Bonus Scene - Dirty Sexy Daddy



Five years later.


“Don’t move, princess,” my husband rasps.  “I’m going to undress you now.”

I hold still as James’s fingers, feather light, run up my arms, goosebumps trailing in their wake. He kisses the back of my neck and finds the zipper holding my dress closed before dragging it down, exposing my skin to the relative coolness of the room. His breath is hot against the back of my shoulder as he tugs the fabric down over my hips.

I sigh blissfully.

“Oh yes, just like that.”

My husband chuckles.

“I know you like it, princess.”

I giggle because it’s been five years since Matilda was born, and yet the heat between us is as high as ever.  Even more incredible, we’ve had two more children in the intervening years, and now I’m a mother of three.  Merlot and Magdalene are sweethearts, but I never imagined I’d go from being a professional escort to a mother in such a short space of time.

Yet that’s how things are with James Montgomery.  He was serious when he said he wanted to keep me pregnant non-stop, and I know my man’s not done either.  I was looking for my birth control this morning, but it was “missing” from the medicine cabinet.  I know what really happened.  My husband’s hidden it, so that we can get started on Baby Number Four.

But right now, my husband only has one thing on his mind.  As the dress falls to my feet, he gently cups my breasts, and my nipples harden when his fingers brush them.

“I didn’t think it was possible,” he whispers, “but you’re even more beautiful as a mommy.”

Butterflies flutter in my stomach, and I giggle.

“You mean the stretch marks and extra forty pounds don’t turn you off?” I tease.

He shakes his head fiercely.

“Not at all.  It only makes you more womanly,” he rasps.  “Now get on the bed, Simona.  On your back, legs spread.”

Immediately, I do as told, crawling over the smooth, silk sheets on my hands and knees until I reach the intersection of the restraining straps.  Yes, we had discreet restraints attached to the bed frame of our king-size, and now I lay in a X-pose, with my arms outstretched and my thighs parted.

He binds first my hands and then secures my ankles before grinning.  A gentle breeze blows over my pussy and I shiver hotly.

“Already turned on, huh?” James remarks, eyeing the glistening folds.  “Fuck yeah.”

Then, my husband strips and my mouth goes dry.  God, he’s only gotten better with age.  His shoulders are broad, leading to the vee of his hips, and between them, a sexy six pack sits.  Not only that, but his cock is huge and virile, already dripping from the tip.  I yearn to taste it, but the only thing I can do is moan and whine deliriously, straining against the straps.

Meanwhile, James grins and goes to open our private toy chest before pulling out implements of various sizes and colors.  OMG, is this really happening?  But in truth, I can’t wait, and a delicious shiver runs down my spine.  He holds up a cherry red ball gag, and I open my mouth eagerly to allow him to place it between my lips.

“Mmph!” I mumble.

He bends over me to kiss my forehead as a reward, and then trails kisses down the side of my face, over my throat, and to my breasts.

“I know you like it,” he groans throatily.

Then, James crouches at my side and pulls a nipple into his mouth, sucking gently at first, and then hard. I gasp in pleasure and arch my back, wanting him to suck more, bite more. I’m so distracted that I almost don’t notice the ribbed, stainless steel princess butt plug he’s got in one hand. It’s got a red gem at the base as a safety, and it glints dully in the low lights. I nod my head, unable to speak through the gag, and James’s blue eyes gleam.

“Good girl,” he says. Then, he leans over me and switches to my other nipple as he teases my asshole with the tip of the butt plug. It’s been thoroughly lubed, and I moan out loud as he eases it in.  Oh god, it feels good and I whine again through the gag.

“You’ve done so well, Simona,” he growls before dropping his head to lick and suck my clit a bit.  “You deserve a reward.”  Sweet lord, this feels so good.  I scream through the gag as he thrusts his tongue in my pussy hole, sucking up my sweet cream while swallowing heavily.  “You’ve been such a good girl. I just hope you’re ready for what’s about to come.”

That’s when his tongue trails down, and he pulls the butt plug out with a pop.  Oh god, this is so dirty because then my husband circles his tongue around my back pleats before gently pushing inside.

“That’s it,” he growls.  “Shit your asshole tastes good.”

But he’s not done yet.  He sits up, turning away from me for a moment, and when he turns back, the first thing I see is his cock. It’s absolutely massive and rock-hard, not to mention dripping from the tip with his seed. But at the base of it, I see a matte black ring, and attached to that ring is a matching dildo. It’s huge, and my husband toys with it a bit, his blue eyes gleaming. 

