Bonus Scene - Claiming His Cheerleader



Six months later.

It’s been a few months since Janie gave birth to our son, and I’ve been over the moon with happiness.  Our son Jamie is a cute child who looks just like his mother with curly brown hair and big brown eyes.  He’s sleeping through the night already, and I’m grateful for that fact because tonight, I intend on showing his mother just how much I appreciate her.

At the moment, Janie’s spread out on our king-size, her legs parted.  She’s luscious and round, and I growl while approaching her.

“You ready, honey?”

She smiles and shimmies a bit.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.”

With that, I pull her in for a heated kiss, cupping one of her breasts over her bra as I push my tongue inside her mouth. She moans loudly and parts her legs even wider, allowing me to settle comfortably between them.  Then, she wraps her arms around my neck to pull me even closer. Her back arches and her breasts smoosh against my chest as she pants into my mouth.

“Now Brand,” she commands.  “I need it.”

I chuckle.

“Your wish is my command, my lady.”

With that, I pull my cock out of the hole of my unbuttoned pants and tease it over the mound of her barely covered cunt. She moans as I rub the hardness against her, her body rocking with the force of my humping, but it isn’t enough.

“More,” she pants again.  “I need MORE!”

I grin.

“You’re a hungry little slut, aren’t you?”

But before she can answer, I push her panties to the side and line the tip of my cock up with her entrance, rubbing it between her folds a few times to get it lubed with her juices.

She opens her mouth to say something else but can only manage to let out a gasp as I push my way inside of her.  Fuck, my woman’s so tight, and I can feel the way her cunt stretches around my cock to make room for me.

“Ah!” she moans.  “Goddamn you’re big!”

“I know,” I whisper while leaning down to kiss her neck.  “But you can do it, honey.  I know you can.”

She squirms a little while letting out another moan.

“Unnnh,” Janie whimpers. “It burns but it feels so good at the same time!”

“Just relax,” I growl. “I’ll take perfect care of your perfect little pussy. You’ve been waiting months for this, haven’t you? I’m going to fuck you just like the little slut that you are.”

She moans loudly as I pull all the way out of her before slamming my hips forward once more. Her tits bounce from the force, finally spilling completely from her bra, and I take the opportunity to suck one of her nipples into my mouth as I squeeze her other breast tightly, digging my fingernails in just to hear her whimper. I want to leave my mark on Janie in every way possible. I want her to remember who she belongs to every time she looks in the mirror, and marking her will do it.

I begin fucking the curvy woman at a steady pace, my hips slamming forward in a rhythmic motion. The noises that fill the room are so lewd:  our melodic moans, the sound of skin slapping against skin, and the squelching of her cunt as my cock plows in and out of her pussy.

I pant, opening my eyes for a moment.  Just a few minutes ago Janie looked so put together and perfect, like a luscious gift wrapped in the finest lingerie.  But now she looks like a gorgeous mess.  She’s red in the face with tears filling her big brown eyes as they roll into the back of her head, her supple breasts jiggling wildly with every unsteady breath that she takes and every harsh thrust that I force into her. Her cunt clenches around me repeatedly and I can see her stomach tensing up.

Then, I shock Janie by giving one of her breasts a firm smack. Her cunt spasms around my hardness as she whimpers and cries out.

“Give me a show,” I tell her. “Put on a performance for me just like how you did before.”

She stares at me.

“But how?”

Ah ha, I’ve prepared for this.  I reach beside the bed and pull out a red cheerleading megaphone.  It’s a plastic cone about two inches in diameter at the head, spreading out to about ten inches in diameter at the base.

“Use your imagination,” I growl, handing the megaphone to her.  “Get nasty baby.  I want to see it.”

Janie’s shocked, but then she nods.  After all, we like to be inventive in bed, and this isn’t the first time we’ve used toys.  She takes the megaphone and then begins playing with her breasts, rubbing them together and pinching her nipples before rubbing the megaphone against them. She moans as the hard plastic edge scrapes against a nipple, and I can tell her arousal’s ramping up fast.

But Janie’s not the only one.  As the minutes tick by, I feel myself getting closer and closer to orgasm. When I’m sure that I won’t be able to hold it in any longer, I pull out of her and stand up, pulling her up onto her knees.

“Sit on the megaphone,” I command.  “I want to see that pretty pussy take it deep.”

She gasps, but then puts the plastic implement on the bed and raises herself above it on her knees.  She aims the narrow portion at her cunt, and then with a breathy moan, begins to lower herself.  I watch with avid eyes as those cunt lips stretch, straining to take the plastic inside.

“Fuck,” I rasp, fisting my dick, which is dripping a steady stream from the tip now.  “Shit, you’re nasty.  Yeah, stretch that cunt out, baby girl.”

Janie sinks lower, about six inches of the megaphone buried in her twat now.  Her slick fluids are running all the way down to the base of the plastic cone, and my cock jerks in my fist.

“Fuck, I need to come,” I grunt.   “But I want to come all over those perfect tits of yours, and that pretty face too. Open your mouth for me.”

My wife does as told, opening her mouth nice and wide and sticking out her tongue, while still impaled on the megaphone. She cups her breasts as well, pushing them together and presenting them for me so that I can spray them like a firehose. I briefly think about how nice it would be to fuck her tits, but that will have to wait until next time because right now, I’m already ejaculating a stream of semen onto her skin.

“Fuck!” I roar.  “Oh SHIT!”

