Bonus Scene - Pregnant By My Best Friend's Dad



Our little girl, Sasha, was born last year, and it’s been a mind-blowing experience as new parents.  Of course, it’s a tiring and relentless grind too, but I wouldn’t give up this journey for anything because our baby girl brings us joy and happiness that I’ve never experienced before.  Plus, Sasha looks just like her daddy – they’ve got the same black hair and blue eyes, not to mention a dimple in their left cheek.  On my daughter, it looks cherubic and innocent.  On Edward, even a dimple can be incredibly sexy and cause me to go weak in the knees.

But now, it’s time to get back into the saddle.  Ed’s brought me to Club Z to participate in a special event tonight.  It’s called “Postpartum Intimacy – Getting Back Into the Swing of Sex,” and Ed assures me that we’re perfect for this particular class.

I stare at him with consternation as we sit in the lounge.

“A postpartum seminar?” I whisper.  “That doesn’t sound sexy or Club Z-ish at all.”

Ed merely leans forward to drop a kiss on my nose.

“I know, but I think management just wants to be open about who it’s for, and what they’ll be doing.  After all, everyone’s really happy that there have been so pregnancies lately.”

I stare at him.

“Really?  I didn’t know a lot of girls were getting preggo.”

Ed nods.

“Yeah, that’s the word at least.  The breeding parties are working their magic and I have noticed quite a few women wandering about with big bellies as of late.”

I stare at him, blinking.

”Wow.  Just wow.”

My boyfriend nods.

“Yeah, I know.  But the men at Club Z are virile, and the girls at the breeding parties are young and fertile.  Sure, there are some older ladies, but always remember that Club Z exists for the pleasure of its male members.  We dudes like them nubile and sexy, so most of the breeding women are in their 20’s.”

I shake my head.

“Well, they certainly know how to please the male members.”

Ed nods.

“But it’s not just the guys, Kimber. The girls love getting dick from multiple men, and it’s really just a matter of time before someone’s sperm works its magic.  Frankly, to me, the big surprise is that so many of my guy friends are into it.  Going in unprotected like that is a big fuckin’ deal, trust me.”

I stare at him.

“Yes, but you went unprotected at my breeding party.  So there was a chance you were going to get me pregnant that first time.”

My handsome boyfriend nods as his blue eyes gleam.

“That’s true, baby.  But now the curtains have been pulled back.  Besides, I thought I had low sperm count for the longest time.  I thought I was shooting blanks for years, so there was very little risk.  Plus, I’d scheduled that vasectomy to put a lid on things for certain.”

I nod.

“Were they going to ban you from breeding parties if you went through with the vasectomy?”

Ed thinks for a moment and shrugs.

“I’m not sure, to be honest.  Things never got that far, and I never asked.  But probably, because those girls want to get pregnant.  What use would I be of them if I couldn’t deliver?”

I giggle before playfully slapping his arm.

“What use indeed?  Well, something must be off because you got me pregnant without any trouble.  Clearly, those little swimmers are working hard.”

Ed nods.

“I know, baby, and that’s partly why we’re here tonight,” he rasps, those blue eyes gleaming in the low lights.  “I want to breed you again, Kimber.  I know that we just had a baby, but I think we’ve been doing a good job as parents, right?  Sasha is the cutest little girl, and she seems happy.  Plus, you’re an amazing mommy, and I’d love to see your tummy grow big with my child again.”

I stare at him.

“But Sasha’s young, Ed.  Are you sure?  Two kids under three?  That sounds like a lot.”

He nods, one big hand going down to rub my knee.

“I know, sweetheart.  It is a lot, but it would make me so happy to breed you again.  Tonight, in fact.  Can I, sweetheart?  I want to spurt my cum into your juicy pussy and watch as you overflow with my cream.”

My heart’s in my throat as my pussy clenches because the truth is that I want it.  Sure, I just gave birth and my body still aches from labor and delivery.  But at the same time, I also know myself.  My studies at Coleman no longer interest me, and I have no reason to go back to school.  My boyfriend takes care of everything, and I have full faith that Ed will care for me and our family for as long as he lives.

With sparkling eyes, I nod.

“Yes, Ed.  Breed me tonight.  I’d love to have your babies,” I whisper.

That does it.  Ed’s on me in an instant, ripping my cocktail dress off before looking down at my big breasts and tiny panties.

