Bonus Scene - After He's Done



A few months later.

Sanford and I are kissing passionately, and it’s nice because we haven’t attacked each other hard in a while.  Oh, we’ve had sex since I gave birth, but Dr. Hofstra was adamant that nothing could go up there.  As a result, there was a lot of anal, not to mention whips, handcuffs, as well as some bukkake.  But I know my husband wants to be balls deep in my pussy, and tonight’s the night. 

The baby’s with my dad and Dani, so we’ve got the penthouse to ourselves after getting back from a fancy dinner.  Sanford’s eyes are dark as he starts removing his jacket before unbuttoning his shirt.  Holy hell, his chest is utter carved perfection, and my husband seriously reminds me of Michelangelo’s David, he’s that ripped and perfect.  Licking my lips, I imagine what his skin will taste like when I finally put my tongue to it.  That will come soon enough.

Meanwhile, my eyes watch avidly as he begins to unfasten his belt.

“It’s been a while baby,” he growls, “and you should get a good look at what’s going in you tonight.”

“That scary?” I ask with a giggle.  “I have been taking it in my ass, don’t forget.”

Sanford merely shrugs, his blue eyes gleaming.

“Yeah, but you’re getting it in the pussy tonight, honey.  I want you to be prepared.”

He’s right because when that huge cock finally pops out, my mouth goes dry as my cunt moistens.  His dick stands long and hard against his stomach, the ten inch shaft already dripping from the tip.  Plus, if anything, he looks even bigger than when I took him in my butt the last time.  Somehow, he’s grown in a mere twenty-four hours.  Still, I think I can handle him.  At least, I definitely want to. God, I want to feel him inside me, and that has to count for something.

Sanford doesn’t move or say anything for a moment. He merely stands there to give me time to look. Slowly, I lift my eyes up and my heart is racing.  I’m so hot I can’t stand the feeling of my satin dress against my skin and never dropping his gaze, I push the straps of my dress off my shoulders and slowly shimmy it down my body until it hits the floor at my feet. Sanford’s eyes follow along, surveying my lush curves, and I smile as his nostrils flair.  That huge cock jerks against his abs as a small goopy string of semen plops to the ground.

“You’re beautiful,” he says, his voice deep and gravely, and I swear I can feel it in my core.  Still, he stands in place, so I close the gap between us. Reaching up, I slide my hand up his chest, around the back of his neck, and tangle my fingers into the soft hair at the nape of his neck. I pull down, and he follows, lowering his head as I lift mine until our lips meet. I kiss him tenderly, swiping my tongue over his lips. He groans, and I open up to him, moaning around his tongue as I use my free hand to trace the head of his cock before gripping the enormous shaft in my hand.  Of course, I can’t even get my fingers around the whole thing.  The circle of my digits won’t close, but I squeeze playfully nonetheless.  A spurt of pre-come jets out, splashing my belly as Sanford groans.

“Fuck baby,” he rasps.  “You’re going to be the death of me.”  But then pulls back and meets my eyes.  “Are you sure, honey?  We can wait longer if you want.”

I shake my head.

“I’m sure I want you, and it’s been too long already, Sanford.  I want my Hulk between my legs.”

“Thank fuck!” he growls.

Grabbing my hair, Sanford wraps my curls in his fist and tugs my chin up.  He kisses me like he’s spent his whole life starving, waiting for me to come along and fill him with my taste and my essence.  Then, he moves, spinning us around without stopping our kiss until I’m walking backwards. The back of my legs hit the bed, and he reaches down with his free hand, gripping my ass, and lifts me onto the mattress.

Releasing his grip on my hair, he breaks our kiss and lowers himself down on top of me. My chest is heaving as I suck in air, trying to catch my breath. My lips feel bruised and swollen from his epic kiss, and yet I just want more. I reach for my gorgeous hunk, wanting to pull him back in, but he stops me, grabbing my hands, and moves them back to the bed so that my palms lie flat.  Sanford gives me a crooked grin.

“Don’t worry baby. You’re going to get plenty of that. But right now, I’m dying to sample the rest of you.”

