Five Years Later - My Fiance's Dad



Five years later.

I can’t believe this is my life.  I look around my bookstore, Hearts and Heroes.  We had an author signing today, and the crowd is still milling about, chatting and eating snacks. 

“Cora, you’ve done it again,” says Hadley as she sidles up to me, her blonde hair tucked behind her ears.  “This was such an awesome event.”

“No, you did it, Hadley,” I say with a smile.  “You’ve been a great manager and you’re the one who put everything together, what with the author, the fans, and the model.  I’m so lucky to have you working for me, especially since I have three kids now.”

My best friend giggles.

“It’s okay, Cora.  You know I love Pyra, Aqua and Terra.  I have to say that I thought “Terra” was an odd name because it sounds a little like “terrible,” but when you told me how she was conceived …”

I laugh myself.

“I know.  Matt and I were so desperate for some privacy, and we had to get away from our kids.  It’s crazy that we dug a bunker behind our house for that very purpose, right?  It’s safe and sound back there though, with a huge, fire-safe door, and bunkbeds inside.  There’s even running water and electricity, although of course, there are no windows.”

Hadley sighs.

“To be so rich that you can build a bunker in your backyard!”

I laugh again.

“Yeah, but we didn’t build it because we were trying to create a safe house.  We built it to get away from our kids!”

My friend and manager giggles again.

“Well, it’s nice to get away sometimes.  Of course, I don’t have any children, but look at that male model,” she says in a sudden whisper, her eyes darting discreetly to the handsome man standing next to the author.  “I swear, sparks are coming off that guy because he’s so hot.  I’d be happy to have a baby with him!”

I laugh because some things never change.  A long time ago, Hadley and I used to swoon over the heroes on the covers of romance books.  Maybe I don’t swoon over them as much anymore, but Hadley’s still the same.  She loves drooling over the Fabio-lookalikes, and come to think of it, this male model isn’t bad.  Sometimes, in real life the men are five foot six with bad skin.  But this one seems to appear the same that he does in pictures.  He’s six feet tall with a charming smile and flowing blonde hair.  His skin is bronzed, with no visible pockmarks.

But at that moment, my husband comes to press a kiss to my cheek.

“Great work, honey,” Matt growls, his hands slipping around my wide hips.  “This was a stellar event.”

I giggle.

“Thank Hadley, not me.”

But my manager has already slipped away, and I see her sidle up to the male model and begin talking animatedly.

“I think Hadley’s busy,” whispers Matt in my ear.  “But sweetheart, I’m serious.  This event was amazing, and you’re going to sell so many books.”

I turn and slip my arms around his neck, uncaring that we’re in my bookstore.  At least we’re behind a tall shelf that shields our figures from most of the attendees.

“Thank you,” I say with a murmur.  “I really appreciate your support, Matt.  You made it possible with your financial backing, and of course, with your emotional support.”

It’s true, after all.  I’ve been busy having babies these past five years, and my bookstore couldn’t have survived without Matt’s help.  He staked my business, putting in a small sum as working capital, and made sure that everything ran smoothly.  He’s even taken a few shifts at the counter now and then when things were crazy-busy, and I’m lucky to have such a wonderful husband.

But now, there’s a gleam to his eyes.

“Sweetheart, do you want to …?” he asks, those blue eyes devilish.

Immediately, I know what he’s talking about.

“No, we can’t,” I gasp.  “This is a book-signing and there are still guests lingering about.  Who knows, someone might come looking for me!”

But when my handsome husband wants something, he gets it.  He winks at me, and then takes my hand and pulls me further back into the bookstore.  Soon, we’re hidden behind an enormous, eight-foot bookshelf that shields us from my customers.  The section is entitled “Amish Romance” and the books have covers of girls with modest bonnets, and men wearing large-brimmed hats with white shirts and suspenders.

“I don’t think anyone’s going to be coming by the Amish Romance section for the next five minutes, do you?” he growls in my ear.  “They’re all up front, surrounding that male model Hadley can’t get enough of.  Besides, I promise I’ll be fast.  No one will notice.”

Before I can reply, Matt has me balanced on the windowsill.  He opens it so that a slight breeze blows in and sits my bottom on the narrow ledge. 

“I can’t stay here!” I giggle in a hushed tone.  “I’m going to fall off because my ass is too big!  Oh my god, you’re so bad.”

My husband winks again, although I can tell he’s already stiff and needy.

“I’m not just bad, sweetheart,” he says, pushing my skirt up and pulling my panties off.  “I’m evil.”

I want to reply but I can’t because Matt’s kneeling between my legs and licking up my sopping slit.  I let out a breathy moan, leaning backwards while trying not to fall out of the window.

“Relax,” murmurs Matt against my folds.  “Fuck, you’re so wet.”

I merely moan again, even while trying to stifle my sounds of pleasure.  Matt takes that opportunity to push my knees up so that my feet are on the ledge, my legs spread wide for his pleasure.  The movement rocks me backwards a bit, and I swear it’s a miracle that I haven’t fallen out yet.

But it’s as if there’s a wind behind me, helping me balance.  Matt moans with pleasure upon seeing my pussy slit bared to him.  He gently licks it again, circling my nub with his tongue before dipping down to taste my asshole.

“Fuck you’re so delicious,” he groans, pulling out his shaft to stroke it with one hand.  It’s huge, as always, and seems to grow thicker as I squirm beneath his touch.