“You’re so gorgeous, Kimber,” he breathes while leaning down to suck a hard crest into his mouth.  “So fragrant, fertile, and ripe.”

I mewl while caressing his broad shoulders.

“But Ed, we’re in public!  And what about the postpartum babymaking seminar?”

He shrugs.

“We’ll catch it later.  Besides, I don’t think we need it.”

I merely gasp because Ed’s just pulled the crotch of my panties to the side and is now licking at my swollen snatch.  He works my clit a bit, niggling it with his teeth before giving it a gentle bite.  A shock of pleasure runs through my frame and I let out a throaty moan while cupping my breasts in offering.

“Nnnnh,” I grunt.  “Oh yes.”

“Fuck yeah, baby,” Ed rasps against my swollen flesh.  “Touch those titties for me.  Work it, Kimber.”

Before I can reply, he pushes one of my knees back before sliding his tongue up into my pink channel, making me squirm with ecstasy.

“Oh oh oh!” I cry out.  Ed merely groans his own pleasure as he massages my vag with his tongue.

“Fuck,” he grunts.  “Your cream always tastes so good.  But don’t come yet, baby, because I want you to come on my dick.”

“Give me your cream,” I beg.  “Please Ed.  Your dick’s covered in my cream already, so put your cream in me.  I can’t wait much longer.”

My boyfriend looks up, and immediately maneuvers upwards over my curvy body.  Somehow, Ed’s completely naked already and that huge dick probes my tiny opening.

“Are you ready, Kimber?” he rasps while making electric eye contact.  “I swear, you’ve never looked so fertile before.  I love your big tits and wide hips, and I’m going to come so hard in that ripe pussy.”

He pushes in then, and we both cry out with ecstasy.  Mmm, my man is so huge and I squirm a bit, impaled on his massive pole.  How come this never gets easier?  Is it possible that Ed’s been growing in size?  Yet, I want it and look up at his handsome features with adoration.

“More,” I pant.  “Deeper, faster, harder.  Breed me, Daddy.  Give me another baby.”

“Your wish is my command, little girl,” Ed grunts while slowly pulling out before pushing in again.  The sight is rancid because his dick is coated in my fluids now, the veins pulsing with pleasure as a thin white ring builds at the base of his cock.  But neither of us can speak anymore.  The joining of our bodies is too intense, and we devolve into throaty moans and grunts of ecstasy.

“Unh,” I cry out.  “Oohhhh!”

“Fuck,” Ed growls.  “Oh shit.”

Stars begin to swim before my eyes, and before I realize it, they’ve erupted into flashing fireworks.  I convulse so hard with orgasm that I force Ed to come as well, my pussy clamping and snapping on his dick with insistent tugs.

“Breed me!” I scream.  “Breed me, Daddy, breed me!”

Ed ejaculates violently then, virile sprays of semen pulsing wildly into my tiny cunt.  My pussy spasms pull the sperm even deeper into my body, towards the fertile fields he’s aiming for.

“Yesssss,” my boyfriend hisses.  “Oh fuck, yeah.”

We continue to climax for what feels like hours as Ed dumps load after load into my ripe cunt.  But finally, his balls are drained dry and the huge man collapses on my curvy form.

“Fuuuuck,” he mutters again.  “Oh shit.  You always do this to me, Kimber.”

I giggle while pushing at his broad shoulders.

“Do what?  Make you come until you can’t remember your own name?”

“Exactly that,” he replies before lifting his mouth for a kiss.  Then Ed pauses.  “Actually, I think we can still make that post-partum intimacy seminar if you want.  This didn’t take that long, and we have plenty of time.”

I giggle.

“Yeah, but if I show up with cum dripping from my pussy, then they’ll know that we don’t need the seminar at all.  I mean, we obviously don’t have intimacy issues, parenthood or not.”

Ed shrugs and smiles.

“I’d love for you to show other people your pussy filled with my cum, sweetheart.  Would you do that for me, Kimber?  Pull your panties to the side and show those folks how you’re leaking my cream?  Fuck, sweetheart, the thought turns me on.  Now we have to go.”

I giggle because my boyfriend is so insane.  But the thought turns me on as well, and I nod in agreement.

“Let’s do it, Daddy. Let’s go and show them how you’ve already bred me again.”

With that, my man whisks me into his arms for a deep kiss because this is how we roll… and with any luck, another baby’s already beginning to grow in my belly.




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