My legs quiver, but before I have time to process his words, his hands are on me, massaging my breasts as he dips his head, running the tip of his tongue around one hard peak and then the other before sucking the tip into his mouth and gently biting.


My head falls back as chills race over my skin, mixed with a heat unlike anything I’ve ever felt. He runs his lips over my breasts, kissing and nibbling until he reaches the valley between my breasts.  Then, he runs his tongue down my body, stopping to dip inside my belly button. My body spasms, my core clenching with need.

“Oh,” I moan.  “Yes.”

My husband looks up at me and does it again, my body nearly jerking up off the mattress this time, but his strong hands hold me in place.

“You like that, baby?  Well, you’ll love what comes next then.”

There’s a wicked promise in his eyes and I pant in return.

“Yes. Ahh. Please.”

He smiles against my skin, kissing my belly button once more, and then places a hand on my chest and pushes me down on the bed before grabbing both of my thighs and spreading me wide. My hips jerk as he runs his tongue up my sex, flicking my clit, before pushing his tongue inside my heated core. He drags his tongue back up, and I sit up, almost shooting off the mattress as he sucks my clit and pushes two fingers inside my sex.

“Ahh, god!”

Sanford looks up, his chin glistening with my fluids.

“Oh, I’m not even close to being done with you, baby. This juicy pussy of yours deserves to be savored, and my sweet tooth might not be able to get enough of you.”

My sex spasms around his fingers, and I rock my hips, needing more. Words have never affected me this way, but he’s got me vibrating, and I’m teetering on the edge, ready to dive headfirst into a powerful climax.

“Ahh! I’m going to come!”

I lift my head to look at him and the man literally winks at me before sucking on my clit again.  Then he adds two more fingers, fucking me hard, and stretching me until it’s all too much. I drop my head back, my eyes closing as every nerve in my body is overloaded with sensations. Shivers rush through me as climax slams through my frame.

“Fuck!” I scream.  “Holy shit!”

Hot jets of pleasure course through my pussy, making it clamp and pulse with need.  Juices spill from my core even as Sanford laps it all up, swallowing gush after gush of female essence.  After the most intense spasms pass, Sanford looks up, his chin coated and shiny. 

“Fuck, you’re sexy when you come,” he rasps.  “Goddamn hot.”

I smile and roll my hips, grinding my clit against his mouth once more.

“I think it’s time to see how hot you are when you come, Mister.”

A deep rumble rolls from Sanford’s throat and getting up on his knees, he grabs my hips and easily moves me up the bed like I weigh no more than a feather. Fuck, I’m so needy and impatient to feel him deep inside me; stretching and filling me like I know nobody else ever could.

I dig my fingers in his arms, loving the way his hard muscles feel like rock beneath my hands.  Then Sanford grabs a pillow and lifts my hips, positioning it under my ass, then pushes my thighs wide apart. Anticipation makes my muscles tense up as I drop my eyes to his massive cock and lick my lips, eager for him to press himself into my sex.

Sanford massages my thighs, running his hands up and down, making me squirm.

“Make sure you relax, baby. I want this to be good for both of us.  It’s almost like taking a virgin again.”

I giggle a bit.

“Yes, but I’ve already given birth to your child, so I’m no virgin.”

His blue eyes gleam.

“Yeah, but we haven’t had pussy sex in so long now that it feels like I’ll be stretching you out for the first time.  Fuck,” he breathes.  “I hope I do a good job.”

Biting my lip, I take a deep breath and blow it out, letting my body relax, and putting my trust in Sanford.

“I know you can do it, Hulk.  Just be gentle,” I mewl.

Nodding, he grabs the lube from the nightstand, and I lick my lips while I watch him coat his cock with it, rubbing his hand up and down his shaft.  Then he catches my eyes and the sexiest grin tilts the corner of his mouth.

“Don’t worry baby.  This is the good stuff that we usually reserve for anal.  I figure the higher oil content will be good for our first time doing vaginal again.”

My sex spasms and I moan. God, his mouth is so dirty even when he’s talking about chemicals.  But before I can get too carried away, Sanford inches forward on the bed, closing the distance between us, and presses his cock against my sex. He moves so slow, barely pressing inside at first.  The stretch is insane and I toss a bit, arching my back.

