Bonus Scene - 2 Cherries For My Dad's Best Friend



Lysenia is beautiful.  We landed this morning, and during the car ride from the airport, I caught a glimpse of the country.  Green-gold hills undulate gently, dotted with olive trees and dense shrubbery.  The sky is a breathtaking shade of blue, and Lysenia City seems to be like any big city in the world.  The hustle and bustle of the crowd is enough to drive one to distraction, although it’s muffled from our room, seeing that we’re on the top floor of the nicest hotel in town.

After all, King Fjall put us up in the Diamond suite.  I gasped when the concierge informed us that we’d be on the penthouse level, and sure enough, our space is incredible.  It has double-height ceilings, as well as décor that would be considered modern-eclectic.  Colorful velvet couches dot the interior, along with a giant chandelier made of cast-iron, and of course, we have a full kitchen as well as two bedrooms, two baths, a dining room, a sitting room, and a special powder room just off the foyer.  It’s crazy that this suite even has a powder room, seeing that I’m used to my parents’ modest home in Allentown.

But we’re thousands of miles from New Jersey now, and I put it from my mind.  After all, at the moment, we’re engaged in spicy shenanigans with Crown Prince Haakon and Princess Matilda, and this is not something that I’d want my family and friends back home to know.

Because who knew that Killian’s brother is a horny asshole, while his wife is a slut of the highest measure?  As soon as we touched down, Killian’s phone rang.

“Yo bro,” he grunted into the receiver.  “What’s up?”

He listened for a moment, frowning.

“We just landed, brother.  That’s a little soon, don’t you think?”

Another pause.

“Okay fine.  We’ll meet you at the hotel, although I have to say we’re both a little jet-lagged.  See you soon.”

He hung up and I turned to him with a curious look.

“Was that Haakon?  What did he want?”

Killian shrugged with annoyance.

“Evidently, my little brother has something that he has to talk to us about, and wants to meet us at the hotel.  Today.  Like in thirty minutes.  Obviously, he thinks it’s urgent.”

I raised my eyebrows with surprise.

“Really?  It must have to do with meeting your dad.  Fjall’s probably on pins and needles, and can’t wait to see his long-lost son.”

Killian just swiped one hand over his eyes in a tired fashion.

“Maybe.  I don’t know.  Fuck, I hope this trip turns out okay because it could devolve into one huge clusterfuck.  Ugh.” 

I clasped his hand and smiled.

“I’m sure it’ll be fine,” I soothed.  “It must be important if Haakon’s meeting us so early.”

Sure enough, after we got settled in the suite, the doorbell rang and it was Prince Haakon with Matilda on his arm.  The royal couple swept in, looking very attractive, and shot us coy smiles.

“Welcome to Lysenia,” Prince Haakon intoned.

“We’ve been waiting breathlessly for your arrival,” chimed Matilda.  Then, the princess surprised us by unzipping her dress and letting the fabric drop to her feet.  She was nude underneath, save for the tiniest pair of pink panties and twirled around before reaching for her husband.

“Are you two ready to play?” she asked coyly over one shoulder.  “Like I said, we’ve been awaiting your arrival in Lysenia for what feels like forever.  We want to pick up where we left off doing … well, you know.”

Killian and I stared at each other because were these people for real?  Were we being propositioned by the Crown Prince and Princess within hours of arriving in the country?   Yet it was absolutely real because within seconds, Matilda had Haakon’s double dicks out and was slobbering over them as she kissed and licked with abandon.

“Mmm,” she murmured with a sly smile.  “Your upper dick’s cum tastes saltier than your lower dick’s cum.  Did you eat something different?”

Haakon merely grunted while leaning back and running a hand through his wife’s brunette tresses.

“You know they’re fed from the same ball sack, so the taste should be the same, Matty.  You’re imagining things.”

She merely shrugged while straightening, and then spit in her hand and rubbed her back pleats before pointing her husband’s lower member at her anus.

“I don’t think I’m imagining things at all,” she moaned while sitting down on the huge shaft with her behind.  The enormous pole had some trouble getting in, and Matilda had to rock her hips to work the hard rod into her asshole.  “Mmmm, oh!  I think I know what your semen tastes like.  No one would know better than me.”

“That’s right,” Haakon grunted as his wife squeezed her ass on his dick, moaning melodically as her anus stretched.  He fisted his other hard shaft, watching with avid eyes as she started to fuck herself up and down his thick length, her asshole clenching his rod tight.  “No one knows better than you, sweetheart.  That’s right.  Now I’m going to give it to you.”

Killian and I turned to each other with wide eyes because holy fuck, this is the royal couple!  They barely even said hello, and then basically got to fornicating like animals in the living room!  But as we gawked at each other, Matilda turned to look at us over one shoulder even as she bounced up and down her husband’s dick.

“What are you standing there for?  Come on, join in the fun.”

Killian and I stared at each other some more, but it was like we were talking telepathically.  One second, we weren’t moving at all, and then the next, all our clothes were off and I was on my back with my ankles tucked behind my ears.  My asshole winked at Killian flirtatiously even as my pussy moistened with anticipation.

“Goodness, she’s able to do pretzel position!” Matilda exclaimed.  “Look, Haakon!  Isn’t it incredible?”

It is because in the pretzel position, I look almost like a contortionist.  My long legs are pushed all the way back, exposing both of my holes to my lover, and it works best if I hook them behind my head to keep them out of the way.

“Fuck,” Haakon gasped, staring as his brother lined his dicks up with my holes.  “We’ll have to start taking yoga, Matty.  I want to try that position too.”

She giggled.

“I don’t think so, Haakon, because I’ve had your babies!  I used to be able to do thousands of poses, but no more.  Even if I practice yoga for hours and hours and hours, it’s not going to happen.”

That’s the shocking part – that the royal couple are parents.  I had no idea that married people could be so horny, but I guess sex is sex, and you can want it even after you’ve created a family.

Then, the rest of their words were lost to me because Killian entered me at that moment.  I grunted with surprise because although we’ve had sex millions of times now, my boyfriend’s sheer girth and size still startle me.  Not only that, but Killian’s gotten good at timing his thrusts.  He’s now somehow able to control his dicks so that one goes in, while the other retracts.  Then, the other goes in, as the first one pulls out.  How is this possible, you ask?  I have no idea, but again, the men of the Lysenian royal family are genetically gifted, and my boyfriend even more so than his kin.

“Take it,” Killian hisses, staring at me ravenously while I lie there, succumbing to his punishment.  “Fuck, you’re such a whore.”

“I am a whore,” I whine in return.  “Your horny whore, Daddy.  Use my body to make yourself feel good.  Trash my pussy and ass.  I want it.”

The words push Killian over the edge, and he literally throws his head back and howls as he explodes.  Both of his cocks shoot forward, plugging me tight as they spew cum and I scream too.  Fireworks burst before my eyes as my pussy and asshole contract violently, pulling his sperm deeper inside.

Meanwhile, Haakon and Matilda come as well.  The Crown Prince lets out a bellow of climax as his wife squirms and writhes on his dicks, her breasts bouncing as she’s shafted front and back.

“Come for me, my prince!” she shrieks.  “Yes, yes, yes!”

Our cries entwine as they fill the room.  They’re loud, satisfying, shouts of completion.  We express hunger, satisfaction, and most of all, love, through our vocalizations because even if the four of us are horny, desperate, and sex-crazed, one thing still remains true:  Haakon loves Matilda, just like Killian loves me, and whatever we do together, we do it with only the best intentions in mind.




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