She moans as the hot seed lands on her tongue, her cheek, near her eyes, and then all over her breasts. I can’t remember the last time that I came so much, but I guess this is what happens when you’ve been the victim of a beautiful woman’s seduction for years.

“Ahh fuck!” I roar, ropes of the good stuff blasting onto my wife.  Like a whore, she mewls with happiness, rubbing it into her skin.  But even after I come, I’m still half-hard, and that’s a great thing because I want to fuck Janie until she can’t walk.  I don’t want this evening to come to an end any sooner than it has to, and with a deep grunt, I pull her face closer and press my fingers down on her tongue to make her open her mouth before pushing my dick inside.

She chokes a bit but then those lashes close, and she begins sucking like a madman while letting out little moans. Fuck, her mouth is just as good as her pussy as she sucks my length down her throat, nice and sloppy.  Then, my wife does me one better.  She opens her eyes and stares at me as she bobs her head back and forth, spit trailing down her chin as she sucks harder.

“Fuuuck,” I moan, throwing my head back.  “Fuck yeah.”

It doesn’t take her long to get me completely hard again, and once she does, I push her to get on all fours.

“You ready for some anal, honey?” I ask, rubbing my cock between her cheeks.  I push the megaphone into her pussy once more, although no longer as deep.  She gasps as I press myself against her anus, looking back at me as she shakes her head. 

“Oh my God!” she squeaks.  “This too?”

“Yeah baby,” I coo, slapping her ass and watching it jiggle with satisfaction. “I’ll go nice and slow, don’t worry.  Besides, you love to be penetrated in both holes.” With that, I press down on her back, forcing her to her elbows, and then part her cheeks.  Her pink pleats flex tightly and then wink, beckoning me to come closer.

“Why don’t you play with the megaphone while I fuck your ass?” I suggest, niggling the plastic a little.  She hums and begins to push it in and out of her cunt with one hand. When she lets out a quiet moan, I take that as my signal to go ahead and fuck inside of her while she’s distracted.

When I breach that pucker, Janie tenses up and lets out a squeak but then she takes a deep breath and forces her bottom to relax. I can barely fit because her asshole is so tight, and I have to stop for a few moments to give her time to adjust before I can push all the way inside.  But when my balls finally slap against her cheeks, I can’t help but let out a satisfied sigh. 

“Fuck, you’re perfect for me,” I mumble.  “Look at this pretty asshole stretched so tight around my cock.”

Janie trembles beneath me as I slowly slide in and out of her, struggling to move as her hole squeezes my hardness, sealed tight like an iron vacuum. As she starts grinding against the megaphone again, she loosens up just a bit, getting used to the double pound.

“There, see?” I murmur, leaning forward to kiss her back. The movement only pushes me even deeper, and she moans, gripping the megaphone tightly. “I knew I could make it fit.”

“It feels so good!” she cries out in response, bumping her ass back against me. “Unh, I’m so full! Please, Brand, please fuck me!” my wife whines.

I chuckle. “Oh, don’t you worry. I’m going to fuck my come into you in no time.”

Janie lets out a yelp as I begin thrusting quickly, forcing my cock in and out of her ass even as the tight ring of muscle tightens around it and makes it all the more difficult. She reaches back and rests a hand against my thigh, maybe in an attempt to slow me down, but I only grab her fist and pin it against her back.

This may be a lot for my wife to handle, but I know my little slut.  She wants me to fuck her like she deserves to be fucked. A woman like her—the perfect woman with the perfect set of tits, the most beautiful ass bouncing against my hips, and the softest skin for me to dig my fingertips in—needs to be fucked just like this. I’d be doing her a huge disservice if I didn’t use this body the way it needs to be used, and she knows it too. Janie knows how fucking beautiful she is. How irresistible she is, and what a perfect little cock holster she is.

“Brand!” she screams, and her voice is muffled as her face presses into the mattress. “I’m going to come! I’m comiiiiing!” she yelps.

“Your little cunt is that excited from me fucking your ass, huh?” I groans as I push a hand between her legs, rubbing her clit in circles. She screams and her body spasms as she comes even harder, her juices coating my hand and dripping all the way down to my elbow.

Seeing the way Janie shakes and struggles to catch her breath as she comes undone brings me closer to my second orgasm. But what really does it is the way she babbles incoherently, sobbing as she wiggles slightly for a few moments before going still.  Now, my wife’s nice and pliant beneath me, relaxed for the big event.

With a few last thrusts and low groan, I come hard, spilling seed inside her ass and fucking it as deep inside of her as I can go.  Meanwhile, I take the megaphone in hand too and press it into her pussy HARD at the same time so that she’s double-pounded violently both ways.  Her pussy and ass explode at the same time, convulsing on the hard shafts inside.

“Unnnnh!” Janie screams, throwing her head back.  “Ohhhhh!”

We move together furiously, both of us grunting and screaming with pleasure as our bodies come together with the utmost ecstasy.  I ejaculate again and again, filling her ass with my seed until it comes leaking out onto her thighs and streaming all over the mattress.

Even still, the moment I pull out of her, hot seed gushes from her hole like a waterfall, dripping down her crack and between the lips of her pussy as I pull the megaphone out with an obscene squelch.

But never to be outdone, Janie reaches back and swipes a finger over her asscrack and then brings it up to her lips and sucks on it while looking me right in the eye. The sight makes my cock twitch, and I let out an impressed chuckle as I realize that this is truly the woman for me.  As my gorgeous wife drinks my seed straight from her ass, I know that Janie Danner is the woman of my dreams, and that we were meant to be.




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