Bonus Scene - Paying My Dad's Debt



Two months later.

I’m in my third trimester now, and I’m ready to pop at any moment.  My belly protrudes out to there, and the scale says I’m almost two twenty now.  Yet my man loves it, and bends to press his mouth to my stomach.

“Hey little guy,” Caleb breathes.  “How are you doing in there?”

I giggle a bit.

“But we don’t know if it’s a boy!” I admonish.  “That could be your daughter you’re calling little guy.”

My boyfriend grins.

“Okay.  Hey little girl.  How are you in there?”

“That’s better,” I giggle.  “You’re an equal opportunity daddy.”

Caleb’s blue eyes flare with possession as he strokes my brown curls back.

“That’s right, sweetheart.  I have a son already, and nothing would make me happier than having a little girl that looks just like you, Lor, with the same big brown eyes and brunette locks.  She’d be adorable, just like her mommy.”

“Really?  Do you find me adorable right now?” I ask.  After all, I’m spread out nude on the deck of the yacht.  We’ve given the crew the day off, so we’re alone out in the big blue sea with no one else for miles around, and it’s nice to have the privacy.  The sun above us is bright, and the Mediterranean is a clear bluish-green.  This is the life, if I do say so myself.

But my boyfriend wanted to use the privacy to be extra bad, and he whips out a small iPhone as well as a camera stand.  The stand is a tripod, but it folds up cunningly so that it’s nothing more than a fifteen inch rod.  But my fiancé’s fast.  Caleb sets the thing up so that the cell phone lens is pointed directly at my pussy and shoots me a look.

“Get on the floor and spread,” he commands.

I know what he wants right away, and lower myself to the deck before giggling and splaying my thighs apart.  Immediately, my pussy comes into view, juicy and swollen, already dripping with nectar.

“Oh Caleb,” I sigh.  “You’re so bad.”

My fiancé’s already clicking away, taking snap after snap of my nude, pregnant form, focusing first on my big breasts before sliding down to my belly and then to my pulsing slit.

“Spread that too,” he rasps, his blue eyes fixed on my sweetest spot.  I know what he wants, and reach down with both hands to pull my vaginal lips apart, showing the hot pink flesh in between.

“Right here is where you like it, right?” I coo while batting my lashes.  “Get a few good snaps, Daddy.”

But my fiancé’s a dirty fuck, and he clicks like a maniac before jerking the iPhone off its stand, and then folding up the tripod so that it’s a fifteen inch rod.  Then he lubes up the rod and hands it to me.

“What am I supposed to do with this?” I ask in a coy voice.

Caleb leans forward and spits on the hard plastic before rubbing the fluid all over the shiny metal.

“You know what you’re supposed to do, you nasty slut,” he rasps.  “Now do it.”

I merely giggle and lean back, lifting one leg high up into the air so that my pussy opens a bit.  I slip one hand down and toy with the little hole there.

“Is this what you want, Daddy?”

Caleb’s blue eyes are intense as he stares at my dripping vag.

“Fuck yeah. Now rub your clit.”

My breathing is getting heavier, and I hold my leg back with one hand before slipping the other between my spread thighs, sliding it down my body until I reach my clit. I’m already wet, which is no surprise, and I let out a breathy sigh as I rub over the stiff nub.

“Mmm,” I bite my lip between my teeth as I swirl my fingers over that sensitive spot.  “Fuuuuuck.”

I’m not sure if it’s the dirtiness of it all, but I’m already teetering on the edge of climax. And I’m not the only one affected. I can see Caleb’s erection tenting his pants, the bulge hard and prominent. He cups himself a couple times, but he doesn’t pull out to stroke along with me, which is a little disappointing.  But I guess he has his reasons.

“Put your fingers in your mouth and suck them like it’s a cock,” he growls, those blue eyes running up and down over my luscious form.

With my gaze locked on his, I bring up my hand and slowly slide my fingers into my mouth and along my tongue as far back as they’ll go, and then suck deep. Lavishing the digits with my tongue, I moan around them the way Caleb loves it when he has his cock buried in my throat. I almost smile when I see him grip his fuckrod through his pants convulsively because I love the effect I have on him. But this isn’t just about me, so I hold back my smile and keep sucking, waiting for my next command.

