Bonus Scene - Weekend of Sin



I giggle while staring at my fiancé.  Kurt is so mouth-wateringly gorgeous that I still can’t believe he’s mine.  Honestly, he looks more like one of the heroes in a romance novel than a regular man walking on the street.  After all, my lover is just so tall and broad.  He’s got wide shoulders, muscular arms, big pecs, and a six pack of abs that are the definition of the word “washboard.” 

Plus, I love the fact that my fiancé is a man’s man.  He’s not like my ex, Vinnie, who was reedy and pale from being indoors all the time.  Instead, Kurt gets sun and his skin is permanently tanned a deep bronze color.  Not only that, but my fiancé’s got big, rough hands callused from work and they always feel so amazing caressing my curves.

But now, Kurt wants to re-enact the first time we met, and I’m game.

“You ready, big boy?” I coo, pulling him upstairs behind me.  “I know I am.”

Those blue eyes flash hungrily, but he pauses once we enter the master suite.

“But will we hurt the baby?” Kurt says in a low tone.  “You know I like fucking you hard, Janelle, and the last thing I want to do is to injure our son or daughter before they’re even born.”

I laugh.

“Oh no!  They’re only a tiny mite right now.  Like probably even microscopic, so it’s totally fine,” I reassure him.  “Go as fast, hard, and nasty as you want, big boy.  That’s what I want, at least.”

With that, Kurt’s on it.  My man literally rips my clothes off, and I stand there, shocked and panting.

“Oh my God!” I whisper.

His blue eyes gleam as he undoes his jeans, his massive cock springing out.  It’s already dripping from the tip and I moan again, desperate to feel it inside me.  But Kurt wants a re-play of our first time together, so he growls, “On the bed, sweetheart.  Hands and knees, face down with your ass in the air.”

Immediately, I scramble on the mattress and do as he asks.  But I’m a sassy slut, and with a giggle, I reach back with my hands to pull my ass cheeks apart, baring my two holes to him.

“Put it in here, Daddy,” I mewl.  “This is all for you.”

For a moment, Kurt is mesmerized, staring at my pulsing pussy and winking button like a man under a spell.  But then he growls and strides to the bedside drawer before pulling out the dildo that I haven’t seen in a while.  Mr. Big is long, thick, and incredibly girth with black veins that snake up and down his massive shaft.

“You ready to take this in your ass, baby?” Kurt hisses.

Most girls would be scared, but I wink my asshole at him a few times in invitation.

“More than ready, big boy,” I coo.  “Give it to me.”

With that, Kurt spits on my pink pleats, rubbing the saliva in as I moan face-down into the mattress.  Then, he positions the dildo at my anal opening and begins pushing it in.  It stretches me almost painfully, but after a loud popping noise, the dildo slides in a few inches.  Kurt lets out a throaty moan from behind.

“Oh fuck,” he pants.  “Your asshole is so fucking violated right now.  Take it deep, baby.  Take it all the way.”

I mewl a bit, my fingers scrabbling at the comforter, but then I inhale before pushing out like I’m going to the bathroom.  With that, the enormous dildo slides in all the way as I pant, immobilized by the huge cock in my butt.

“Unnnh!” I moan.  “Oh fuck.”

“You look so beautiful like this,” Kurt croons again, stirring the dildo a bit.  “I love seeing your rim fucking gaped like this.  Oh shit, shit, shit!”

He can’t stand it anymore.  My fiancé gets on the mattress with me, nudging his cock against my mouth and like an obedient slut, I immediately open, sucking that monstrous shaft down. 

“Mmph!” I moan as my cheeks bulge.  “Mphhh!”

It feels so good as Kurt leans over my back and continues to fuck my butt with the dildo while I suck hard on his pole.  He’s nearing the edge already and my throat pulses, urging him on.  Meanwhile, my pussy begins to shake and squirt a bit, and then it happens.

“Mmmph!” I scream as my asshole contracts on the dildo.  “Mpph!”

Kurt pushes it in deep once more while his hips jerk, and then the anaconda in my mouth bursts as well.  Hot semen pulses in thick ropes down my throat and I moan and swallow furiously, loving the taste of his sperm.

“FUCK!” my man roars.  “Oh shit!”

I slurp hungrily, determined not to waste a drop as my asshole and pussy continue to contract, squeezing and milking the man within.  My fiancé continues to shudder and moan, still fucking my butt with the dildo even as the last tremors pass through my form.

Finally, I pull off his shaft, the slick member popping from my mouth as a last trickle of semen escapes from my lips.

“Mmm, big boy,” I murmur, wiping at my chin.  “You taste good.  You’ve definitely been eating healthy.”

Kurt lets out a harsh chuckle while pushing the dildo in deep one last time, making me squeal, before pulling it out with a satisfying pop.

“Oh yeah, really?  Like the cake you just baked?”

I merely giggle once more, sitting up with a wince because my ass is so sore. 

“Yes, like the cake,” I say sassily.  “And I’ve been eating well too, so I want you to taste my juices and tell me if my pussy nectar is just as sweet.”

With that, I lie back and spread my thighs before reaching down to pull my sweet peach open, showing off my glistening pink insides.

“Lick it, big boy,” I coo.  “I want it.”

My fiancé doesn’t hesitate at all.  In a flash, that dark head’s between my thighs and I moan deliriously while twisting my nipples.  Oh fuck.  Life with Kurt Crenshaw is so good, and I can’t wait for more naughty times with the man of my dreams.




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