works for us.  With five thousand square feet, it almost feels too luxurious, but my men scoff at that thought. They want to pamper their girlfriend, and I admit that it’s a wonderful lifestyle.

But in return, I offer my lovers something as well.  Specifically, my body is theirs to use and plunder any time they like, and I never say no.  Even more, all four of us love exploring in bed, and as a result, I wasn’t that surprised when Brad said he had a gift for me after dinner today.  I’d caught him shopping for sex toys earlier this week, and sure enough, there was a package in the mail today.

But is this anal pump really the answer? It’s a long cylindrical tube made of clear plastic with a hand pump at one end, as well as what looks like a tiny dildo inside.

“Oh wow,” I whisper, my apprehension evident.  “Are you sure this is what you want?

Brad merely leans forward and spits on my clit before rubbing it with one big finger.

“Yes, absolutely,” he says in a smooth tone.  “It’ll feel incredible, baby.  You know how much we love your rosebud, and this way, there will be more to share.”

That makes sense because I have a good-sized anal prolapse, and my men can’t get enough of it.  There are three of them, and they all love kissing, licking, sucking, and even tickling my prolapse.  As a result, a bigger buttrose will give them more to enjoy, even if we have to use this pump to get there.

With a devious grin, my lovers take their positions.  Casey and James hold my legs wide on each side as Brad seals the pump over my anal hole.  We all look downwards as he begins to pump the handle, and I can feel the vacuum pressure increase on my asshole.

“Ooooh,” I moan, my eyes already beginning to flutter.  “Goodness!”

“You look beautiful, sweetheart,” James rasps beside me, unable to tear his blue gaze from where my butt is beginning to swell.

“Fuck!” is all Casey grunts.  “Shit yeah.”

Meanwhile, Brad continues to work the handpump as my anal opening goes from a light pink to a dark red, the lack of oxygen making it turn rosy.  Not only that, but my gape is enlarging and sure enough, we see the first bulge of my prolapse at the circular opening.  It’s a deep maroon color, glossy and wet, and as Brad pumps with increased vigor, suddenly it happens.  The prolapse pops out of my anal opening, the steamy flesh gleaming in the light.

“Fuuuuck,” Casey moans now, stroking his shaft with one hand as he plays with one of my nipples.  “Goddamn, this is hot.”

“She’s always hot,” Brad agrees in a low growl, gently detaching the cylinder from my anus with an audible pop.  “You want a taste, brother?”

“Hell yeah, I do,” Casey replies before bending down to lick at the wobbly ball of flesh between my buttcheeks.  It feels so good to have a man sucking on my prolapse, and I cry out, my head tilting back as hot jolts of pleasure run straight from my ass to my pussy. 

“Unnh!” is my delighted cry.  “Oh oh oh!”

Meanwhile, Brad and James want in on the action too.  The three men take turns sucking and licking at my prolapse before teasing and patting the jiggling ruby mass with their fingers. 

“You’re so beautiful, Carrie,” Brad rasps worshipfully, never taking his eyes from my glistening buttrose.  “Fuck yeah.”

“Absolutely gorgeous,” James agrees, gently inserting his middle finger into my swollen redness.  “Fuck, I’m going to come.”

But I don’t want my men to spray me with sperm because that’s par for the course.  Instead, I want the seed inside me, and as a result, I turn to them with begging eyes.

“Put it in,” I cry out.  “If you’re going to come, then don’t waste that semen.  Put it in me, where it belongs.”

James, Brad, and Casey move immediately.  Casey takes his place by my head, where I open my mouth to suck down his hard dragon.

“Fuck,” he grunts, his eyes closing as his head tilts back.  “Shit yeah.”

Meanwhile, Brad gently lifts me so that he can slide beneath my torso, and before I realize it, he’s slipped his cock into my ass from below. 

“Ummph!” I cry out.  “Oooh!”

“Fuck yeah, this prolapse is juicy,” he moans, those big hands gripping my waist.  “Goddamn.”

Meanwhile, James crouches between my legs, playing with my clit for a moment before easing that massive shaft into my pussy.  I’m so wet already that it goes in slick and smooth, eliciting a delighted groan from both of us.

“You were born to take three men,” he hisses, those blue eyes flaring.  “What a little slut.”

Of course, I can’t reply because Casey’s cock is deep in my throat at the moment, but I squeeze my pussy and anus in reply, and all three men let out harsh roars.  After all, being nasty is what gets us going, and we’ve reached the pinnacle of bad behavior.  The men begin to fuck my little holes, our moans rising in the room as climax draws near.  Then without warning, it drops like a bomb, and I let out a muffled scream, my eyes going wide as a full-body orgasm hits me.

“Mmmpph!” is my ecstatic wail.  “Umph!”

Meanwhile, my three lovers explode as well.  Casey’s got the back of his hand on my skull now, and shoves my face forward as he ejaculates hotly down my throat.

“Fuck!” is his roar.  “Oh shit!”

Meanwhile, Brad and James jerk and pulse in my pussy and ass, spraying enormous loads of semen inside as I clench and squeeze both of my holes, unable to stop the ecstasy.

“Oh shit!” Casey shouts.  “SHIT SHIT SHIT!”

Brad is no better.  He grunts from below me, seed spurting from his balls as he reams my prolapse one last time.

“Your asshole feels so good,” he groans.  “Milk me with your bottom, honey.  Oh yeah, take everything I’ve got.”

Finally, the crest passes and we pause, breathing hard as their cocks dribble off.  Casey pulls his shaft from my mouth and I cough a bit afterwards, my jaw aching and lips chapped. 

“Are you okay, sweetheart?” he asks, concern shading those handsome features.  “I’m always afraid I’ll hurt you.”

But I shake my head, even as Brad and James pull out as well, leaving my holes well-fucked with seed streaming from them.

“No, I’m fine,” I whisper, my voice a little ragged from the rough drill my throat just got.  “Besides, I got the best gift of all.  Three deposits, all at once.  Oh, and did I mention?  I’m pregnant.”

With that, my three lovers descend on me, kissing and stroking my breasts, pussy and asshole once again while murmuring words of adoration because this is the most amazing gift of all.  We’re going to be parents, and with three doting fathers, I know my child is in the best of hands.




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