“That’s right, princess.  I’m going to stuff my cock and this dildo inside you. I’m going to fuck both of your holes until you’re screaming with pleasure,” he growls, blue eyes hot. “Do you want that?  Can you handle a deep double penetration?”

I whimper and nod. Wetness floods from my aching pussy, getting all over my thighs, but I don’t care.

“Yes, I know you want it,” he croons, rubbing my pussy with his thumb, his eyes glinting at the raw pinkness within. “You’re already so soaked. Now, do you want me in your pussy or in your ass?” he asks.

I try to answer, but the gag prevents me from saying anything coherent.

He smirks. “Poor thing,” he chuckles, and reaches up to remove the gag. “Now you can answer.”

“In my ass,” I whisper, my face burning.

Those blue eyes flare.

“What was that, princess?”

I swallow hard because I know he heard me just fine. “I want you to put your cock in my ass,” I say louder. “You know how I love it when you fuck me in the butt with your cock.  Put it in my back end, Daddy.”

“As you wish.”  He bends over and kisses me passionately, sending fire through my body.  Then, James pulls away to free me from the restraints and I gasp as blood rushes back into my arms.  But my husband’s expression goes serious.

“You know the drill.  Head down and ass up.”

When I roll over, my arms cross over each other at the elbows and I tremble in anticipation.  Oh god, it must look so dirty, me on my hands and knees, my two holes open and ready for him.  My pussy’s already dribbling, and to my shame, I feel a trail of cream slip wetly down my thigh.

“Atta girl,” James growls, watching as I juice.  “Yessss.”

But then out of nowhere, he delivers a harsh slap to one butt cheek.

“Ow!” I yelp.  “OMG!”

He merely chuckles, admiring the red handprint on my ivory bottom.  Then he grips my waist and pulls it back against his hips.  He teases my asshole with the tip of his cock, and I feel the coolness of lube dripping over both his cock and my hole.  Then shifting a bit, he positions the dildo below so that as he slowly presses forward, both my holes are breached at the same time.  I groan into the pillow at the intense sensation.

“Fuck yeah,” James pants.  “Shit, you’re such a filthy whore.”

He starts to move himself inside me, slowly at first, but then increasing the pace. My breath comes in rasping gasps as pleasure begins to spiral in my asshole. It clenches and my pussy begins to spasm too.  Meanwhile, James grips my hips and thrusts harder, cramming my holes full again and again.

“Unh!” I scream. “Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes!” He spanks me and I shriek.

“Thank Daddy,” he growls.  “What do bad girls say when their daddies fuck their butts?”

I whimper, my eyes glazed with ecstasy.

“Thank you for filling my asshole!” I gasp.

“Louder,” he commands, one hand tunneling into my air to pull at the curly strands.  My scalp tingles, but it’s so good, and I scream this time.

“Thank you for making my butt feel so good!  I love it when you own my asshole, Daddy!  Cram it full with your big daddy parts, thank you so muuuuuch!”

With that, I dig my nails into my palms and press my face deeper into the pillow. Moments later, I orgasm hard. My juices flow over the dildo and drench my husband like a waterfall. I clench my ass and my pussy around him, violently shaking as the most uninhibited screams tear from my throat.

Meanwhile, James comes too, curses streaming from his chest in a torrent.  His hot seed fills my asshole with almost volcanic force, pumping deep inside.  He grips my hair harder and then lets out one final roar.


With that, the tide reaches a crest and both of us fall into the waters, buffeted by torrents of incredible lust and pleasure.  I scream again and again, clamping on the two implements inside.  Meanwhile, James releases gallons of seed, so much that it streams down my thighs, mixing with my juices.

Finally, we collapse together onto the bed, my husband still embedded in my asshole.  I swallow hard, and my throat feels scratchy. I’ll be lucky if I can use my voice at all tomorrow, but James merely chuckles. He pulls out with a deep squelching sound and I moan at the sensation.  Then, he examines my holes, gently tracing the reddened, used flesh with his fingers.

“You’ll be a little sore, but it’s fine,” he growls before leaning down to kiss my achy anus.  I let out a small yelp but he merely grins and presses a kiss to my pussy too.

“In fact, I think you’re ready to go right now,” he murmurs.  “What do you say, sweetheart?”

And with that, my handsome husband begins again.




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