Bonus Scene - Loving the Man of the House



“Oooh yes,” I moan as I tilt my head back.  “Right there, Daddy.”

My man hocks and then spits onto my asshole as I hold my ankles behind my ears.

“This is so fucked up,” he rasps.  “But you look beautiful, Mari.”

After all, my man and I have discovered a weakness for dirty, perverted sex.  At the moment, I’m in a pretzel shape with my ankles hooked behind my head, and the obscene position exposes everything.  My breasts are squashed against my thighs as my pussy and ass wink at the handsome man.  Harris merely groans before reaching down to massage his saliva into my anal pleats.

“Yessss,” he hisses.  “Fuck, you’re sexy.”

I giggle.

“I know, and the more fucked-up our sex is, Daddy, the more I like it.”

It’s true because Harris used to be my stepfather, so our relationship has always been somewhat fucked-up to begin with.  We’re obviously not biologically related, but still, he was a father figure to me.  But all that went by the wayside when I left for college, and soon I was sleeping with (and dating) the man of the house. 

Of course, people were shocked when they found out.  Our little community of Oakdale was aghast at the discovery, but neither Harris nor I care.  Instead, we were busy settling into our new life together, and didn’t give two shits about what other people thought.

Besides, I’m so happy these days that I don’t worry myself with rumors, gossip, and the like.  Instead, I’m an adoring girlfriend to my handsome man, and I love pleasing Harris more than anything.

Speaking of which, I flex my asshole at Harris, giggling while throwing him a naughty look.

“Lick it, Daddy,” I coo.  “Taste me here.”

The handsome man doesn’t hesitate.  Immediately, that dark head bends as he runs the flat of his tongue over my dirty hole, groaning with pleasure.

“I love the way your ass tastes,” he rasps.  “Fuck yeah, baby.”

I flex my asshole a few more times, squealing as he forms his tongue into a point before pushing it into my darkness.

“Yes,” I whisper, hitching my ankles up even higher behind my ears.  “Mmm, fuck.”

Then, Harris raises his head to grin lasciviously at me before lowering it once more to bite at my clit.

“You know what we should do, baby?”

I toss my head back, hardly able to hear his words.

“Mmm, what?”

He sucks hard on my sensitive clit before pulling off with a loud pop.

“I want to see you fuck yourself with the anal beads we got,” he rasps.  “Come on, baby.  Here they are.”

Before I realize it, Harris has reached into the bedside drawer and reappears with a series of purple anal beads in his hand.  They’re attached to a curved plastic rod, and he dangles the contraption before my mouth.

“Suck,” he man of the house rasps, his blue eyes glowing.  “Get them nice and wet.”

I do as told, and then Harris pulls them from my mouth, a string of saliva still connecting my lips to the beads before it breaks.  Then, my boyfriend settles before me on the bed and gently pushes the first bead into my ass.

“Unnnh!” I squeal, my eyes squinching shut.  “Ooh, that feels so fucking good.”

“Your ass looks amazing eating up these beads,” he rasps, his azure gaze glued to my anus.  “Fuck yeah.”

Slowly, Harris pushes all five beads in.  They feel incredible in my back end, and I squirm a bit, feeling how the balls squish and roll against one another in my rectum.

“Beautiful,” Harris rasps once he’s done, bending to press a last kiss to my asshole.  “But now, you’re in control, baby.”

He takes one of my hands and puts it on the tail of the anal bead stick, nodding. 

“Push it in and out of yourself, Mari,” he commands. “I want to see you fuck your own ass.”

Oh my god, this is so wrong, but I can’t say no.  This man is my everything, and I’ll do every dirty thing he wants and then some.  As a result, I pull the string of anal beads out of my asshole slowly, my anus stretching and popping with each ball, before pushing the curved plastic back in.

“Unnnh,” I moan.  “Oh fuck.”

“Faster,” my lover commands, one big hand on his dick.  “Let me see you ream yourself with the toy.”

I obey, pulling the balls out again, my asshole flexing as one by one, they reappear from my bottom end.  By now the beads are already coated in a mixture of saliva and ass sweat, but Harris has more in store.  He rears above me on his knees, harsh streaks decorating his cheekbones as his chest tenses.  Those thick thighs are bulging as he fists his cock, and as I push and pull the beads in and out of my ass one more time, the man explodes.  Harris roars, his azure gaze still fixed on my flexing asshole as he sprays my sweet cheeks with cum.  Hot semen lands on my buttocks, thighs, belly, and of course, my asshole.

“Unnh!” he bellows. “Shit!”

I squeal as well because I love being sprayed by sperm, and as a shower of the good stuff descends on my curves, my eyes roll back in my head as I begin to climax.

“Oooh!” I scream.  “Daddy, yes!”

Harris jams his huge cock into my asshole then, making my eyes open with surprise, before closing once again in blissful ecstasy.  He’s enormous and my butt opens and closes fruitlessly, as if trying to work the invader out.  But it’s impossible.  My lover is massive and determined, and he fucks my bottom with slow strokes while continuing to ejaculate gallons of cum.

“Fuck baby,” he rasps as his cock finally dribbles off.  “Goddamn.”

I sigh with happiness, stroking my hands over Harris’s sculpted chest and broad shoulders.

“That was yummy,” I murmur in a teasing voice.  “And thank you.”

He leans forward to kiss me then, blue eyes gleaming with amusement.

“Thank you, Mari, for everything.  For letting me have your beautiful body again and again, any way I want.”

I merely giggle while sticking my tongue out him in a lascivious gesture.

“No problem, Daddy.  Now help me get my ankles down?  Ooof, I’m going to be sore after this.”

Harris chuckles before gently releasing my legs from behind my ears, and they drift to the bedspread like dandelions floating to the earth.  Once I’m back in a normal position, I pull my man close and press a gentle kiss to his lips.

“I love you,” I murmur.

The older man’s blue eyes gleam.

“I love you too, sweetheart.  More than anything.  I hope you know that.”

I nod because Harris’s love has carried me through so much already, and our steamy session was only proof of his devotion once again.




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