“Are you wet for me, pet?”

“You know I am, sir.”

“Good. Now slide that tripod in your wet pussy, and fuck yourself for me.”

“Ah. Yes sir.”

I glide the hard metal rod down my body, keeping my legs spread wide and my eyes on Caleb. “Unnh!” I exhale in a sharp breath as I glide it over my clit, moving the bar down further until I slip it between my pussy lips, rolling my hips and letting the cool hard ridges rub against my sensitive skin. Then I nudge my small hole and press it into my pussy, slowly at first.  My nerves go crazy with the penetration as I push the hardness inside, my flesh stretching to accommodate the wide circumference.

Caleb nostrils flair, and I use his arousal as my momentum, letting my head fall back as I pull the tripod out and thrust it back inside, fucking myself hard and fast. I roll my hips every time I thrust inside, letting my body take over as I follow the pleasure.

“Oh oh oh!”

“You want to come, pet?”

I open my eyes and look at Caleb. My breasts are heaving and my pussy is pulsing and clenching around the hardness inside, already so close to the edge.

“Yes. Please sir.”

He nods his head stiffly.

“Come then.  Come for me, baby girl.”

My thighs shake and my hips jerk with their own mind. Pleasure erupts through my frame as I fuck the tripod into my cunt once more, as deep as it will go.

“Oh God!”

The towel beneath my ass is getting soaked and I come harder than I imagined possible.  Soon the entire deck is drenched with my orgasm because I’m coming so hard.  Hot tremors rip through my cunt and we both watch as my anus opens and closes, flexing with the force of my pleasure.

Finally, I finish and lie there sated, breathing hard.  To my surprise, my fiancé was stroking himself along with me, and now there’s a huge pool of splattered seed on the boat deck.

“I guess we both got this place a little dirty, huh?” I coo, smiling coyly.  “We were so nasty together.”

Caleb grins, panting hard himself as the last drops of semen splatter on the floor.

“Fuck yeah.”

But then I cock my head at him.

“Why did you want those pictures, big boy?  I mean, I didn’t mind at all, but was there a reason?”

His blue eyes grow dark and possessive.

“I’ve never told you this, baby girl, but photos have a special place in my heart.  Photos of you, actually.”

I tilt my chin, puzzled.

“But how?  I mean, we’ve shot a lot of selfies during our time in the Mediterranean, but is there something else?”

Caleb finishes dripping and tucks his shaft back into his pants.

“Yeah, there is,” he growls before meeting my eyes.  “A long time ago, before I met you in person, Lori, I saw a pic of you.  There were lots of family photos scattered about your parents’ home, but there was one in particular that stood out.  You were a teenager honey, and so fucking beautiful.  I think you were at Disneyland or something because you were holding a balloon, but what stood out to me were your huge breasts and thick thighs in those short shorts.  Fuck, you were beautiful.”

I think for a moment.

“Is it the photo on the mantelpiece in the living room?”

He nods.

“That’s the one.”

“Oh Caleb,” I laugh helplessly.  “That was taken when I was fifteen, and I think we were at Six Flags.”

My fiancé shakes his head.

“I knew you were young, and that’s when I knew I was a sick fuck.  I mean, here I am, a grown man, lusting after a pretty teen girl who was still in high school.  My friend’s daughter no less.”

I nod.

“And that’s why you decided to fund my tuition, isn’t it?” I ask in a soft voice.  “Because you saw that photo.”

Caleb’s ashamed but he nods.

“It is,” he acknowledges.  “I saw a pretty girl, and I wanted to have her.  And in the end, I got her too.  You are sweet, smart, serious, sexy as fuck, and I’m the lucky one.”

I nod and smile, pulling him in close for a kiss.

“Then I guess it’s good that you saw that Six Flags snap because we’re a family now, Caleb Minor.  Forever and ever.”

It’s true too because now, I know the real reason the handsome older man decided to fund my education.  It’s not because of my dad’s bragging or because I’m such a super-smart scientist.  In the beginning, it’s because Caleb saw a sexy snap of me, and decided to claim the pretty girl for himself.  Totally dirty, right?  But I don’t mind because now, we’re getting married, and everything has worked out for a lifetime of bliss.




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