“Shhh,” he soothes while niggling my clit a bit.  “You’re doing great, baby.”

Every inch or so, he pauses and then begins slowly pushing forward again, filling me a little more each time.  My body feels like it’s being split wide open, but it’s a good feeling.  It’s one of total, overwhelming pleasure, and to be honest, I’m already teetering on the edge of another climax.  My man’s face is strained as he looks down at me.

“You feel so good I don’t know how I’m going to last.”

“Mmm. Me too,” I moan headily, my thighs as far apart as they’ll go.

His eyes meet mine, and something flickers in his blue gaze.

“Tell me if it’s too much and I’ll stop, baby.  I don’t want to hurt you.”

“It’s okay, Sanford,” I soothe.  “It’s fine.  I’ll be fine.  Keep going, please.”

With a nod, he grabs my knees, holding my legs wide apart, and pulls back out once again. Then when he pushes back, this time he doesn’t stop.  Instead, he pushes in deep, stretching me in ways I never knew possible, and my legs quiver as a million new sensations propel through me. I can feel him everywhere, and a delicious burn runs through my body.


My head falls back, and I dig my fists into the mattress, happily giving my body to him.

“Look at me, baby.”

The command in his voice makes me even hornier as I lift my head, bringing my dazed eyes back up to his face.

“Yes that’s it,” he growls. “I want you to watch me fuck you.  I want you to see this huge dick pounding your little cunt, and then I’m going to come all over your sexy curves.”

A spasm ricochets through me and I give him a slight nod of my head. I’m already so close to exploding again. He moves us so that my legs are propped on his shoulders, and then leans forward so that I’m practically bent in half like a pretzel.  My husband takes my hands in his, holding them on either side of my head and begins pumping his hips, thrusting deeper and harder as he gazes into my eyes.

“You feel fucking amazing,” he groans before kissing my neck, sending new shivers through me.  “So fucking good.”

My sex pulses as we kiss.

“You too,” I mewl as sparkles dance through my veins.  “Mmmm!”

He growls against my lips.

“I want you to come for me, baby, on my command,” he orders.

“Yes sir,” I pant.

His hands move down my arms, then my sides until he reaches my hips and holds me tight. Then Sanford pulls out all the way, and slams back into me with a vicious thrust.  I’m literally lifted in the air a little, my entire pelvis skewered on that hardness but the force is so powerful that my entire world dissolves into sparkles.


Pleasure consumes me until the only thing that exists in my world is my gorgeous husband and his monstrous cock.  My whole body vibrates and waves smash into me again and again as I scream and mewl, turning me into a puddle of sated bliss beneath him.

Meanwhile, Sanford buries his face in my neck, kissing my collar sweetly, before sitting up on his knees and quickly pulling out.  My eyes are glued to him as he fists his cock, pumping himself while his eyes remain locked on mine.

“Fuck!” he shouts.  “Oh SHIT!”

Hot streams of cum hit me in the chest, coating my breasts and stomach as he orgasms above my frame, working himself for every last drop.  It’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen and I pant, opening my mouth to catch some of the splatters.

“On my face, Hulk,” I beg.  “Put it here.”

He obliges and points his tip at my mouth as another huge arc of semen sprays through the air, catching me on the chin and cheek.  I stick my tongue out to taste the cream, and some of it lands between my lips which I swallow gratefully.  Fuck, he tastes good.

Finally, our pleasure abates and we collapse on the bed, me covered in my husband’s cum as his cock continues to pulse and drool a bit.  Sanford reaches down and trails a finger down the center of my chest.

“You look beautiful covered in my semen, baby.  Do it again?”

I giggle and shoot him a sly look.

“So soon?”

He grins.

“Hell yeah.  I haven’t put this cock in your pussy for months now, and it’s fucking horny.  You’ll be riding it all night, mark my words.”

With that, our lips and souls meet once more because this is my man.  I love the alpha male more than anything, and if anything, there’s no such thing as being done when it comes to being Mrs. Sanford Cooper.




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