“Please,” I pant deliriously.  “I need it so bad.”

Matt gives me one last lick, and then pushes his tongue into my ass cavern to make a point.

“Of course, sweetheart.  I always give you want you want.”

With that, my handsome husband stands, his blue eyes intense with need.  Harsh streaks decorate his cheekbones, and his cock is rigid and so huge that I gasp.  Of course, I’ve taken him thousands of times inside me now, and yet I can never get used to that enormous length.

“It’s okay, baby girl,” he murmurs in my ear before lining that dripping head with my pulsing wetness.  “Just relax.”

I bite back a scream of pleasure as he slips all the way inside in one stroke.  I’m impaled on that ten-inch hardness and feel completely crammed full.

“Oh yes,” he croons in my ear.  “Fuck yeah.”

I scream again, as his cockhead pushes up against my cervix. 

“Oh my god,” I moan.  “Oh god, oh god, oh god.”

But Matt isn’t done yet.  He allows me enjoy his length, pushing in and out a few times as I squeal with pleasure.  My hands grip the windowsill, but oddly, I never fall out.  Then, Matt pulls himself out with a wet sucking sound and points his hard tool at my anus.

“Are you okay with doing this?” he rasps.  “Is this fine with you, sweetheart?”

I love how my husband asks whenever he wants my ass because it’s the right thing to do.  Regardless, I always give it to him.

“Yes,” I breathe.  “My bottom is yours.”

With that, Matt eases himself into my back hole.  It’s tough going at first.  My anal ring clenches, and he has to press insistently before making headway.  My sphincter tenses and my husband reaches a hand between us to rub my engorged clit.  Hot sparkles course through my veins, and sure enough, my sphincter opens with a pop, letting him in.

“That a girl,” he rasps hoarsely, looking down to see where we’re connected.  “Fuck, you’re such a butt slut,” he adds, noting how my ass ring grips him tight.

It’s true because I love getting it in the butt now.  Often, Matt double dips.  He’ll do me in my pussy first to get lubed up, but then he puts it in my ass because I don’t feel complete unless I have that enormous horse cock in my bottom. 

Now is no exception.  He begins pumping into my anus, that huge length driving me insane.  My hands grip his shoulders as my pussy leaks fluids, dripping onto his cock below.

“Oh fuuuuck,” he groans, burying his head in my shoulder.  “Oh shit, oh shit!”

Suddenly, it happens.  The enormous man bursts in my back passage, ejaculating lash after lash of virile semen.  My bottom clenches on him hard, making him groan mightily, pumping him for everything he’s got.  But I don’t just want it in my ass, I want it in my pussy too.

“Matt!” I cry out, breasts bobbling so vigorously that one falls out of the vee of my sweater, tempting in its creaminess.  “In my pussy!  Oh god!”

Even in the throes of ecstasy, my husband hears me.  He pulls that huge firehose out of my butt mid-ejaculation and crams it into my vaginal passage.  I almost pass out from the pleasure.  He’s so big and long that I feel like I’m being split apart and torn in two.

“Ohhhh!” is my ecstatic moan as my pussy convulses on his hardness.  “Fuck YES!”

We shiver and shudder more, uncaring that people in the bookstore might hear us.  It’s so wrong and yet Matt and I love doing the taboo, and he dumps load after load of hot semen into me while rubbing my asshole with one finger.  I merely cry out, clutching this man to me who means everything as my body soars into the clouds and shatters.

Finally, we come back to Earth.  I lean against my husband, panting heavily. 

“Oh my god, I can’t believe we just did that,” I whisper, my body hot.

Matt merely chuckles, looking down at his enormous cock still buried in my swollen pussy.

“I can,” he growls.  “By the way, sweetheart, do you think we just conceived our fourth child?”

I jerk my head up. 

“Oh my god, we didn’t use protection.”

Matt merely grins at me, before pressing his lips to mine.

“Nope, we didn’t.  But that’s part of the plan, sweetheart.  I want to knock you up, again and again, because you look so good carrying my children.  But tell me, what will we name him or her this time?”

I bite my lip, giggling.  My husband is always so possessive, and I know he wants me to keep me barefoot and pregnant for as long as he can.

“Well,” I say, looking thoughtful.  “I almost fell off the windowsill here, and yet I didn’t.  It’s as if the wind was at my back, making sure I stayed safe while you fucked me silly.”

Matt nuzzles my ear.

“Oh really?  You mean, while your asshole jerked me off?”

I blush and nod.

“Especially while we were having anal sex,” I whisper.  “The wind definitely had something to do with it.”

Matt laughs deep in his throat.

“Well, I guess we’ll have to call her 'Venti' then,” he says.  “Doesn’t 'Venti' mean wind in Latin?  It fits with the other names we’ve given our kids:  Fire, Earth, and Water.”

I slap his arm playfully.

“I’m not naming my child after a drink size at Starbucks!” I laugh.  “No, I think we’ll call her ‘Aura,’ which means breeze.  That’s much more reasonable,” I giggle.

Matt merely seizes my plush lips with his own in a soul-consuming kiss. 

“Of course,” he murmurs.  “Whatever you want, Cora, because you’re my one and only.”

I melt into his arms, uncaring that our guests are mere feet away.  After all, Matt has given me everything, including life, health, happiness, and most of all, our children together.