Five Years Later - First Time Menage



I sink back against the wall of the steam room, delighted by the hot humid air, and even more delighted that my lovers and I are going to enjoy this time together.  After all, we have two children now:  Geranium, as well as her little brother, Finn.  The two kids keep us on our toes, and sometimes, it’s everything Mike, Scott and I can do to keep our eyes open at night.  Kids wear you out, even though we co-parent as a team.

But now, we have a few hours of sheer bliss to ourselves.  Our babysitter is home with the kids, and I thought we were just going to go to dinner and a movie to celebrate my birthday.  But instead, Mike and Scott have brought me back to the Seventh Street Turkish and Russian Baths.  It’s the setting of our first rendezvous, when I had sex with two anonymous strangers, never expecting that I’d see them again.

Thinking back, it was so crazy.  I wasn’t even on birth control that first time!  But all’s well that ends well, and now, my two men have given me a lovely family.

“Happy?” Mike murmurs next to me.  My foot is in his lap and he’s giving me an arch massage.  As he strokes my sole, I let out a blissful groan, unable to keep it inside.

“Very,” I say with a smile.  “I’m absolutely on Cloud Nine.”

“Well, wait until you feel this,” says Scott from my other side.  He gets in back of me and then begins massaging my neck, and I let my head loll blissfully on my shoulders.

“OOoooooh,” I exclaim.  “Yeah, that feels amazing.”

By the way, did I mention that we’ve rented a private steam room?  Evidently, so many people were having public sex on premises that management decided to go with the flow, and allow people to rent rooms by the hour.  It’s titillating because actually, the glass doors are still in place.  Anyone could peer in and see our naked forms, even if they know better than to join us.

But I don’t mind.  I’m so comfortable with my body now that it makes me laugh to think how my parents used to bug me about losing weight.  What was that Jenny Craig-type program they wanted me to join?  Oh yeah, Orgo Weight Loss.  It was so lame.  If diet drinks taste like that, then that company will be going out of business fast.

But it doesn’t matter because Mike and Scott appreciate my curves.  I’ve put on about thirty pounds from my pregnancies, but my boyfriends don’t mind.  If anything, they adore me for it, saying that it gives them more to love.

Right now, however, my men are hungry.  We had sex last night, but it was more of a quickie than the real thing.  Now, they want unrestricted access to my curves and things are going to get really dirty, fast.  I can feel it.

Sure enough, Scott’s hand trails down my back until he’s bumping slightly at my behind.  I shift a little, making room, and his fingers wander into my crease, stroking my tightly pleated rose.

“Can we have this today?” he rasps in my ear.  “Will you let us in?”

I moan breathily as Mike sucks a nipple into his mouth.

“Yes,” I say.  “You know you can use my holes any time you like.   My body is here for your pleasure.”

“Mmm,” moans Scott in my ear.  “That’s what I like to hear, sweetheart.  You’re such a dirty, filthy fucking whore after all this time.”

The nasty words turn me on, and I smile dreamily in the mist.

“I did fuck both of you that first time anonymously,” I murmur with a giggle.  “And it felt incredibly good.”

“Good, because we want more this time,” growls Mike against my nipple.  “We want it all.”

With that, the men help me up so that I’m on my hands and knees on the steam room bench.  To be honest, this is one of my favorite positions because I know I’m about to be spit-roasted.  Sure enough, Mike slips his dick into my mouth, throwing his head back as my throat squeezes around his hardness.

“Fuuuuck,” he groans.  “So tight.”

Meanwhile, Scott licks a bit at my pussy, the folds a gleaming blush pink.  Then he teases his cock through my wetness, getting it lubed up before pushing his head against my anus.

“Mmmph!” I squeal, unable to say more because of Mike’s meat stuffed in my mouth.  “Ummph!”

But Scott’s relentless. 

“Relax baby,” he soothes, running one big hand up and down my back.  “Just let yourself feel.”

I inhale deeply through my nose, trying to do as he asks.  My internal ring loosens a bit, and with an audible pop, Scott slides deep into my rectum.

“Unnnnh,” I moan through the cock in my mouth.  “Mmmph.”

“That’s right,” Scott growls, sliding in and out of my butt.  “Fuck you’re so tiny.  Fuck fuck fuck.”

Meanwhile, Mike jerks in my mouth, his dick beginning to seep copiously.

“She sucks harder when you’re in her ass,” he growls.  “Pound her a little harder and see if that does anything.”

Scott grabs my hips and changes his angle before sliding in so deep that I’m sure his dick tip is going to come out of my throat.  Sure enough, Mike lets out another muffled hiss, his head falling back.

“Oh yeah, that does it,” he moans.  “She likes getting it up her butt, and her mouth tightens when there’s dick in there.  Fuck, that feels good.”

My nipples are hard, the enormous mounds swinging heavily as I’m spit-roasted between these two men.  The fluids of my pussy thicken and I feel my thighs tremble as climax begins to creep up on me.  But then my eyes open and I let out a muffled scream because there, through the glass door, are faces looking at us!  What the hell?

Of course we knew this was a possibility.  After all, the Russian and Turkish Baths never promised anonymity.  In fact, the idea of exhibiting our dirty acts turned me on, but I didn’t know it was really going to happen!

“Oh shit!” groans Mike as he catches a glimpse of the men at the door.  After all, there are two shadowy figures, and sure enough, they appear to be huge, handsome men.  I can’t see their faces, but I can tell they’re at least six foot four, with broad shoulders and huge, thick tree trunks for thighs.  Not only that, but they’re both fisting their cocks at the moment, avidly watching the show inside.

I can’t take it anymore.  The knowledge that two men are watching me as I get double fucked pushes me over the edge, and with a muffled scream, I climax.

“MMMM!” is my yell.  “Mwowow!”

Meanwhile, Mike and Scott orgasm hard as well.  The dick in my throat jerks to the left once before pulsing wildly, shooting sperm all the way to my stomach.  The dick in my ass lifts a bit and then I can feel the vein on the bottom enlarge before Scott unloads a huge jet of sperm into my anal canal.

“Fuuuuuck!” my men cry out in unison, their heads tossed back as they fill me with semen.  “Fuck fuck fuck!”

But we’re not done yet because as my men pull out, their cocks gleaming with fluids, Mike strides over to the door, opening it to let the two strangers in.  Sure enough, the alpha males advance, looking like Roman gladiators with ten-inch, dripping cocks.

“What?” I ask breathlessly, still motionless while crouched on the bench.  “What’s going on?”

But my boyfriends cut me off.

“Sweetheart, it’s your birthday,” they remind me.  “You’re always telling us how having anonymous sex with two men years ago was one of the best days of your life, and now we want to give you that gift again.  So we’re introducing you to Randy and George, who are going to service you.  Ready?” he asks, turning to the two strangers.  “Her ass and mouth have been used, but not her pussy.  Make her feel good, alright?  Don’t let her go until she’s completely filled with come.”

And with that, Mike and Scott grin and disappear, leaving me alone in the humid sauna with these two huge, imposing strangers.  But instead of being scared, I feel myself go hot and before I know it, I’m wiggling my ass at them.

“Would you like a taste, big boys?” I coo while pulling my cheeks apart with both hands.  “Like my boyfriends said … I like it best when it’s anonymous.”

With that, another round of utter debauchery begins, and soon I’m overflowing with the semen of four alpha males.  Who knew that I was a whore at heart?  But it doesn’t matter because Mike and Scott love me, and always give me what I want.