Bonus Scene - Sharing Her Curves



It’s been a few months since I gave birth, and I stare down at my poochy belly.

“When is this going away?” I whine, frowning at the extra curves.  “And my ass too?  And boobs?  I swear, I’m a H-cup now and it’s bizarre right?  I thought everything would go back to its previous size after labor and delivery.”

John merely leans forward to suck one big tit into his mouth, growling with pleasure.

“Fuck, I love your H-cups, sweetheart,” he rasps.  “I love your big belly and thick thighs too.  If anything, the extra weight only makes you look sassy and more delicious.”

Carl nods in agreement while trailing one thick finger over my leaking twat.

“That’s right,” he growls, fingering my sensitive hole.  “If anything, you look better with the extra weight, and should try to put on more.  Maybe thirty pounds.”

Thirty pounds?” I squeal before moaning a bit and shifting my hips.  “I’ll be huge then!  I’ll be over two hundred pounds!”

“It doesn’t matter,” Carl grits out while gently easing his finger into my steaming pussy.  “You’re pleasuring two men, sweetheart.  That takes a lot of heft and the only way to do it is to eat more to keep your energy up.  Besides, you’re breastfeeding too,” he says with a meaningful look at me as he gently coaxes my clit out of its hood.  “You need to eat a lot of high-calorie foods which naturally, will help you put on weight.”

I merely toss my head and moan because Carl and John are so intense.  When we first got together, I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out because the two men weren’t all that keen on a menage.  But now, we’ve settled into a passionate relationship, and if anything, I feel like they gang up on me more often than not.

For example, at the moment I’m spread out on the mattress, nude with my body on display as my two boyfriends toy with my curves.  It feels so good as John suckles at my breast while Carl plays with my pussy, and I let out another delighted moan of pleasure.  But then, both men pull back to stare at me with glinting blue eyes.

“What is it?” I breathe.  “Why did you stop?”

Carl grins devilishly.

“Well, we thought it might be a good time to try what we talked about,” he says in a deceptively casual voice.

“You know, anal fisting,” John finishes in a deep voice, his cock beginning to seep with anticipation.  “Do you think you can do it, honey?”

Any other girl would protest with fear in her voice, but I’m not most girls.  I used to have my own Mile High Club, and while that’s since gone by the wayside, it doesn’t mean that I’ve given up my slutty ways.  If anything, I’m even sluttier than before, and as a result, I lift my legs into the air so that I’m baring my back hole to them.

“I’m definitely up for it,” I coo while winking my anus at them.  “Go right ahead, Daddies.”

Carl and John are immediately on it because we’ve been talking about backdoor fisting since before the baby was born.  We decided not to do it then because of my pregnancy, but now that I’m a few months recovered, it’s time.  Both men lean forward and spit on my asshole, the combined saliva dripping over my pleats before sliding slickly down my white buttocks.

“Fuck you’re dirty,” Carl rasps, his blue eyes blazing.  “I can’t wait to do this.”

“Hell yeah,” John adds, a harsh flush streaking his high cheekbones.  “There’s only one whore who pleases us, and she’s taking it up the butt today.”

I merely giggle and flex my asshole at them again. 

“Come and get it, Daddies,” I coo again.  “I’m ready.”

The glistening button glimmers in the light as John reaches for the drawer before pulling out a tube of lube.  Then he squirts it all over his right hand so that it’s positively coated and slimy, before forming his fist into a duckbill shape.  Meanwhile, Carl spreads my butt-cheeks with both hands, holding me open for the penetration.

“Go right ahead,” he growls to John.  “She’s ready.”

John nods, his eyes fixed on my butthole, while he presses the tip of the duckbill against my anus.  I let out a breathless cry, tossing my head, because it feels so good.  I love getting my anal walls stretched, and I can’t wait for the penetration to happen.

“Shhh,” soothes John as my butthole pops open, allowing him to get his fingers in a few inches.  “Shit, you’re so tight.”

But my lover knows what to do.  As Carl twiddles my clit, John continues to screw his hand into my ass.  The stretch is almost unbearable at times, but Carl continues massaging my clit so that hot pulses jet through my pussy, even while my ass loosens.

“Ahhh,” I cry out.  “Mmm!”

“You’re doing great,” John rasps, his eyes still fixed to my asshole.  “Fuck, your rim is so stretched honey, and it looks good.  Here, maybe this will help.”

Then, he leans forward and spits on my asshole once more, the gob of saliva sliding down to lubricate the penetration.  John grunts with approval and slowly, works his hand even further.  We’re at the widest part of his fist now and I cry out because it feels like it’s stuck.

“Oh!” I squeal.  “Mmm!”

But John’s determined, and he never relents.  Instead, he increases the pressure, and with a pop, suddenly, he’s fist-deep in my asshole.  Only his wrist sticks out, and it’s such a dirty sight.  We all pause a moment, staring at where that thick male arm emerges from my anus, and I squeeze down hard before letting my head fall back with pleasure.

“Shit, she’s a whore,” Carl groans throatily.  “A butthole whore too.”

“That she is,” John agrees, pulling out his fist just a bit before sliding it back into my butt.  “And now, she’s going to take a solid backdoor fisting.”

With that, the fisting begins.  I wish I could call it a pounding, but the fact is that I’m not ready for deep, forceful thrusts yet.  Instead, John merely continues to slide his fist in and out of my anal passage, massaging my walls with his hand as I hold my knees up, baring everything to my lover’s gaze.

“Oh!” I cry out again.  “Mmmm!”

At that, John and Carl sense that I’m near the peak.  John starts ramming his fist into my anus harder and faster as Carl rubs the underside of my clit before giving the stiff nub a pinch.  That does it, and I soar over the cliff as a result.

“Ohhhh!” is my desperate scream.  “Unnnnh!”

A full body orgasm takes over then, and my back arches as my pussy and ass shudder and clamp.  John lets out a low grunt because my ass convulsions are so strong that I’m probably cracking his fingers inside.  But Carl merely eggs me on.

“Keep going, baby girl,” he breathes while plunging a finger into my vaginal opening.  “You look so good like this.”

I shudder again while letting out another breathy scream because this is just so wrong.  How many women have two men who love her, and who worship her body in the filthiest of ways as well?  I’m so lucky and the knowledge only intensifies my climax, tears running down my cheeks as I buck and clamp under my lovers’ ministrations.

But finally, the tremors subside and I come to, staring blearily at the handsome faces of John and Carl.  John’s already popped his hand out of my ass, and it looks glossy and soaked with my female fluids.

“That was wonderful,” I breathe, my breasts heaving from exertion.  “But what about you?  Neither of you have come yet.”

That’s when my men grin, both of them fisting their hard poles.

“That’s right, baby girl.  But now, your holes are loosened up and can accommodate both of our cocks.  Are you ready, Clara, for some deep double penetration?  Can your pussy and ass take it?”

I merely smile coyly and spread my legs again, shifting my knees up so that both orifices are exposed, glistening wetly under the low lights.

“Yes, Daddies.  These are yours to play with.  Use my body to give yourself pleasure.  You know I’m your little cockholster, whenever and wherever you want.”

That does it.  Within seconds, John and Carl are plugging me tight, making me moan with ecstasy as I take them deep in my pussy and ass.  But I don’t mind because I was built for this.  My body was meant to please my lovers, and the more often, the better.  Some people would say that I’m slutty … but I like to say that I’m efficient, with curves made for sin.




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